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Which nendoroid you want to see?

Hii ^^ Some of you may recognize me cause I made some leaks on mfc showing little changes (by image editing) on Nendoroid Snow miku 2018, Racing miku 2018 and others, but as a nendoroid collector I want to know what you think about nendoroid that you want to see on the future :).
In my opinion, GSC did it well with Naruto series, FMA nendoroid, and others, but, I really want to see more of Selector Infected wixoss (or Lostorage) LRIG nendoroid, more of Rozen maiden, because Shinku and Suigintou just make me fall in love (like suiseiseki or Hinaichigo).
Maybe something like Miku nendoroid code, cause I really love Co-des but they are not making more anymore as I see ://
So, what do you want to see? (Sorry If my english is so bad)
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All these suggestions.

GSC, "I gotchu fam."

*releases another saber nendo*
2 days ago
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Waver Velvet (Fate/Zero)
Natsume Takashi (Natsume Yuujinchou)
Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaworu (NGE or Rebuild versions, doesn't matter)
Asato and Konoe (Lamento)
Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki (Touken Ranbu) - c'mon, GSC, where is he?
If we're going really crazy, Saniwa from Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu.
Also I would like for GSC to continue their Boueibu nendo line, but it's not gonna happen.
1 day ago
I would love to see a Nendoroid Iris (from Mega Man X4) and ones of Kei and Yuri (Dirty Pair). I'd snag all three in a heartbeat.
1 day ago
Honestly right now I just want Akira and Ryou (Devilman Crybaby).
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1 day ago
I'm dying for Trigun nendoroids, the only poseable Trigun merch is dated, to say the least!
1 day ago
Fgo Merlin!
1 day ago
I'm still hoping they'll release more Prince of Tennis nendos. I was SO HAPPY they'd finally done Atobe and Ryoma and then... nothing else. I'm not expecting anything like the giant lineup Haikyuu has, but some other popular characters like Yukimura, Shiraishi, Niou, Tezuka... that would be nice. :'(
1 day ago
I'm so excited about ITEM #604438, I wish they make more Slayers characters, specially Valgarv & Xellos.
More nendos I want:
- Gilbert McLane (God Eater 2)
- Ciel Alencon (God Eater 2)
- Amane Nishiki (Blazblue)
- Jin Kisaragi (Blazblue)
- Gugure! Kokkuri san nendos
- Nanbaka nendos
- Hakuoki nendos
1 day ago
dragon maid nendoroids would be so cute! and i'd love more danganronpa nendoroids, especially hinata and komaeda.
1 day ago
Izaya, Shizuo or/and Ougi :'^)
1 day ago
Fate/Apocrypha Atalanta, Astolfo and Achilles ;w; Semiramis would be awesome too!
1 day ago
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