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Welcome to my sixth annual roundup of the year's loot. If you've been following these from year to year, you may have guessed that once again, I spent too much money. Congrats, your guess was accurate! It was another book-heavy year for me, though there were a bunch of great figures, a grail or two, and two missing items thanks to an ongoing bit of insurance claim frustration. More on that, and the rest of the loot, below.

Before I begin, please note that this may be the last time I do this sort of post. I've decided not to take monthly loot shots for 2018, as they've become more chore than fun. However, I'll still post random loot pics from time to time both here and on Twitter, like this one of a pile of manga that was waiting for me when I got back from holiday traveling (yeah, it's a lot ^^;;;). I may take up monthly loot shots again in 2019, but no guarantees, so enjoy this potentially final "My Year in Loot" post!



As usual, January was a big month thanks to end-of-year sales; in this case, HLJ's holiday sale. Sadly, this past year's sale wasn't nearly as good for me, though Right Stuf's more than made up for it. Some preordered items-- a big pile of manga and a couple of figures (ITEM #443408 and ITEM #465581)-- round things out.



This month was a bit more modest-- well, if certain expensive figma could be described as such. The Utena manga box set was so beautiful that I reviewed it here, though later on I found that the slipcover had a manufacturer's defect, so I sent it back for a replacement. Also, I don't think I've touched that special issue of Edge since I first bought it ^^;



So, here we are: March, the month with those two missing items I mentioned before. For more details about what happened with ITEM #247185 and ITEM #301615, see these posts in the Mandarake thread: club/72/discuss..., clubs.php?mode=..., club/72/discuss..., and club/72/discuss.... As of this writing, I contacted USPS last month for an update, but they didn't have any new info from me and promised to let me know when they did. Long story short: this has all been a very big pain.

Despite all this, Mandarake briefly returned to my good graces when my Holy Grail jigsaw puzzle, ITEM #394682, popped up for a damn good price-- the shipping for the thing ended up costing more! I had been searching various sites for this puzzle every day for months, and my persistence finally paid off! I've been avoiding Mandarake ever since then, though...

The rest of this month consists of my share of a Surugaya group order, a Kickstarted webcomic collection, the usual manga, and a couple odds and ends.



A media-heavy month here. Amongst other things, I got manga, game music, the Sailor Moon R Blu-ray(!), Persona 5(!!), and my first Switch games(!!!). ITEM #392079 came back into print, which was a welcome development, and on the non-media side, I learned that an official plush of Max, of Sam & Max fame, existed, so naturally, I just had to get one.

Another notable thing about this month is there's an item here which I sold off later in the year: the first Nendoroid More Wedding set. I originally wanted it for the suits, but then the Office set was announced, so I wound up selling the Wedding one here on MFC.



Not much to say about May. There's ITEM #437816 with the exclusive bonus-- the most I had spent on a figma at the time-- a few pickups from Powell's Books in Portland, OR; Right Stuf in-stock sale pickups (and a few preorders); the now-annual Eurovision CD; and a Kickstarter backer reward.



This is probably my favorite month, loot-wise. On a whim, I went searching for one of my most coveted manga on eBay, and ended up with a full set! This manga is Flower of Life, one of the very last non-BL Fumi Yoshinaga manga in English that I didn't already own. Volume 4 of the series is quite rare, and typically goes for a ton of money. I'd lucked into a full ex-library set for less than $20!

With that good luck bolstering me, I went searching for another rare manga: Katsuhiro Otomo's Domu. The condition that this book arrived in wasn't as good, but it was complete, readable, and most importantly, not exorbitantly expensive. Picked up a few cheaper sets, though I had to rebuy a few Midori Days volumes thanks to condition. I also had to do the same with Manga: The Complete Guide, so my luck this past month wasn't perfect.



It's the annual Snow Miku in July haul! There's also an Amazon.co.jp order, a copy of Only Yesterday I got as a birthday present, some Kickstarted Tezuka books (fortunately, mine were shipped out on the earlier side-- DMP is still fulfilling rewards for that KS -_-;), and this month's highlight: Cook & Becker's gorgeous Sonic the Hedgehog artbook. Even if you already own the Pix'n Love Sonic book, I highly recommend this new one. If you're curious, I posted some pics on Twitter (mini thread).



Not much to say about August-- there's some sale goodies, the usual manga, a couple other items, and... that's about it. As an aside, I recently started Kirby Triple Deluxe and am enjoying it. I'm a big fan of Kirby, but had become burnt out on the series after playing Mass Attack, which was mediocre, so I'm happy to find that the pink puffball still holds some magic for me.



Of course, the highlight this month is the SNES Classic! I happened to be awake and online at just the right time when I heard preorders had opened at Best Buy, so I snagged one right away. The NES Classic didn't really interest me, but I had to have this one. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time since then to mess around with it, but now that the holidays are over, that should change.

The other highlight for me this month were the NieR CDs, especially the original soundtrack. I had played the first game last summer and fell in love; it became my favorite game played in the past year, and the soundtrack in particular became a must-have.

More CDs, books, doujinshi, etc. round out the month, along with an order from Pokemon Center and the worst jigsaw puzzle I have ever assembled.



Around the time of my tenth wedding anniversary trip in late Sept.-early Oct., Anime Island went out of business in a sudden and dramatic fashion. In between filing claims with my credit card company, I scrambled to secure the items I'd ordered at AI via other sites, and fortunately succeeded with all of them. The first ones to come in were ITEM #42082 and ITEM #42083. I also picked up ITEM #262338 while reordering ITEM #507657 at Crunchyroll.

In other frustrating shop news, IndieBox suddenly ended its subscription service, so I received a voucher for two previous releases from its shop to make up for the future boxes I wouldn't be getting. I settled on Hue and Typoman.



The third box I was owed from IndieBox, and their final subscription release, was Torchlight II, which arrived in November. Unfortunately, the box-exclusive pet figures are tiny, so this one was a bit of a disappointment. I was much happier with the rest of this month's loot, especially ITEM #511990 and ITEM #624420. However, this month's highlight is the region-free Mind Game Blu-ray! Mind Game, directed by Masaaki Yuasa and produced by Studio 4°C, is my favorite anime movie ever, but never received a home video release in the United States. That said, I just had to back this on Kickstarter. I watched this disk recently and, despite a technical issue or two with the subtitles, I'm happy to report that the film holds up!



There aren't too many holiday-themed figures in my collection, but I just had to have ITEM #581615 and ITEM #581616 when they were first announced; picked up the pair at Surugaya. Otherwise, there's a few Christmas presents, including ITEM #378452, some manga pickups from Kinokuniya, and a few other items. A fairly manageable month all around.


Some notes:

Grails, near-grails, and other long-coveted items I finally obtained in 2017:
- Hanairogoromo 1000pc jigsaw puzzle (Snow Miku Sky Town exclusive): ITEM #394682
- Flower of Life vol. 4 by Fumi Yoshinaga
- Domu by Katsuhiro Otomo
- Nendoroid Western Life playsets: ITEM #42082 and ITEM #42083

My favorite 2017 figure, etc. releases:
- Revolutionary Girl Utena manga box set
- figma Phoenix Wright: ITEM #437816
- Sonic the Hedgehog: 1991-2016
- Kirby Art & Style Collection: ITEM #624420
- SNES Classic
- Dartrix Pokemon Center Plush: ITEM #541842
- SCultures Figure Colosseum Bulma: ITEM #511990
- Asuka and Rei Christmas PM Figures: ITEM #581615 and ITEM #581616

(As it turns out, 2017 was a very good year for figures and 25th anniversary video game artbooks!)

Other favorite pickups:
- Hatsune Miku, Original Winter Clothes ver.: ITEM #443408
- Max plush
- Manga: The Complete Guide
- Godzilla vs. Evangelion puzzle: ITEM #597213
- 8-bit Music Power Sound Book

Goals met in 2017:
- Cut back on BL manga. I picked up very little of the stuff this past year. Good thing, too, since my overall manga backlog has grown...

Goals for 2018:
- Assemble some plamo. This was a goal from last year that I had made zero progress on. In the meantime, I added more kits to my stack. Hopefully, I'll be able to actually build some kits this year.
- Better collection management in general. One thing I tend to do with GSC shop exclusives is buy duplicates of them, but thanks in part to that, I'm now quite short on storage space. In the coming year, I hope to sell off some of those dupes, as well as some other figures I no longer want. I will also try and be smarter with my figure purchasing.

That's about it for this installment. Thanks as always for reading, and here's wishing you a happy and safe 2018!
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This was super satisfying, thanks!
3 years ago
Very nice haul! It seems you read about the same manga as me. I love that Bulma figure too!
3 years ago
Oohh wow, lotsa cool stuff! Shamr about your mandarake packages; mine have arrived super bashed up too but it was packaged so well my stuff was fine lol
3 years ago
If you end selling Phoenix figma, I would be really interested in buying the GS bonus!
3 years ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
So much nice stuff! I love how you get a wide variety of different stuff each month, makes it so interesting to look at :D
3 years ago
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