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Nendoroid Little Witch Academia Atsuko Kagari / Akko ReviewNendoroid Little Witch Academia Atsuko Kagari / Akko Review

Thanks again for all the positive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: users.v4.php?mo...

Time for the final review of the year! ^___^ This one is the first of a set of 3 reviews (at least) that I will do for this series; based upon which characters are released for the Nendoroid line from it.

From the "Little Witch Academia" anime, this is Nendoroid Atsuko Kagari / Akko:

Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display.

Here's her in the box:


As #747 in the Nendoroid figure series, Atsuko Kagari (more commonly known as Akko in the anime) is the latest in the ever-growing and increasingly popular Nendoroid figure series! Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to get her when she was up for pre-order from Good Smile Company; so I got her much later from a 3rd party instead.

Like all Nendoroids, Akko comes in the new standardized box. She's got most of her parts displayed in the window as well as the figure itself. It also has all of the normal information on it, like the series logo (in the top left corner), Good Smile Company (GSC)'s logo (top right corner), and of course the figure's name, number and image on the bottom.

There is also a GSC bonus with this release; which I will cover in more detail at the end of the review.

Back of the box:


Akko is arguably the main heroine/girl in the anime, "Little Witch Academia"; alongside her two friends Sucy and Lotte (who will be getting Nendoroids soon).

Just like the front of the box, the back has all of the usual information, logos and images that have become standard to Nendoroid figures recently. The background for Akko's box is a purple with white and off-red circles around the images; perfect to contrast against her color scheme (clothes).

She comes with a decent number of parts; so most of her poses and accessories are shown here on the back of the box (or on the sides).



Keeping up the standard (as it is now) of Figma and Nendoroid figures; Akko's instructions are in both English and Japanese. The English is on one side, and the Japanese is on the other. It is the same on both sides, otherwise.

The instructions show all of her parts, including the standard how to change the face parts directions and how to brace the figure on the stand directions.

There are a few special parts with Akko that are featured in the instructions, which are her hat, broom and bunny ears.



Akko comes with a good number of parts; both for her body and accessories. Here's the list:

View spoilerHide spoiler-- Akko herself
-- Standard Nendoroid base with stand
-- Extra joint part
-- 2 alternate arms with closed fists / open fingers (bent elbows)
-- 2 alternate arms with closed fists / holes between the fingers (straight out in front)
-- 1 alternate arm with no fist / hand (straight)
-- 1 alternate hand (closed fist / closed fingers / no hole)
-- 2 alternate faces
-- 2 alternate legs
-- Broom
-- Hat
-- Shiny Rod
-- Magic Wand
-- Bunny Ears
-- Instructions

Also there is one more part, but it's not included in the plastic inner core. Instead this one is actually only available if you ordered the figure directly from Good Smile Company (during the pre-order period):

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo of this in the package; as I didn't get the piece; but assuming that it follows the same trend as recent GSC bonus pieces; it comes in a small black bag separate from the other parts/box.

This extra part will be covered in more detail at the end of the review, however.

Out of the box:


Akko comes ready to go out of the box once her protective plastic pieces have been taken off. She comes with her happy expression in place as well as extended arms. She is also wearing her Luna Nova witch outfit she often wears in the anime.

As with all Nendoroids; the arms, hands, and legs are interchangeable and very easy to swap out with other arms, hands and legs. The same holds true for the face and the base as well.

Base Attachment:


Akko's base attaches like a normal Nendoroid base with a jointed peg; but this time it plugs into her back. There are many characters who have really long hair; and sometimes the plug is in their hair or even as a magnet (as with Nendoroid Black Gold Saw)...but this one goes into her back; meaning that it has to be bent below her hair in order to hold her.

However, unlike most Nendoroids in the past, Akko's peg and hole don't really hold together too well. There are 2 reasons for this: First is the belt that she wears, which often gets in the way of the peg and has to be moved a lot anytime the peg is removed; and secondly the hole seems to be slightly too small for the peg; meaning that instead of being a tight snug fit; it's really hard to fully push the peg into her back. Even after repeated times doing it for this review; I couldn't get her peg to go fully into her back at all.

With Hat:


Akko comes with her witch hat, which she wears just about as often as she doesn't wear it, with the rest of her witch outfit. The hat doesn't fit too snugly on her though...unlike some other characters that have hats (like Nendoroid Megumin from Kono Suba), Akko's hat has some wiggle room and doesn't really line up in a specific way on her head. It does stay on her head when put into place; but it comes off very easily without much effort.


It should be noted that in order to put the hat on Akko's head in the first place, her small ponytail has to be removed first and set aside. The hat won't go on at all if it's still there.

Magic Wand:


Akko comes with a few accessories from the anime, one of which is her magic wand. Every witch at Luna Nova has one; and Akko's looks identical to anyone else's.

In order to hold it, the hand type that has open fingers has to be used. The closed fingers with a hole in the fist can't hold the magic wand; nor can the open hands.

Alternate arms/hands:


Akko comes with a bunch of different hands and arms; all of which can be interchanged in order to give her a great range of options for holding items and posing.

Akko has a closed fist and bent elbow combination; great for a "fist pump". Also there is one straight arm (right side) that allow her to hold an item extended out straight away from her, to the side. There is no arm for a straight out in front pose; however.

Shiny Rod/Alternate face:


Naturally any Akko figure would be incomplete without her precious item from her beloved Chariot; the Shiny Rod. The rod is much like the magic wand; in that it works only with the open fingers hand type. It can be placed in the closed fist type with a hole in the hand; but it only slides up part of the end a little; not to the place where it's supposed to be held.

Akko comes with a total of 3 faces; the 2nd of which is an excited expression. This works well for her whenever she's really excited; like when she has her Shiny Rod with her.



Her next accessory is her broom; another must-have for any witch at Luna Nova. Her broom is just a regular broom though; not the Shooting Star one she's seen trying to use in the anime early on.

The broom is actually made to be taken apart; split in half at the base where the handle meets the bristles. This allows the handle to slide into the holes in the hand type with the closed fists and holes.

Riding the broom:


Akko can, of course, be posed to ride the broom. The broom is able to be held by both of her hands, in front of her using the two arm types that go in front of her body at a downward angle. Also the bent knees legs are used for this as well.

Depending upon the pose Akko is in; the base can support her off of the ground. However, if it leans too far forward; the base can't support her (like the photo above).


Of course for anyone who knows the anime (minor spoiler)View spoilerHide spoilerAkko can't really ride a broom at all. Because of this; Akko can be put upside down; holding onto the broom for dear life.

Bunny Ears:


Akko has one final accessory; a set of bunny ears. This is specific to an episode of the anime where she accidentally gives herself a pair of bunny ears in place of her normal ears (real bunny ears).

For this and the problem with her broom (as mentioned before); the best face for this is her shocked expression; which is has in the photo above.


Akko's bunny ears are slipped into place between the gap from her hair bangs and the rest of her head (where the faces are swapped out from).

The actual bunny ears themselves are really flimsy though; with the plastic holding them being extremely soft and bendable.

Good Smile Company Bonus:

(Unfortunately I don't have this item; so I have to use photos that aren't mine to talk about it)


As promised; the last item to mention is the Good Smile Company bonus that comes with Akko! I assume that it comes in a sealed black bag; similar to previous GSC exclusive bonuses in the past.

Akko's bonus is actually a special base! The base has the logo for the anime on it. If it is like the Kono Suba bonus bases (which I assume it is); this extra base is just a base though. It doesn't come with an extra stand for her...so the original base's stand has to be used with this base.

GSC Base; in use:

(Again, not my photo)


It's a nice bonus accessory; giving her something to make her a bit different from other Nendoroids (as all Nendoroids come with the standard base).



Just like all Nendoroids, Akko is another really a great example of the kind of quality, detail and complexity expected from Good Smile Company with their Nendoroid figures. Very cute and accurate to the anime, she's really nice! Great accessories and posing options; she is quite fun!

There are a few negative aspects to her: First would be how the peg isn't a great fit to hold Akko well on the base. Second would be her hat not fitting snugly in one place on her head really well. Lastly would be the bunny ears; which are worryingly flimsy...so much so that I wonder about their long-term integrity.

Also I am very sad that I wasn't able to get the GSC Exclusive Base for her...I am still interested in getting one; if I can ever find one for sale by itself.

But overall this is a pretty nice figure! Worth picking up; with or without the GSC bonus...if you can find her for a good price on the secondary market. Now to wait for Sucy and Lotte to come out and join her!

Recommended for everyone. Lots of play value and display value with a bunch of options.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Be sure to check out the other reviews here: users.v4.php?mo...
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Pohretra (2 months ago) #47531131I'm in the process of putting her back into the box for the time being, but I'm having great difficulty with putting her ponytail back in...

Yes, it can be really hard to do it. I had some troubles with it too...it is a very tight joint. I can't really give any recommendations on getting it in there other than to be careful and try to push it on the ball instead of the whole ponytail.
2 months ago
I'm in the process of putting her back into the box for the time being, but I'm having great difficulty with putting her ponytail back in...
2 months ago
Maakie (1 year ago) #31071377Nice review! It's been a while since I saw one from you (but I do also have a backlog in reading people their reviews lol). It's finally a Nendoroid coming with a lot of small accessories again, a lot of recent Nendoroids have been so barebones. Although I think she looks incredibly cute, I was a bit disappointed in the Little Witch Academia anime, so I will pass. Thanks for talking so detailed about her! :)

I agree; it's great that she has a lot of accessories. They need to do that more often. I will be doing reviews of Sucy and Lotte when they are released though as well, so please look forward to those too! ^___^ Thanks again Maakie!
1 year ago
Nice review! It's been a while since I saw one from you (but I do also have a backlog in reading people their reviews lol). It's finally a Nendoroid coming with a lot of small accessories again, a lot of recent Nendoroids have been so barebones. Although I think she looks incredibly cute, I was a bit disappointed in the Little Witch Academia anime, so I will pass. Thanks for talking so detailed about her! :)
1 year ago
CaptainZ (1 year ago) #29646699Good review, I tempted to buy her since there is nothing else for LWA.
Shiny Chariot scale when GSC?

Thanks! I hope they make a Chariot figure too!
1 year ago
Good review, I tempted to buy her since there is nothing else for LWA.
Shiny Chariot scale when GSC?
1 year ago