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Of Plushies and MenOf Plushies and Men

Alright, time to rant a bit about something personal to me: Plushies.

I love 'em.

As a kid, I collected a lot of them, things I found cute, things from movies I liked, etc. I feel that is pretty normal for a kid, though I was certainly a bit more extreme about it than some others. I still own my favorite plushies from my childhood, Simba plushies from the Lion King. Not too weird, I think a lot of guys probably own something from a long time ago that they hold on to just to remember those times. Unlike most guys, however, and even unlike most girls my age...I never really got out of plushies.

I would see a cute one and buy it for my little sister, for years and years. Sure, it was partially because I wanted to spoil her, but it also was because I thought the toys were cute myself. Even now I buy her things like that, even though she is hitting her teen years, we both share our love of things with cute faces and tiny, floppy limbs.

A few years back I bought myself a Hanyuu plushie at a con, and slept with it every night for a year or so, and then put it on a shelf. Then, last year, I bought a Patchouli fumofumo, and sat her on my bookshelf..soon, though, I found myself unashamed of my hobby. I now have quite a few plushies, and I seek them out more frequently than figures.

What business does a 22-year old man (who is decently masculine in most other regards) have collecting, and worse, sleeping with, plushes? I don't really know. It is just comforting to come home to them. After a long, stressful day at a job I hate, I come home and say "I'm back, girls" and even my worst mood brightens just a tiny bit. When I'm happy or depressed, I share my mood with them in different ways. They sit on my lap when I'm online or gaming. They are like friends, family, and good luck charms all in one.

Needless to say, I have no plans on stopping my love of plushies no matter the answer, but I'm interested in what you guys have to say! Comment or vote in the poll!
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Men who collect plushies are..

  • 2%Creepy. It shouldn't be allowed.
  • 26%Cute!
  • 13%Pretty normal.
  • 38%Whatever floats your boat.
  • 6%It's all in the attitude.
  • 3%Gay.
  • 3%Very cute!
  • 1%The same as every other one.
  • 3%I have no energy to care, sorry.
  • 5%human beings just like everyone else, who cares what people think.
  • 173 votes


This is just like me! I'm a pretty "normal" man, but I love plushies (and to a lesser extent, cute things in general). I used to take them everywhere as a little kid, and I still would if I wouldn't get weird looks.
I actually started collecting them because a male teacher had a Cloud plush in his classroom and I wanted one too.
4 years ago
This slightly reminds me of the manga "Otomen". Have you heard of it? Probably not, but here goes.

Guy is masculine but loves cute things. He embroiders, sews, cooks, collects dolls, plushes, and reads manga. He also does the manliest thing a guy can do in Japan--kendo.

What was the point of the exceedingly paragraph? Well I guess I'm just trying to say that I don't think it's a bad thing, and probably a lot of women don't think it's a bad thing either (considering that the manga sells pretty well in Japan). I think it would be kind of Moe actually (well especially if you were a 6ft tall bishounen that sparkles)

But the thing is in America, most people see a guy who dresses slightly well (I mean anything other than jeans and tshirt) as "gay". So honestly. Society's standards are really murky.

But to me, it's kind of endearing actually. And heck most of us own half naked plastic girls so such a little thing like that would have "normal" people think of us as weird anyways.
5 years ago

Imho, social standards and expectations have limited lifespans. What is considered "healthy" today was most probably heretical, unacceptable and self-destructive at some point in the past. We might consider ourselves modern, better etc., but there's no guarantee our healthy actions and ideas won't be called disgusting and barbaric in the far future, maybe by a more advanced human civilization.

Which is why that even if you end up being a total creep about it/use your plushes to satisfy lack of social interaction/foreveralone and crazy/whatever I see nothing wrong. I'm sure a lot of people would disagree with me, but there's no universal norm.

tl;dr: Who the fuck cares about what people think.

Now why did I type this on MFC? I don't even know lol.
5 years ago
YuanMori Fluffy gumiho
Whatever makes you happy. It's clearly not harming anyone. :)

My fiance has a couple plushies of his own, I think it's perfectly normal to have something to brighten up your day.
5 years ago
I collect half naked girl figures, what's the problem with plushies?
5 years ago
I'm a 30 year old woman and I sleep with a tachikoma plush almost every night...unless I working the night shift then my 3 yr old son sleeps with it so he doesn't miss me so much... I think its cute...
5 years ago
Plushies ? It's totally harmless to me. Well, I don't see how especially girls would dislike it or think you are weird for collecting plushies. Most females I have come across would consider something like this "cute". IMHO it makes you different from other guys and shows you've got personality aside from the mainstream :D. Trust me, a lot of girls would rather freak out about finding out someone collects porn than plushes, LOL. Just collect and love plushes if it makes you happy, hun.
5 years ago

Absolutely cool, nothing wrong with this in the least. In my household, there is a plethora of plushies: anime and not. Don't worry about age either: both my husband and myself appreciate plushes. (He's 44, I'm 34) There's even two we "fight" over...MY Phillie Phanatic Pillow Pet, and this ugly colored dark green bear. We've both got Pokemon plushies too. ^_^
5 years ago
WatchJessieGo (5 years ago) #1038214I really hate it when people say gay like it's a bad thing, an insult.

I cant do nothing about it. That's how I think.

@Wingman :

You know me well.
5 years ago
Haha,it's pretty cute to be honest..:3 Especially if it's in the pure and non pervy manner.
You'll definitely be easy to buy gifts for,that's for sure!
5 years ago
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