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FOTS Mikan Yuuki Review + UnboxingFOTS Mikan Yuuki Review + Unboxing

xCommandoxCommando1 year agoReview
And welcome to my review of:
To LOVEru Darkness Yuuki Mikan 1/8 Swimsuit ver.
By: FOTS Japan

(Plus Unboxing~!)

First things first, the unboxing!
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As you can see, FOTS's choice of packaging is... different. I think its called, polyurethane foam yeh? I mean she arrived safe so I can't complain; and on the plus side at least it wasn't the hard Styrofoam material that I've seen used before on certain figures of equal or probably even more fragility. -cough- ITEM #6784 -cough
Her ponytail comes as separate part and is apparently a bit fragile, as is her hair in general. Sooo I made sure to be extra careful since apparently I'm prone to breaking figures immediately after opening.
(*Edit, as I was writing this I went to take a few more comparison pictures and when I grabbed her, I snapped a small tip of her hair off. And if you think that's impressive, don't even ask me how I managed to get it back on. x_x I mean glue of course but here's a picture: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515027658.jpeg )
Her base is just a small clear watery textured circle design it seems, and the peg either by design or flaw can slide freely in and out so don't lose it. I thought of gluing it but I just pushed her foot on while she was on my table and its fine.
And there you have her, Mikan unboxed. :3

Moving on~!

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Sooo, she's pretty nice yeah? Personally, I am quite relieved. After reading the first reviews on her I was getting pretty worried buuut she's alright! I think her most disappointing feature is probably her hair, it is just not very defined compared to what I'm used to. Also yeh, there are some clear seam lines you surely spotted. The worst of it is if you look at her back straight on, theres some pretty crazy separation where the swimsuit meets her skin, as well as under her right armpit. Her leg seams weren't really too bad at all however, which pleased me. Also look at her legs! They're lovely. ;o;

(By the way sorry about my camera skill and/or dirty lens. I should really get my own and stop borrowing this one hah. D:)

I read that people were upset due to the fact that this Mikan, listed as a 1/8 scale, was smaller than that compared to others of the same scale. So I grabbed a few 1/8's to compare her to, as well as other Mikans~! You can take a look at the quality difference too.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515027945.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515027954.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515027950.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515027952.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/xCommando1515028666.jpeg

The other figures are: Alter's Yuuki Mikan (1/7) and Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen - Sanya V Litvyak - 1/8, Max Factory's Yuuki Mikan (1/6), Broccoli's Neptune (1/8), Alphamax's, Toy's Works, and Penguin Parade's Gokou Ruri (1/8).
My personal opinion: she looks about the same, if not maybe a smooooch smaller. Quality wise though, she is lacking a bit.

There you have it, that's Yuuki Mikan by FOTS Japan. She was 11,370 yen when I bought her and to be honest, that's probably too expensive for her quality and size. Don't get me wrong though, I like her a lot and I don't regret buying her at all, she's a cutie. :3
Though from a practical point of view, and considering standards to be expected these days, she should have been a couple thousand yen cheaper. Those seams, the hair detail, as well as the material used for making her, and overall quality don't really warrant that price. FOTS is a new company so I guess you can't expect perfection, but they shouldn't come in so high if this is the extent of the quality they can put out, you know? Hopefully this review helps you decide if you think this Mikan is worth the buy, as well as provide some insight on FOTS's Dragon Maid figure of Tohru. ITEM #654589 Also hopefully they improve on her because, I mean... its Dragon Maid, ya know. ;o;
Anyhow, thank you for looking. :3
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andre30496 (7 months ago) #35872177Around how much do u think she should be then?
Probably around $80 I'd say.
7 months ago
Around how much do u think she should be then?
7 months ago
I'm amazed at how pretty the swimsuit looks, I did not expect that from this figure!

Thank you for the review! :)
11 months ago
xCommando (1 year ago) #30897137At the bottom of the page when you're editing there's a tab that says "include scores" you tick that off.
But as far as linking the figure... I'm not seeing that anywhere on my phone.. I typed it up on my desktop and it had to have been somewhere, unless they accidentally removed it after the last site update. That's weird, sorry. D:

Thanks a lot~ I managed to link the figure (someone else explained) You have to go to the right side of the page and go to "related items" and click on "link/unlink" and then search for the figure in the database.
1 year ago
Lize (1 year ago) #30897125How did you manage to do the top part of the blog (the link to where the item is on MFC)? And how do you get the "scores" at the bottom of the blog?
At the bottom of the page when you're editing there's a tab that says "include scores" you tick that off.
But as far as linking the figure... I'm not seeing that anywhere on my phone.. I typed it up on my desktop and it had to have been somewhere, unless they accidentally removed it after the last site update. That's weird, sorry. D:
1 year ago
How did you manage to do the top part of the blog (the link to where the item is on MFC)? And how do you get the "scores" at the bottom of the blog?
1 year ago
Rajke Ca fanatic
Nice review. From a company that isn't around for years it is a pretty decent figure. I see some minor flaws like you mentioned but overall this figure looks good. The comparison pictures you made shows clearly that the base Mikan is standing on is low. The figure looks a bit smaller because of this base. (Also i like the way they made this base. I agree it could be done better but it is a good start)
This makes me curious how FOTS will develop over the years and what kind of figures they bring.
1 year ago
Nagi1200 (1 year ago) #30755727Thanks in particular for the comparison, it's very useful.No prob! I hoped it would be. :D
solluxcaptor (1 year ago) #30753864Wow, she is beautiful and so cute! I love all of the figures you displayed her with at the end too, you have good taste!:3 Thank you! I'm a sucker for the cuties.
1 year ago
victorviper (1 year ago) #30741091Thanks for this review.
I wasn't too sure about this figure when it was announced. I like Mikan, but the unknown manufacturer and the high price for a relatively simple 1/8 scale kind of scared me off, and from your review it looks like my concerns were justified.
I actually like the paintwork on the swimsuit. It looks very spandexy and the material has a nice shine to it.
All told though, the Alter swimsuit Mikan looks to be a far superior offering, and I'd be hard-pressed to justify getting this figure before picking up the Alter Mikan (which I don't own) unless this one sees a price drop into the 5000-6000 yen range.
Thanks again for sharing!

You're welcome! :D Yup I totally agree with you, and yeah Alter's Mikan is way more amazing! One of my favorites for sure~ :3
1 year ago
enjoime_CB (1 year ago) #30709894KURONEKO!!!enjoime_CB (1 year ago) #30709919Makes me wonder about the upcoming kobayashi figure?
Same here! I hope they learn from this one and especially so, move to standard PVC material. :O Also yus, Ruri is my waifu. :3
1 year ago
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