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Nendoroid Fusion Experiment 01: Mei and Elise

NegaNega16 days agoDiary
Hello! The self proclaimed Nendoroid Professor is back! :D Something I love doing with Nendoroids is swapping parts. it's a slight challenge but it is a lot of fun when mixing and matching different arms, legs, bodies, faces etc.

Today I'll demonstrate a fusion of two Nendoroids. Meet Mei and Elise!


Now meet Meilise and Elmei!


Cute eh? In my opinion, Nendoroids are more than capable of swapping more than just whole heads and bodies. Lets look at Meilise first!


Parts that have been interchanged include:

Mei's upper body and fluffy collar
Elise's legs, head and hands
Elise's staff
Mei's Snowball

Diagram as seen here:


Now lets look at Elmei:


What is used:

Mei's head, pants and boots
Mei's hands and gun
Elise's dress



Awesome? In case you didn't notice, even tho super movables like Mei are a little more limited in swappability, there is still a surprising amount of things you can do.
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Heliodora (15 days ago) #29046849They both look so cute with the swapped outfits

Thanks! I actually did a better swap last night that I probably needed to photograph. XD I may put a pic up tomorrow
15 days ago
They both look so cute with the swapped outfits
15 days ago
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