October & November Hauls (Way pic heavy lol)October & November Hauls (Way pic heavy lol)Loot

JingobeanJingobean2 years ago
Hullooo everyone! I just picked up my last November order from the post office last night,so I thought it was a good time to do another loot post.

I just moved to a new city the end of October,and am living in an apartment building for the first time,which has a buzzer system (which connects to the tennants' cell phones) to get in.Now,because nothing in life is ever easy,my phone won't work with the buzzer system,so if someone tries to buzz me the screen on the buzzer says that the tenant for my apt has moved,and everytime I am expecting a pkg I am filled with dread and panic that the mail dude will just send it back ( ›ω‹ ) Sigh.Luckily he's always gotten in anyways,and brought it up,but dang,gotta fix this somehow lol.


October AmiAmi #1


This order was full of items I'd begun having second thoughts / mild regrets about ordering,which isn't like me (. __.;;) I try really hard to only order items I *know* I will get a lot of enjoyment out of,and not just ordering for the sake of acquiring new things,or getting caught up in hype,etc.


Belle was on of those items.Ngl,my ordering Belle was mostly driven by nostalgia,and the desire to collect,not so much out of love of the actual figure.I'd been really excited about the release,but after seeing the prototype I was kinda disappointed.Now that I have her though,I'm happy I have her.She is much cuter in person,imo!!


The sculpt on her hair is really beautiful,and I love that they included an extra skirt piece for the,"swoosh" move! I don't care much for the Beast clear plastic stand thingy,tbh,and doubt I'll ever display him with her lol.


Darkness was definitely not a second guess! I was soo excited for her (*˙︶˙*)


Slow clap for whoever at GSC decided to include the flying cabbages with her ❤❤❤ They are freaking hysterical.


A lot of the Yuri on Ice x Sanrio collab items released in Oct/Nov,and I just couldn't resist the stationary! I've been collecting cute stationary from Japan for so many years,so the combination of 2 interests was a no-brainer insta-buy (๑ゝڡ◕๑) I reeeally wish they'd released stickers,too!


Here's the designs inside of the memo pad.


Last in this order was a set of Love Live Sunshine prize figures from Furyu.AmiAmi had these up for preorder in sets of three (1st Years / 2nd Years / 3rd Years),and each set was ¥2890.They never had pictures up on the page for what the items actually were,and the only information I could find was here on MFC,where I found concept art pictures for each of the figures. I took a risk and PO'ed all three sets right away,the fairy tale character concept + chibiness was soo up my alley.


The concept art for each character is printed on their boxes,isn't it adorable?? After Furyu released pictures of the actual figures though,I had an,"oh..shit" moment,because they didn't seem nearly as cute as I'd been expecting (๑˃ᆺ˂๑)


But dude,I was so wrong.These are fucking perfect.I am SOOO glad I took the risk and preordered them! I'm really impressed with them,they are nicely detailed,and have a good weight to them too.


They are much bigger than I'd thought they'd be,also! You can see next to Belle,they're roughly the same size.

October AmiAmi #2



Mami Maiko Ver. Nendoroid is really quite lovely.I think she looks so beautiful in the pink!


This is the Rem Cu Poche figure,and is my first Cu Poche.I was really curious about how these would compare to Nendoroids,and it is interesting the different posing options you get with the joints and magnets :3


The Q Posket line released a new color version of their Belle figure recently,and I found her in the Preowned section of AmiAmi for ¥1880 A/B.I'd held off from getting the previous versions because her expression was so unsettled looking lol,but I've been really starting to like these figures a lot so went ahead and ordered her.Turns out she actually looks much less traumatized in person,and I'm really happy with her :3

October AmiAmi #3


Oof,this was a surprisingly small package of just odds & ends,and a couple preowned finds,but ooouch it cost! I kinda let this one get away from me >w>;; Too many times of,"oh it's just a few bucks I'll add it on,what the hell" lol.


Siiigh.Not a great packing job this time.




More of the Yuri x Sanrio items! That Victor & Yuri rubber strap was bizarrely pricey at ¥972,I don't get why it was so expensive.I adore the art style,but ouch.



This is a YOI x Sanrio set of acrylic charms that clip together into a chain.I went back and forth on whether to get this for months,but I finally caved at the last minute >w<


SO CUTE.I have them clipped together and hanging from my figure shelf now.


This is a compact mirror,and turned out to be waay bigger than I'd thought it was!


On the left is the newest addition to the Luminary Tears line of keychains,and one the right is the Pastel Ver. of the Q Posket Tinkerbell.


Here are the LumiTear keychains! Every couple months Lumitears releases a set of keychains of magical girl style items,they've done magic wands,keys,and now "star bottles". It came with 8 different styles,and 2 doubles,so I'm putting the extras in my brother & sister's stockings :3



Here you can see the teeny star beads inside the bottles! I love them,they remind me SOO much of some toy I had as a kid,but I can't put my finger on what it was.


Some more rubber straps ( ›ω‹ ) "Pinched" Aqua,a double sided Jibril,and a Tea Time strap with Rem,Ram,and Emilia.


Back of the Jibril strap.


Here's Tink! I'm aaaactually not a big fan of the Disney Tinkerbell character,but I do love fairies,and this figure is crazy adorable.


Side view of her wings.They're clear blue,and luckily come in two pieces that are not pre-attached to her body,so there's no danger of them snapping off in shipping or w/e.


Anima Osaka


From Anime Osaka on Facebook I preordered the Sailor Moon Petit Chara Happy Wedding set! There have been many,many Sailor Moon Petit Chara sets released the past couple years,but these are my first.Just after I received this though they put up a King Endymion & Neo Queen Serenity set (ITEM #645426 & ITEM #645425) in the same style that I also went ahead and preordered.


Aww,they look so happy (*´♡`*) Little Luna & Artemis's tails form a heart when you push them together! Although they are suuuper teeny,which makes it really difficult to position them properly to do it,without knocking them over a million times lol.

November AmiAmi #1


Now,this package gave me a bit of the grumps,I gotta say..


Do you see allll this empty space? AmiAmi packed my order in a box at least twice as big as it needed to be,dude.I was scratching my head when the payment request said my shipping was $30 for Regular Airmail,but hey,sometimes things are bigger / heavier than you expect.But after opening the package I saw it was like 60% packing paper.Aaagh.


Seven freaking inches of packing paper OTL.I'm trying to decide if this is something I should bring up with their CS.


Yuri x Sanrio Omanjuu sets! I preordered one of each,and have been really looking forward to them xD


Heart mouth Victor,yaaay.


Grumpy-pants Yurio (^▽^人)





TsumTsum style Yuri on Ice / Sanrio plush keychains,does it get cuter than this?? They're really super soft,too.




Victor has a little butthole sewn in,guys.Fun fact,none of the others have one.


These are tumblers from the Pokemon Horoscope series of items.I ordered them for Christmas presents :3


Here's a closer look at the design on them.They're made of a really nice thick plastic,have a good weight to them,and are quite big.

November AmiAmi #2


No Game No Life Shiro 1/7 figure & Love Live Sunshine Chobirume Petit 1st Years set.Shiro is soo gorgeous,omg!


After getting the first set of this series I was soo excited to get the next set!!



Here they all are~!


Ruby looks like Little Red Riding Hood,and comes with a little picnic basket she can hold.



I have no idea who Hanamaru is meant to be dressed as,but idgaf,she's precious.



Yoshiko as Snow White! She even comes with a Magic Mirror plastic stand to display her with.I love the detail of the gloss paint on the apple,and her red shoes.


Good Smile Company


Lastly is the GSC exclusive Free Skate Yuri Nendoroid ❤❤


He is such a little cutie pie ;3; The paintwork on his jacket is really well done!


Welp,that's everything at the moment! :3 Cheers to anyone who managed to make it to the end,lol.
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I love your hauls!
2 years ago
Solarstormflare2 years ago#29880369Cool haul! thanks for sharing, I especially liked your commentary lol <3

Oh awesome,thank you! I'm glad to hear that,I always worry I blather on too much in my loot posts (๑>ᴗ<๑)

Ciciely2 years ago#29886477This entire haul is filled with nothing but ADORABLE goodies!

Yaay~! I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff (♡∀♡)

Jess-chan2 years ago#29908820This is one awesome haul!!

Thank you! I'm loving all my new goodies ❤

deyaro2 years ago#29921075I made it to the end of your post...do I get a prize? ;-)
Nonetheless, that was a fun post. Yeah, the box which was 60% packing material is a real head scratcher....

Thanks,dude! That too-big box with all the paper was especially irking because I ended up getting Customs fees on it (>╭╮<) Because of the value of it it could have happened no matter how big the box was,but I can't help but think the bigger box the more likely it is to catch Customs eye lmao.

solluxcaptor2 years ago#29922132So much cuteness! I really like the style of those Love Live figures, so adorable.

Omg,I'm so smitten with those figures! They make me smile everytime I see them (๐^╰╯^๐)
2 years ago
So much cuteness! I really like the style of those Love Live figures, so adorable.
2 years ago
So much cuteness! I really like the style of those Love Live figures, so adorable.
2 years ago
I made it to the end of your post...do I get a prize? ;-)

Nonetheless, that was a fun post. Yeah, the box which was 60% packing material is a real head scratcher....
2 years ago
This is one awesome haul!!
2 years ago
This entire haul is filled with nothing but ADORABLE goodies!
2 years ago
Cool haul! thanks for sharing, I especially liked your commentary lol <3
2 years ago
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