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Figure that you regret buying and why.Figure that you regret buying and why.

ButcherButcher3 months agoAsk MFC
Hey everyone,

When I first got into figure collecting around 4 or 5 months ago, I started purchasing all of the DC and Marvel figures from kotobukiya bishoujo line.

I eventually found this figure ITEM #33535 which I paid $550 for. I regret dropping so much money on it, but then again it is a sdcc 2010 figure and will never be released again. So I can't bring myself to sell it :P

What is the figure that you regret buying? Be it for quality, price, or anything really.
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ITEM #104121. Because I opened it to look if its in one piece, but I couldnt get it back to its original package anymore after that. Now its been wrapped in bubble wrap and I just hope its not damaged from it. I am planning to display it in future thou.
3 months ago
Babygirl246024 (3 months ago) #30893777This figure is one that I would like to add to my collection. Depending on if you were gonna sell her soon and for what price I might be interested :)

unfortunately she's at home and I won't be back there until May but I did see her pop up on amiami pre-owned, A/B 6980 JPY!
3 months ago
Veevoom (3 months ago) #30894956Honestly, for me its every figure. I really think and choose what I want cuz before I had like 500 figures in my favorites page and now it's narrowed down to 200. I'm constantly thinking about what would happen if I get a girlfriend and she sees my collection in my back of my head. If I get one that's open minded bout it, she's a keeper. We'll see :)
Get a girlfriend who likes anime too then you should be save. Maybe just don't buy any nsfw figures or figures of characters with super unrealistic body proportions who only exist for the sake of fanservice.
3 months ago
My very first figure.
Back then I knew absolutely nothing about figures but I saw this Madoka nendoroid at a store which was not actually an anime merch store but a comic book store which was odd.

Don't get me wrong I still love Madoka but...it was a bootleg...and they had glued the parts together...and they didn't even give me the figure in a box but simply put it in a small paper bag... and I immediately lost the arrow.
3 months ago
I regret buying the nendoroid version of Goddess Madoka because it had such delicate pieces to assemble it and I bought it when I was still new to collecting. Also, the hair is sharp as hell...
3 months ago
MangoMilk (3 months ago) #30893771Probably ITEM #26558. The figure itself is beautiful, but its tiny.

Oh she was one of the first I brought :) Didn't know much about scales back then. She goes nicely with figmas. But yeah, teeny tiny, although still so pretty.
3 months ago
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
198363 Cordelia

Overpaid and doesn't go with my collection, bad impulse buy. I could have used the money better. But I really like her.

I regret a little some of my PMMM figures that realistically I'll never buy a partner for, it bothers me for example to have an Ichiban Kuji prize Homura who is hard to display with others because of her wingspan and I don't fancy getting the matching Madoka. But they got me started so they have deep sentimental value.
3 months ago
Butcher (3 months ago) #30893876Totally agree, it isn't the seller who is ripping the buyer, it is the country and its laws and fees and taxes that are ripping the customers.
Fact is that fees on imports, are an important fee because it protects the local seller, for example if someone raises cows in Brazil, and they sell the meat locally, and then suddenly there is a Chinese exporter selling it half the price, and the Brazilian seller doesn't have a way to decrease its prrices due to production costs, the Brazilian seller would be put out of business.
So the importing fees are important to keep the money locally and help the local growth. Otherwise it would technically be selling the country little by little, creating a huge loss, because everyone becomes a buyer from China for example, and none of the local things are being bought anymore, so they are terminated. It is an important step in the economical wheel, purchase, produce and sell.
The issue is that Brazil is not really providing the "produce" part, they are imposing importing fees on everything and anything, and they don't have a local equivalent, like ebay and mercado live. That is technically taking freedom out of its people, because you are putting a huge barrier on common goods, making it less achievable to people, all of this so that the government can earn that money which should be used to then create these goods locally, or help the government in improving things, but the fact remains that most of the money that goes to the government ends up being used in military or in the pockets of some millionare.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure we both agree with this, the government just sucks lol
Not just Brazil, I don't know all of South American countries, but I'd say it's pretty easy to estimate that most if not all, of the countries in South America are suffering from very similar situations, just look at Argentina.
Damn, se sure trailed off of the topic by a long margin, meh, nothing wrong with having an interesting chat originated from the main topic.

Hi! Sorry for my delay to reply. The last few days have been super busy for me. In case you feel a bit lost, I want to say that I read all your messages on my journal article but I've decided to delete it.

In the start, the discussion was healthy but later on some users appeared with the solely intention of creating an online argument by offending my person.

At first, I thought I should reply but honestly I figured that I had better things to do with my free time. The users who appeared with the intention of spreading online hate weren't worth of my time at all. So don't feel lost in case you search for that article. I deleted it. xD

Now back to the topic: Brazil.

Protectionist policies are very important, but if they aren't allied to other politics to encourage the local industry... they only warm the country population, which is Brazil's case.

There's no sense in imposing huge taxes to imports if, on the other hands, the price of the basic materials needed to the operation of the industry are rising every month, like eletricity, for an example.

And also, as you mentioned, the corruption is growing like a cancer in the heart of the country. The politics sold their moral values ages ago, all of them. No exceptions.
3 months ago
Would have to be a toss-up between ITEM #440402 and www.amiami.com/... (FYI: Hobbymax Shanghai, from a Chinese game, so unless MFC changes their rules...)

The former was my first prize figure. Just a spur of the moment "it's on sale" impulse buy. My original intentions were to just grab it for minature painting practice. Of course after it finally arrives and I open it up, for a multitude of reasons, I just couldn't bring myself to paint it. So it got reboxed and unceremoniously shelved with the rest of my scale boxes, forgotten, until one day the neighbours stopped by for a visit and conversation came around to the fact it was her birthday. You can guess what happens afterwards.

The latter is really more of a pre-order with a case of "the more I look at it, the more flaws I see" but there is also some really bad juju associated with it rather than anything glaringly bad with the figure. I accidently made an order for 2 on Amiami (whether it was a n00b mistake or a glitch with their wishlist system or whatnot I don't know and don't care) and expended a sizable chunk of goodwill getting it dropped to 1, burning my "this is your first time so we'll let it slide" card in the process. Coupled with the fact I could have sworn it was started by another manufacturer before Hobbymax and the chinese game the character is from is being/was shut down. Take into consideration it's been delayed twice already with no real warning and you can see why I think there's so much bad Karma with this particular figure.
3 months ago
Gabriel (3 months ago) #30895086I was interested in that one for a while. To me it was clear from the promo period that it was overpriced. Still, it was Saber in a dress, which is something I like. I waited for the figure to be released to see some reviews, as I didn't know anything about the company.
The funny thing is the minor detail that killed my interest in the figure. The production models reaching reviewers had bent heels. That was what ruined it for me, deformed shoes.

I agree. The shoes are really weird as well. The facial expression (especially the mouth), at least for me, is the worst part of it though.

There's the base as well: it's blunt, looks generic, doesn't match the overall vibe of the figure and it's just simple and ugly. :(

Glad you didn't feel for the Saber White Dress bait. That outfit of Saber should totally get another scale, but a good one this time. Not something made by Bell Fine.

I heard about the Bell Fine's reputation of doing overpriced low quality figures and it seemed unfair at first... but now I totally agree. Won't be buying any figures by them ever ever ever again.
3 months ago
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