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November / December LootNovember / December Loot

aluchenaluchen1 year agoLoot
Hello everybody! http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/a/aww.gif

I'm a little bit late to the game, but here's my November/December loot. Hopefully everybody had a good start into the New Year and I hope it'll be a great one for all of us! http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/happybounce.gif

Without further ado, here's everything that I got during the past two months.


~ Vocaloid ~

The Hanairogoromo set is slowly but surely growing, with Luka being the next in line to join Miku & the others:


She’s absolutely stunning! The sakura branch she comes with makes for a splendid base and she looks simply wonderful sitting on it. The only complaint I have is that instead of a peg, Stronger used a magnet to attach her to the branch. At least it's a very strong one so I am not too afraid of her accidentially falling off.




The gradient of her hair looks great as well:


I love how she turned out and together with Miku she's my favorite from the set so far (sorry Kaito!). I can't wait for Rin's & Len's release in May to finally complete this beautiful set.


Furthermore I received this adorable Kaito plush from a dear friend of mine here on MFC:


He looks so cute with the slight blush on his cheeks (・ω ・) I also like the fact that they designed the tag to make it look like a school bag. Clever!

~ Pokémon ~

Since Ash ITEM #549351 was released last month and I really want to display him together with "Gary", I eventually caved and bought the Nendoroid set of Red & Green:


While I wasn't really interested in Red in the first place and even thought about selling him upon his arrival, I've to admit that he's a nice Nendoroid after seeing him for real. Displaying him and Green with some of my old 90's Pokémon figures gives them a nice retro vibe:


Damn, Pikachu was one chubby mouse back then.

And because I'm a clumsy idiot I immediately broke the stand Mew comes with when I unpacked the figures.


Unfortunately Mew doesn't stand without it and while I probably could have used one of the volleyball stands the Haikyuu Nendos come with, I was too lazy to unpack them. Hence Mew had to go back into the ball box for now. I still wonder why they made Mew of all Pokémon to go with Red & Green anyway.

~ Berserk ~

After buying the PS4 game a few months ago, I really got into Berserk again. I had read the Manga up to a certain point because a former classmate of mine used to let me borrow them, but when I changed school I never bothered to continue reading it. That's over 10 years ago now, so needless to say I had no idea about the majority of the plot anymore ^^" Being all fired up by the game, I went ahead and finally bought my own copies of the Manga:


Yeah, these are 19 double volumes, so 38 volumes in total and I'm only through the half of it yet. I know who's going to be busy for a while... Also thank God that my husband is a bookseller and got these for free, otherwise I'd be 190€ poorer now D:

So needless to say that after playing the game and reading the Manga, my desire to get a figure rose as well. I wasn't very fond of the Figma, but unfortunately every other cool looking Berserk figure costs crazy money. Eventually I settled for the RAH:


I never thought I'd buy another RAH figure except for the Attack on Titan ones, but Guts is awesome!



His sword is also frickin' huge. I'm amused to see it's nearly as long and thick as my forarm XD


~ Shin Megami Tensei ~

Since I didn't have many figures on preorder during these past months, I seized the opportunity to buy some more SMT figures for my collection. Thus also finally got my hands on the figure of Demifiend from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.


Originally released as a prize figure to be won at a lottery, his price went up crazy later. I’m glad I got him for 10k now :,)


However he comes with a very nice gimmick at least: His base lights up!



I'm glad he's finally a part of my collection :D To accompany him I also got two more demon figures:



I really like Mother Harlots' design for some reason and Thor is one of my favorite demons anyway.

~ Haikyuu ~

I also got this Figma of Hinata for my husband, who's a big Haikyuu fan:


I really hope Max Factory will make more Haikyuu Figma soon so the big net Hinata came with won't go to waste and I'll be able to display him actually playing with somebody rather than just waving and holding the ball.


~ Hoozuki no Reitetsu ~

To add to my plushie collection, I bought this Jumbo plush of Hoozuki:



I absolutely love him! :D He's great to cuddle with and will hopefully help me overcome the time til the second part of season 2 starts in April.

Just look at these two grumpies <3


~ Games & Manga ~

Needless to say no month goes by without buying any new Manga and/or games. Among others I got the color edition of the "No Regrets" Manga which has been released in English recently. I had the regular version already, but being a big Levi fan I am I needed the colored version as well of course.


This book is definitely superior to the Japanese color versions. It comes as hardcover and is larger than regular Manga volumes, not to mention it includes both volumes of the Manga. So buying it was a no brainer, plus it's nice to own the Manga in both German and English.

The coloring is really nicely done and makes the artwork stand out a lot more. Here are a few pics to show how it compares to the regular version:




Additionally the Manga includes a few short extra stories which weren't part of in the regular volumes as well as many extra artworks:



View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://up.picr.de/31504883id.jpg



I wish more Manga would get a similar treatment :D

I also got the two AoT Lost Girls spin-off Manga and The Answers guidebook:


Up next is an item I was super excited about ever since I heard it's finally going to be released in English:


This is the novel (well, at least one of them) one of my favorite series of all time is based on. The novel itself was originally released in 1988, so you can imagine how glad I am that it's finally been translated after all these years.

However my excitement quickly turned into confusion once I had opened the book:


Why the hell is it pink? o_O At first I thought it might be supposed to be that way, especially since I had just received a misprint of the Levi Manga I have been talking about a few days prior to this, but nope, I just got unlucky again... Eventually I found out through Seven Sea's Twitter that these misprints were never even intended to be sold in the first place. Could be worse I guess, at least this makes this edition something special :) However I ordered another (hopefully black) copy for the artworks. The pink ink is nice, but some artworks are really suffering from it.

There are a few colored artworks in the book as well for anyone who cares:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://up.picr.de/31499307ib.jpg



Addtionally I got a few more Manga:


The Zelda one was the only one I bought, the others were free copies by the publisher. I'm not sure yet if I'll keep them or even continue reading any of the series.

And of course even more games...


As you can see I've been buying even more Taiko no Tatsujin games, including the Idol Master spin-offs. They're so incredibly addicting! Of course I couldn't resist preordering the new PS4 game including the drum controller either and to make things even better, my mother-in-law crocheted two plushies of the series' mascots, Don-chan and Kat-chan, for me:



And as a little extra:

View spoilerHide spoilerNeither Manga nor Anime related, but nevertheless cute: An adorable Pusheen cookie jar I got for Christmas :D


Thanks for reading! http://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/h/hug.gif
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Habe gerade gesehen, dass du auch aus Deutschland bist... das macht es einfacher XD

Cool, dann hoffe ich sehr, dass dir der Manga gefällt! Würde mich freuen, wenn du mir später deine Meinung dazu sagst :) Die Special Edition von Record of Lodoss War ist auf jeden Fall gut gemacht und sieht hochwertig aus, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher wie viel Spaß es macht den Novel zu lesen, wenn man die Serie überhaupt nicht kennt. Zwar basieren sowohl die OVA als auch der "Die Graue Hexe" Manga auf dem Buch, aber es ist trotzdem etwas anderes. Die englische Übersetzung ist aber immerhin sehr gut und es ist flüssig zu lesen. Da habe ich schon viel schlimmere Novel in den Händen gehabt.

Okay, Danke für den Hinweis! Vielleicht lese ich dann auch noch etwas weiter :D

RubyRed (1 year ago) #30897856Okay I have put No Regret in the amazon basket and bought it. Couldn't help myself ;-) thanks for the recommendation... and I am thinking hard about buying Record of Lodoss War too... just love special editions.... mmm maybe next month uff.
By the way the Black Butler Manga is really good but I needed to read a little more than the first book to get hooked.
1 year ago
Okay I have put No Regret in the amazon basket and bought it. Couldn't help myself ;-) thanks for the recommendation... and I am thinking hard about buying Record of Lodoss War too... just love special editions.... mmm maybe next month uff.
By the way the Black Butler Manga is really good but I needed to read a little more than the first book to get hooked.
aluchen (1 year ago) #30895107Hm, not necessarily because the Manga focuses on Levi's background story and how he joined the Survey Corps, so the events taking place in this Manga are set years before the main series. I think it should be easily understandable even without having read the rest of the Manga :)
Same here, there are a couple of Manga which I used to borrow from the library or which I (partly) read in monthly magazines and I'm considering buying them someday, too. I'd be nice to read them again! My top priority are figures though, too :D
1 year ago
Aww, thank you for your nice comment! I'm glad to hear you enjoy them! And welcome back of course! :) I'm definitely going to enjoy Yakuza - I love the series as well! Seeing Kiryu and everybody else back in the 80's in Yakuza 0 is going to be a lot of fun I imagine xD

lavalunar (1 year ago) #30895705Aluchen! I've been away from MFC for a while, but I always loved your loot posts and I'm glad to see a fresh one just as I get back. C: Awesome finds as usual -- and enjoy Yakuza 0!! I'm a huge fan of the yakuza series. ; o;
1 year ago
Aluchen! I've been away from MFC for a while, but I always loved your loot posts and I'm glad to see a fresh one just as I get back. C: Awesome finds as usual -- and enjoy Yakuza 0!! I'm a huge fan of the yakuza series. ; o;
1 year ago
I loved the first game, so I'm super excited to play Xenoblade 2, too! I think I'll wait til my holidays in March to start playing it though, at least that way I can fully concentrate on the game :D Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I got the limited edition of Xenoblade X but I didn't like the artbook that much, therefore I went for the regular one this time. Based on what you're saying I'm going to regret it, haha.

Jisung (1 year ago) #30895309Xenoblade 2 is 100% worth! Although unrelated to Xenoblade 1, there's references and theories how it's running the same time Shulk and his gang are going through their adventure. Plus I love the character designs and story so much! I got the special edition because I was dying for the art book >_<
1 year ago
What do you think is better? The Black Butler Manga or the Anime? Or do you think they're equally good?

No, I don't :D Seems you like Bungou Stray Dogs as well! I found it a bit boring/random in the beginning, but the second season was awesome.

Solarstormflare (1 year ago) #30895171Yeah, with the exception of season 2 filler, (and possibly the latest movie, book of the atlantic, just because the cgi in parts was awful) the black butler anime only gets better as you go along. Book of Murder is particularly funny (despite the name). Looks like we have similar taste in collections, hope you don't mind the friend request!!
1 year ago
Thank you, I didn't know that yet. Seems I learned something new today :D

theend12 (1 year ago) #30895495Nice Loot as for Mew I am pretty sure finding Mew is how Red and Green end up meeting in the original manga for the first time.
1 year ago
Thank you! True, I'm lucky my husband gets so many free books at the bookstore... I hope you'll be able to complete your set soon, too :)

snakebret01 (1 year ago) #30895265Im jelly you got that nice Berserk set for free! I'm hoping to collect all of them one day...nice haul nonetheless! :3
1 year ago
Yeah, he's adorable and super soft, too :D

3Dghoul (1 year ago) #30895170the hoozuki plush is so cute!!!
1 year ago
Nice Loot as for Mew I am pretty sure finding Mew is how Red and Green end up meeting in the original manga for the first time.
1 year ago
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