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Voltron Legendary Defender figuresVoltron Legendary Defender figures

Hey MFC!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!

Today I'm here with a question that is only kind of sort of anime figure related.

Over the summer I watched Voltron: Legendary Defender and now that I have some money to spend, I was wondering about purchasing figures from the series. Given that this particular Voltron series is American I knew I wouldn't have much luck finding info in the database. I was hoping that someone on the site would be knowledgeable about the different action figure lines that are currently being sold.

Preferably, I'm looking to buy figures of the 5 lions rather than one of the fully formed Voltron. I've noticed that Walmart currently sells three different lines: www.walmart.ca/... www.walmart.ca/... www.walmart.ca/... green lion is best lion

Sadly, I don't quite trust the promo pics of children's toys to be completely accurate and my local Walmart doesn't seem to carry them so I don't get the pleasure of comparing these different figures to each other in person. If anyone here has pictures/insight about one or more of these, I would be grateful!
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Polkadopolis Depressed Weeb
Hakkari (1 year ago) #30359702snip
Thanks for taking the time to reply! I really appreciate it

It's good to know that all the figures out are fairly high quality. The most recent experience I have with Western figures are funko pops so I was honestly quite concerned about noticeable paint defects lol

I'm actually going to my local toys'r'us today to see if they have any of the lions in stock (also hoping for a boxing day deal maybe) so hopefully I'll get to compare the sets in person.
1 year ago
I'm not sure if you guys have Toys R Us near you, but the metal lion figures are actually really nice for western action figures, and I think they actually can combine to form Voltron. I've seen them in person and while I don't own them (yet), I was really impressed by the quality.


Honestly I haven't seen a bad version of the Voltron lions yet, so if you find them online through a reputable retailer (ie Walmart, Target, FYE, ToysrUs, etc) they're probably pretty high quality. The smaller metal ones are especially nice, but the big plastic ones aren't terrible either.
1 year ago
Polkadopolis Depressed Weeb
tharglet (1 year ago) #30353484snipI hadn't thought to look there! I managed to find a few videos of all three sets after some trial and error (I kept getting redirected to toys from other Voltron series orz)
It's still going to be a hard decision lol
Still, thanks for the help ovo
1 year ago
Have you tried looking on YouTube for reviews? That is my usual go to for Western figures, as you can usually find at least one video for most things. You may want to mute/hop around vids, as some don't have the best commentators...

Other option is searching for the figure name + review and see if someone has done some text reviews.
1 year ago
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