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Final loot of 2017Final loot of 2017

freezermilkfreezermilk11 months agoLoot
Hello MFC! I've become something of a monthly loot blogger, so here's going to be my final loot of 2017 (a couple days late... -_-)

Despite it being Christmas and all, my loot this month wasn't super huge. Shrug. Those random delivery dates will keep you on your toes!

My full loot shot ~


So yeah, three scales and some various little guys. Plus a few art books~

Up first we have my REAL Christmas present, that my parents got for me (with a little guidance lol).

Ramona Flowers!!!


Ohhhhh my gosh she is fantastic. Obvs she has no home in the database, but whatever, the rules are dumb sometimes. Usually not, but sometimes. I saw her release a while ago, before I was really collecting figures and back when I thought $50 was crazy bank for a plastic statue. But of course, she was exclusive, and of course, there was regret.


I never thought I'd get her, yet here she is! Not pictured here is her alternate bag, which contains a weird little bug-eyed Scott. *sigh* Unfortunately, even though this makes it the rarer version, I cannot display that little gremlin. Serious case of "we don't know how to translate this art style into 3D!" He's just... bad. She also comes with an alternate hand to wield a bat. but, like, warhammer tho

Next we have one of my grails, Mirai ITEM #199544 !!!!


Ok, so she's not that hard to find, and comparatively she's not even that overpriced. But, I'd only found her for around $200 before and was not willing to shell out. Someone on here put her up for E90 (round $110 with shipping). SOLD


$90 off the aftermarket price was plenty for me to bite.

After that I also got Nagi ITEM #326


She's real cute, and I can never pass up on these cheap older figures of cuties when I see them! She's done by Alter, and I got her for only $7. Haha, don't we wish something like that would happen now...


I do have a couple problems with her, though. One is that part of her stand is cracked, so she just sort of balances on the base now instead of interlocking with it. Also, she's one of those figures that has some pretty bad angles to look at :/

Goodies time!


Here's a little shot of the trading figures I got, and a couple other fun little toys. The Doki Doki Maho Shimpan Nendo petites are the cutest, but are also held together by nothing but dreams. Seriously, they were so hard to put together and get on their stands and basically I can never touch them again. Haruna ITEM #55020 is also adorable, but unfortunately does not have a base. For now she's just supported by her back ribbons and leaning against Satsuki's foot in my display lol

The other stuff is just what I grabbed on depop or threw in my TOM orders. That plushie in particular is AMAZING to me and I love him



Art Books!


The end!

Edit: fixed my wording about the 'rules being dumb' because I do not need the flames for that
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Feel like the strict Japan-only rule here on MFC is lame?

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Sooo much cuteness! I love your taste in art styles, it's really similar to the stuff I like too.
11 months ago
Sweet loot~ I'm super jealous of Mirai. ;o; I've wanted her forever but just haven't pulled the trigger, I think I remember seeing that ad though hahah, it was tempting.
11 months ago
the only character that i really want in the database is
stardust, a chinese vocaloid. other than her, i don’t think anything else would really appeal to the overall community.
11 months ago
Nice loot! I had no idea that Scott pilgrim had figures :0 Ramona looks so good!

I must disagree about the MFC rules though...
View spoilerHide spoilerIt's not even about 'annoying' people. I like that the DB is focused and removing that rule would mean opening the flood gates. There aren't enough MOD's to manage the Japanese releases, let alone everything else.

Another thing is the 18+ and loli figures or a combination of both :p These seem to cause issues among those that already like anime and I don't think it'd help bringing in new groups of users that aren't 'used' to it.
11 months ago
If you allow non-Japanese items on here, it will bring the audience that buys Mattel, Neca, McFarlane Toys and Hot Toys. From what I've seen, this audience in its majority is pretty awful and annoying. So, if you don't want to see MFC flooded with annoying people - don't even ask about non-Japanese stuff.
11 months ago
Live better. Play more!

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