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Goodbye 2017, Hello Awesome Stuff!Goodbye 2017, Hello Awesome Stuff!

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Howdy doo, everybody! It is time for another loot overview with your favorite arachnid otaku! This is my last loot of 2017. It has been a crazy year, but also a super one for my collection. With the combination of my birthday and Christmas, I also got some other nice surprises from friends and family. One super special gift from my dad is included in this post. Without any further delay, let's check out my final haul of 2017.


A figure haul wouldn't be complete without some Nendoroids. Mari Ohara + Lillie & Nebby came from AmiAmi, MegaMan X from Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I got this long-hunted Bloomed In Japan Sakura Miku from ANGLFSH33.

Lilie and Nebby have quickly become two of my favorite characters in the Pokémon games. Lillie is so pure and Nebby is such an adorable rascal. Lillie was quite bamboozled when she encountered my Cosmog plush.

Mari Ohara is one of my favorite characters in Love Live Sunshine. She is second only to Yoshiko the Fallen Angel. I'm happy that Mari and Lillie came at the same time. They are almost like sisters with their blonde hair and green eyes. Swap their bodies and Mari looks like a chibi version of this Banpresto prize figure. Lillie just looks uncomfortable though. x3

I got the Sakura Miku for a very fair price of $43. What really sealed the deal on this sale was that this copy Anglfsh33 sold me came with an extra blissful face. That face my main piece of interest with this Nendoroid, so getting two copies of that face was an awesome bonus. This also came with an extra pair of the braided twin tails. I'm not sure what I could do with those, but it is great to have them if something unfortunate happens to the other pair.

I decided to pre-order the Zero Nendoroid from Tokyo Otaku Mode since there was a big point multiplier event going on at the time. I had to throw in some other items for the free shipping minimum, so I added Mega Man X and another figure into the order. I've been meaning to pick up this Nendoroid for a while, so this seemed like a pretty good opportunity. I like all the blast effects this comes with.

S.H. Figuarts
Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora


At last! I finally have an action figure of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series! Thank you, Bandai! I'd say this action figure turned out pretty well. The skin texturing for the face looks good in person, but it looks a bit weird in high-resolution photos. It kinda looks like sand paper.

Gravity Rush Remastered
Collector's Edition.....Mostly


I was browsing on Ebay for a copy of Gravity Rush Remastered and found a seller offering this incomplete collector's edition set with the Kat 1.0 Figma. The only things missing were the mini comic and the game, so the price was fairly cheap.

I then continued with my purchase of the game and found a Chinese copy with English subtitles. I would have gone with a North American copy, but that was exclusive sold through Amazon and become pretty pricey after it sold out. But other national versions play exactly the same way as a Japan or North America copy since all the characters speak a fictional language and a lot of the cut scenes are done in a comic book-style fashion with your choice of language in the text bubbles.


I like the 3 postcards this set comes with. My favorite is the one in the middle. <3

The diorama it comes with is also lots of fun. I have mine set up in a corner with Kat floating in the middle. I imagine it would be lots of fun to float and fall with her gravity powers.

I already purchased the Kat 2.0 Figma in September because I had doubts I would ever get my hands on the Figma. There is very little difference between the two versions, but the differences between her outfit in the games are quite small to begin with. Even though the 2.0 comes with the Lunar and Saturn style effect parts for her limbs, I like the 1.0 more because Dusty's pose is more interesting, Kat's face plates feel more animated and it comes with her apple by default.

I ultimately ended up paying just a little bit less than having pre-ordered the collector's edition from Amazon JP and having it forwarded through Big In Japan, so I feel I paid a pretty good deal for this overall. Now I just need to decide whether or not to keep the 2.0.

F-Toys 1/12 Mono Instruments

I've decided I am going to focus more on dioramas and photography in 2018, so I pre-ordered this set of mono instruments from Hobby Link Japan along with some strawberry Oreos. I couldn't find these in the database, but these are very well made. The guitars have actual metal wire instead of just being painted lines. If you can still manage to find these anywhere, I would recommend adding them to your set of action figure props.

The Legend of Zelda
Link Amiibos


I was browsing around on AmiAmi and I found myself browsing at a most fortuitous moment. For a brief moment, AmiAmi had re-opened orders for the Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword Link Amiibos. The closed again after about an hour. Hooray for impulse purchases! Another set of costumes to add to my Breath of the Wild adventure! :D

Furyu Prize Figures

Another set of super affordable prize figures by Furyu to add to my collection. I am very impressed with how Yoko turned out; this is my first Gurren Lagann figure. Edward is good, but the face seems a tad off. Plus my copy has some issued with its pegs fitting in the holes. One side was too thick, so I had to trim them down to fit in the holes. The other was too loose, so his foot pops out of place a bit.

G.E.M Pokémon
Ash, Pikachu & Ash-Greninja


After the release of Pokémon X & Y, Greninja quickly became one of my favorite Pokémon. That being said, I pre-ordered this figure on day 1. I am very pleased with how it turned out. Although Pikachu's face looks a tad tubby. This is an excellent addition to my Greninja shrine.

Portrait of Pirates Chopper
Mugiwara Store Crimin Edition


This is the other item I ordered from Tokyo Otaku Mode. This was an impulse buy, but I am glad I got it. This little figure of Chopper is super cute and I love the black & Gold color scheme.

This next item is super not safe for work. Click the spoiler below if you think you can handle it.

View spoilerHide spoilerWagaya No Liliana-san
1/5 Scale Figure


As you know, I am a big fan of the art by Aoi Nagisa. Liliana is my favorite of his original characters. She is so incredibly erotic. I've been hunting this figure for a while, and once again, AmiAmi's pre-owned section offered a delightful discount on an unopened copy. This will go nicely with the 1/6 figure by Rocket Boy I am expecting to get next month.

I'd like to give a special thanks to NOVAVISTA for putting this lewd idea in my head. x3


Now it is time for the final item of this month's haul. It is not a figure, but something even more awesome. It is a special birthday gift from my father. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth is here. I finally have a PS4 Pro!

I've been slowly saving money for one while buying games for it on sale when they get deep discounts. My dad, being a bargain hunter as well, got this at Best Buy during a Black Friday Sale. He said he saved about $56 on the purchase. Thank you Dad! It is times like this I am super happy mom didn't eat you. Now there is one thing left to do. Decide which game to play first.

Bonus Comic
Game Time!



Epic Group Photo!

So long 2017. It has been a crazy ride. Here's to another successful year of collecting nerdy merchandise! I hope all of you have had a good 2017. May 2018 be an even better year for all of us. This is ChocolateSpider signing out!
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Which game should we play first?

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  • 16%Uncharted Collection
  • 7%Ratchet & Clank
  • 16%Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy
  • 31%Horizon Zero Dawn
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It been a while since I been here. But when I do come back, it is exciting to see your new posts.
8 months ago
8 months ago
I always love your comics, very fun! I especially love the rock session scene, super cute!
8 months ago
Rajke Ca fanatic
Great loot. That Satoshi with Gekouga is one big nice figure. Also your pictures are much more clear in comparising with your other pictures. Also you need a small bag for the new Nebby i guess. :)
victorviper (8 months ago) #30700066I too held out for a while on getting a PS4. I also thought about buying some games before getting the system itself, but ultimately I figured most PS4 games are pretty easy to find post-release.
I kind of regret not being on the ball and preordering that FuRyu Yoko figure, but I imagine that figure will start hitting the secondhand listings any day now.

It is indeed smart but how do you get yourself from waiting for it so long?
8 months ago
I too held out for a while on getting a PS4. I also thought about buying some games before getting the system itself, but ultimately I figured most PS4 games are pretty easy to find post-release.

I kind of regret not being on the ball and preordering that FuRyu Yoko figure, but I imagine that figure will start hitting the secondhand listings any day now.
8 months ago
Nice loot as always ^^
I love the strategic location of Chopper's flag on the last pic XD
8 months ago
Nice loot, I especially love all the new nendos :D
8 months ago
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