What's your dream bedrooms for your collection and stuffs?What's your dream bedrooms for your collection and stuffs?Ask MFC

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angelbottangelbott2 years ago
Some of us want to ready to move out of parent's house to new home for so quiet and peace. XD

I wonder some of you MFC who moved out to new home of house or apartment or studio? with one bedroom you shared with your collection stuffs or your collection only in another bedroom or basement/attic of "cave" for gender.

I have bedroom for myself and dog with collections in half but ready in boxes for move out in three+ storage.

How many bedrooms with or without collection because it in another room you own place and you are happy with?
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
I have an "anime office" that is off the master bedroom in my house! I don't put anime merch or figures anywhere else except for putting out holiday figures as part of holiday decor in the living / family room (really just for Halloween and Christmas). It's not perfectly where I want it to be, but I have a large shelf full of anime and manga and some smaller shelves with more manga / light novels / art books and smaller figures and then I have 4 detolfs in there. I have some things I want to hang up, but I've never gotten around to it! I don't actually use the room as an office, but it does have a desk!
2 years ago
marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
i don't want anything fancy...but i'd love to completely fill a shelf with just doujinshi.
2 years ago
Since I'm currently still in college I'm at home, but honestly I'm gonna miss my setup in my bedroom when I do move because my pink walls compliment everything so nicely. On the plus side, my partner also collects so it will be really amazing when we combine our collections. I do plan to put some figures in a detolf or shelf in the living area. I'll probably keep the majority of the collection in the bedroom, or if possible, create a little neet/office room for all the merch!
2 years ago
I have my collection set up in a display around my tv. I was inspired by a similar setup i saw on here a few years back. I live with my boyfriend who also collects so at this point anyone who comes over knows what they're getting into, lol
2 years ago
I currently own a three level condominium unit. My collection occupies my den, livingroom, hallways, stairwell and my bedroom, all on the sunless side of my unit. My dream is to one day purchase a small office building that I would convert into a home to house my ever expanding collection.
2 years ago
I would love the freedom to put my merch everywhere and decorate the living room/bedroom with it. I'd love to have a display in both the living room and the bedroom and some nice shrines around the place to dedicated series/characters.

It's definitely my dream and motivation for working hard to have something like that in future! :D
2 years ago
I live in a two-bedroom apartment. I have my bandes dessinées/comics/manga collection in my own bedroom, my DVD and coffet table books collection in the living room and my figure collection in a glass display in the "doorway" between the living room and the dining room. In fact, one of the first things you see when entering my living room is my Detolf.

My dream that I'd like to do in 2018 would be to move my glass display in the spare room that I use as my office since the clic-clac sofa bed that was there isn't anymore. I'd also move one of my two faux leather armchairs (and get rid of the other one since it's broken, only to buy a sofa to replace them), my current TV set (and thus buy a new and bigger one for the living room) and game consoles in the spare room and turn it into a game room/personal space.
2 years ago
I own my own home. I have figures in every room, barring the bathroom and the kitchen.

I wouldn't want my collection confined to one room, but if I got a larger house, I'd definitely have a dedicated display room if I could, as well as having figures elsewhere.
2 years ago
My dream bedroom? A clean one lol

But honestly, I like my room but it's just a tad bit too small I need to get a room upgrade from Tom Nook lol

Is it weird I rather have matching furniture rather than a big room?
2 years ago
I just want my OWN bedroom... my family doesn't care anymore about the collection, my mom even helped me build the shadowbox for my deluxe mangas... she's just angry about all of the customs fees I constantly have to pay :\ I just want my own bedroom because I can't stand my sister anymore...
2 years ago
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