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Kurono Kurumu 1/7 (Orchid Seed)

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http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/StarshipPooper1341710550.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at OrchidSeed's latest heroine, Kurumu, from the Rosario + Vampire series.

The series originally started as a manga and eventually an anime adaptation followed. The setting the series takes place in is an alternate monster world where all of the monsters you are familiar will co-exist and go to school to learn how to pass themselves off as human. Kurumu is a teenage succubus attending the school. In typical fashion she and various other fatal beauties fall in love with the protagonist devolving into basically a harem story-line with lots of fan service.

She was released in June of 2012 as a standard release. Considering this is OrchidSeed, there will probably be two other color variants where at least one of the others will be a limited/exclusive. She retailed for around 8,000 Yen and at this time is available in limited numbers like most OrchidSeed figures. If you do want to acquire her you'll probably have to resort to the secondary market or any foreign stores that import figures. There are a few other Kurumu figures to choose from. The goal today is to see if she's worthy of being picked out of the pack?

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains NSFW pictures proceed at your own risk.
Packaging: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡







OrchidSeed went with their typical window box design. Practically every side of the packaging has a window from the largest at the front and sides to heart shaped windows at the back and top. You are given decent view of the figure while in the box and if desired could leave her in for display purposes. However it would be a shame if you did leave her in the box. The color scheme, patterns and pictures looked nice and were fitting for the character. I especially loved the illustration the figure was based off of being included.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 405 grams
H: 285 mm
W: 120 mm
D: 120 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging. Due to the compact size the compression resistance was actually pretty good even with the large amount of window panels. They achieved a nice balance of protection, size and weight. The packaging when empty is feather light and even when loaded. Shipping weight should easily be under a kilogram as well as the shipping size. She should get to you safely and not break the bank doing it.

Instructions on the care of the figure were included. They were appreciated as I could see the figure being damaged without them or at least her straps.

A typical two piece blister was used to protect the figure. The two pieces were taped together to secure everything further. As you can see the area around her face was flattened to give you an accurate view of her lovely face. A generous amount of plastic sheets was strategically placed throughout the figure to protect her from paint transfer and rubbing during transport.

OrchidSeed did a nice job with looks of the packaging. Whether you take her out or leave her in she'll look great. The packaging was light and compact but offered decent protection. She'll get to you safely and not cost too much doing it. Expectations were met once again.

Sculpting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Sculpting credits go to Ribun who has a couple other OrchidSeed figures under his belt. To be honest, I did own some of his other figures before and I got rid of them pretty quickly as they were just way off when compared to the characters they were based on. However with this figure in my hands I cannot believe this is the same sculptor. Did he make a deal with the devil to improve this much? Without a doubt this is his best figure to date and there is no point looking at his past figures as they are no where close to the level of this figure. She is the typical 1/7 scale that you find most of the OrchidSeed girls and stands 245 mm tall.

As you can see she separates at the waist to allow the removal of the skirt. The mounting point is fairly sturdy and I don't see it getting damaged anytime soon. Her right arm can be removed to allow for an easier time removing the part of her dress covering her breasts. However it really isn't necessary if yo don't want to remove it. The mounting point for the arm is one you typically see but it's also one that is more susceptible to damage if you're not careful with her.

The straps are not interchangeable and need to go in a certain way. I recommend installing the front pieces first. If possible find some small tools that you can use to force the ends in for a snug fit. You can resort to gluing the straps in but I recommend doing it at the front. It's still possible to remove the piece to expose her breasts if the straps are just glued in at the front. The straps are very easy to install at the back so they should be left free. The straps themselves are not very durable so treat them with care. Her skirt and apron are lovingly detailed and just look great. Her top fits snugly over her breasts and there shouldn't be much risk of paint transfer as the insides are neutral. However her skirt is a different story so care should be taken when removing and install it less scuff her up thighs or tummy.

Let's move on the the main attraction.





She looks pretty good, right? Well she is that good and more. The pictures do not do her justice. There are no sculpting issues to bring up however looking at mine I have to say results may vary with the assembly of the figure taking into account my past OrchidSeed figures. I'll go into more detail when we come to those areas of concern. As mentioned I cannot believe Ribun worked on her. I still have a bad taste from my last figure by him. When I saw who the sculptor was all I could think was this has to be some mistake or they were blatantly lying with the official photos. I'm glad I was wrong. First let's start with her face.

I don't know about you but I thought they did a nice job with her face. It seems pretty accurate to the illustration in regards to the shape and features. Her face looks great from various profiles but my only real complaint is she's looking downward more than the illustration. This causes an issue when you display her as she's basically looking down so you're limited in how you can display her. Another thing I noticed was her choker. As nice and sexy as it looks it wasn't in the illustration. However it serves a dual purposes that I agree with completely. It hides the seam line at the neck and it minimizes a problem OrchidSeed seems to have with their girls in regards to long necks. It takes care of both things so I have no problem and actually fits in nicely with her outfit and makes her more enticing as a Succubus should be.

Moving on down to her hair I'm surprised by how well they hid/minimized the seams. Her hair is composed of several pieces but the transition points were basically seamless with how they integrated them into her hairstyle. Now results may vary here but I don't really see it being much of an issue. Of course they took full advantage of the headdress in hiding the seams you would have encountered at the transition to her short ponytail. Her hair is nicely detailed and seems pretty accurate to the illustration in regards to the sculpt. The various strands are semi-rigid and could break if you're not careful. The ribbons on her headdress are soft and flexible which should resist damage. Her hair looks great from all sides. The details both visually and tactile feel just bring it together nicely.

Going back to her choker I did want to bring up the history of the item. Chokers were actually worn by both sexes for hundreds of years. Men wore them in combat to protect their vitals while women wore them as a symbol of wealth but now as a fashion statement. They are also associated with love. In the past men would give a choker to the one they loved/cared about deeply. This is a fitting symbol for this particular character in both her true personality as well as her being a Succubus. Anyway, moving on to those lovely shoulders and well defined collarbones of hers. They seem accurate to the illustration and look amazing in their own right whether accurate or not. The décolletage on her is to die for, I just can't get enough of it. I don't know about you but I find her more desirable and sexy with her top on. Those bare shoulders transition very nicely to her ample breasts...

Looking at her bare shoulders from the back you get treated to her lovely décolletage. Her back is detailed and her bare flesh transitions smoothly to her outfit. The frills around the transition point really just stokes my fire as I admire the view yearning to see more of her.

Now if you examine the illustration you'll see they were off slightly at her breasts. Her left breast in the illustration is spilling over to the right offsetting it slightly. Also her top is covering too much of her left breast when in the illustration it was spilling out and on the cusp of showing off her areola. Looking at the sculpt I don't really see why they could not have done it. They definitely would have put her left strap in a more accurate position where it's straining against her fingers instead of floating above if they made the top more accurate to the illustration. In any event her cleavage looks fantastic in their own right and I'll forgive them for not being as faithful as they could have been.

As for her pendulous breasts they are the typical tear drop shape but on the large side. They are detailed down to her nipples and her side and underboobs look good. As mentioned they did a nice job on her cleavage and the overall execution from shape and details is pleasing to the eye. As for accuracy? You got me, I don't think I've ever seen her breasts in the mangas. I never watched the anime so maybe they show them there? It doesn't really matter as they seem appropriate for her frame and proportions.

Moving on down you can't but help admire her lovely midsection. She may be full of curves but she is also very fit. Now this is one area that OrchidSeed usually has problems but results will vary. Looking at her panties you can see the transition from them to her flesh do have some minor gaps. Whenever I see an OrchidSeed girl I note the this area on them and anticipate possible problems. On some of my girls you have some really ugly gaps and misalignments. Looking at mine I can see they put some effort into refining this area but as mentioned results may vary. Yours may look better or worse. At least if that's the case you can hide it with the skirt though it would be a shame to lose this as a possible display option. One thing I'm surprised about is I figured her for a ribbon or flower on the front of the panties type of girl...

As you can see, they definitely paid more care and attention to her money maker. The curves are to die for and the transition from her butt cheeks to her panties was pretty tight and realistic in how her panties appear to dig into her flesh. I love the details in her lower back as well. I don't think you can deny that she has a butt that just won't quit. I'm glad they didn't use the Succubus tail as it would have definitely obscured and distracted from her main ASSet.

If for some reason you're forced to use the skirt due to unsightly gaps it's not the end of the world. The ratio of exposed flesh to material is just right to raise your blood pressure.

And of course the sight you're treated to from behind. Something tells me you'll be dropping things for her to bend over to pick up for you. 8Þ Even with the skirt on you're still given some fan service.

Her legs are long and curvy but with the right amount of muscle tone. The transition from her thighs to her stockings was done well. It looks like the stockings are digging into her thighs as the flesh spills out. However it's also an area of concern. Examining mine closely I could see it was on a verge of encountering issues such as gaps forming and adhesive spilling out. Results may vary but yours could look better or worse than mine. The detail put into her stockings was amazing. The wrinkles and details really made it look like she was wearing those stockings. She has some of the most realistic stockings I've ever seen on a figure to date. She just has a great pair of legs that I could admire for hours on end. I can't get enough of them.

From head to toe they did a nice job. Look at those shoes of hers. The transition from her stockings to the shoes was seamless and seemed pretty natural. There was some depth involved that you could easily feel. The details are definitely there.

I still can't believe Ribun worked on this figure. How could he pull a 180? His past figures were OK at best but this figure just blew me away. The attention to detail and overall quality has really blown me away. I really wish I could give this figure a 10 but as mentioned there are some minor things that could be improved on. OrchidSeed did a very nice job with her. She seems accurate to the official photos and prototype and is fairly close to the illustration. Expectations were met and definitely exceeded especially in the case of the sculptor.

Painting: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
OrchidSeed usually colors their figures competently using all the tools available. However, they tend to have a problem with paint transfer but that's balanced out by their top notch treatment of the flesh. In the case of this figure I say both are true but more the latter than the former. As you can see with the comparison of the illustration with the figure there are some slight differences.





Let's start with her lovely face. Here eyes were placed precisely and look great on her. They seem accurate to the illustration. The inside of her mouth is painted precisely as well. Her complexion looks great but as you can see isn't exactly accurate to the illustration but I'm actually OK with this variation. Look at the details they put into the rest of her flesh such as her nipples and the transition points such as her panties. They assisted with the transition and breathed life into her flesh.

The real nitpick for me is her hair. I've looked at the other Kurumu figures and some of them had hair color that was fairly accurate compared to OrchidSeed's. Even compared to the prototype she's off somewhat. Now results may vary and maybe some of you will get ones with the more accurate shading? Disregarding accuracy you can see her hair isn't one flat color. Various shades were used to give her hair depth and dimension, enhancing the details found throughout.

Her apron and skirt were both detailed in sculpt and coloring. Look at the shading used to accentuate the details and give it more depth. As mentioned the inside of her skirt doesn't appear to be treated to prevent paint transfer however the clearance is such that it really shouldn't be an issue unless you try to scuff her up on purpose. Moving on further down her stockings are just as detailed. Look at the transition point from her thighs to the stockings and the shading employed. Look at her knees and the lovely job they did with her shoes. She may not be as accurate as she could be but she's defintely close enough and where they varied for the most part I agree with. Now as for the hair I think I can see why they did what they did as her hair color contrasted better with their take on her flesh? Then again maybe I'm just grasping at straws?

OrchidSeed did a very nice job coloring her. Though she isn't as accurate to the illustration as she could be she was pretty accurate to the official photos and in the end if she looks good that's really all that matters to me. And does she look good... Expectations were met.

Posing: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡
Now I understand I could have done the camera angle better but it's close enough that you can see the pose is off in a few areas. First of all as you can see her face is looking downward instead of directly at you. This causes issues with displaying her which I will bring up shortly. Another is the exposure of her breasts. As you can see her left breast is about to spill out but that's not the case with the figure. I think that led to the other issue with the straps. If the left part was lower it would have lowered the straps on the left causing them to actually rest against her fingers instead of floating above like they do now. Otherwise they did a decent job.

As for display options you are basically given 4 options. I don't know about you but I think she actually looks best dressed but I really do wish they did replicate the top better. In any case you have four options to choose from depending on your tastes and environment.

Now as mentioned because of the direction her face was looking you have to compromise. If you display her at eye level, you can see her face but not her ample cleavage like in the illustration. If you display her below eye level her face is somewhat obscured but you get a view of her ample breasts.

A look at her from another direction. If you display her at eye level you do get a peek at her panties and butt cheeks. Below eye level you can get a better view of her lovely décolletage but no more panties. Decisions decisions decisions =(

What can I say, she matched the official photos and prototype but differed somewhat from the illustration. She isn't going to be the first figure to do this nor the last. The important thing for me is it was pretty close and she looks great even without the illustration. On her own she looks amazing and you can't forget the display options. Expectations were met.

Base: 7/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡
Here we do run into an issue. The base is pretty small as you can see it resting on a CD. This gives you a lot of options on where to display her. It's just big enough for her and is pretty stable.

However, the mounting point is a nightmare. As you can see she is mounted via her left foot. The foot pegs are not that sturdy and the fit is very tight. I managed to remove her from the base once and it really looked like I was going to break those pegs off doing it. Basically once you mount her you can forget about removing her. Also since she is mounted by one foot she does wobble easily but fortunately as mentioned the base is stable.

The base gets the job done and the low profile nature of it is a big plus. But if you ever need to remove her from the base be prepared for the possibility of breaking the foot pegs due to the very tight fit. Now results may vary but I doubt it. Expectations were somewhat met.

Enjoyment: 9/10 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡


So we've taken a closer look at her. From head to toe they did a decent job in her fit and finish. Results may vary but I doubt it will be much or really matter? The quality is there and Ribun really blew me away with the execution of this figure. Out of all the Kurumu figures out there this one definitely should be considered before the rest. She is definitely the best of the lot and I really wish they would make the rest of the girls. She was worth what I paid and I definitely do not regret getting her.

Whether alone or with a horde of demons and succubus she's a perfect addition to anyone's collection.

See you later.
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ULF (1 year ago) #11366853Simply fantastic review! Now I find myself looking for the name of the blonde on the far right ^^

That would be her? ITEM #42034
1 year ago
Simply fantastic review! Now I find myself looking for the name of the blonde on the far right ^^
1 year ago
Good job for both, Orchid Seed and you =)
5 years ago
TetsunoHashi (5 years ago) #1039525I don't know about the anime, but Kurumu's breasts are shown in the manga:
It's chapter 06 from the second season.

Figures... I stopped reading a chapter or two before...

It was getting old real fast for me 8Þ
5 years ago
I don't know about the anime, but Kurumu's breasts are shown in the manga:
It's chapter 06 from the second season.
5 years ago
Halbred (5 years ago) #1039205An excellent review--she's high on my wish list. Something I've always wondered, though: your scale goes up to 10, but your policy is to never give out a 10, so isn't 10 an impractical ideal? Not a criticism, just a curiosity.

It shows there's always room to improve. 8Þ

If I made it 9/9 then that's basically the same thing as saying 10.
5 years ago
An excellent review--she's high on my wish list. Something I've always wondered, though: your scale goes up to 10, but your policy is to never give out a 10, so isn't 10 an impractical ideal? Not a criticism, just a curiosity.
5 years ago
AstralFrost (5 years ago) #1038829I own this figure and think she's great but I just wanted to say that you do some of the best figure reviews I've ever read. Two thumbs up!

Thanks. Just sharing the passion. 8Þ
5 years ago
I own this figure and think she's great but I just wanted to say that you do some of the best figure reviews I've ever read. Two thumbs up!
5 years ago
Hatsuma24 (5 years ago) #1038403Great review as always StarshipPooper~!

I worry that Kurumu could be a potential leaner. Have you had this issue with other OrchidSeed figures like Yoshii Yuka or Eleanor Mercer? I ask since it looks like you had them displayed long enough while mine still remain in their boxes.

They used to make leaners... I still have some of their leaners. They've learned from their mistake and anything recent should not lean. Time will tell with this one of course.
5 years ago
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