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Ques Q's Ooi from Kan Colle (Kai Ni ver)!Ques Q's Ooi from Kan Colle (Kai Ni ver)!

rixrix1 year agoReview
Hey, MFC! First review and blog post in general! Exciting~

Anyway, as this particular Ooi figure is a grail of mine and I got her for what I think is a really good deal, I thought I'd review her! I gotta warn y'all though, my photography is not great. Despite that though, this review is image heavy.

Let's start with the box!





Ignoring the damage (thanks Amazon.ca), I really like the box! I like that there's both a couple of photos of the figure on the front and back, as well as the art this Ooi design came from on the side.

Pulling her out of the box, you come to the blister! Damn, that is such a weird term. But ~


It's pretty good, she's safe and that's what matters.

Next is the big reveal ~


She's so beautiful.


My phone's flash decided to start working now, so my photos are a little better as of now; but who cares, look at her.


Now I gotta admit, I'm not a huge fan of her base. Before I bought her I didn't know what it would look like. I guessed it would be this because of all the other Ques Q Kancolle girls' bases being it, but I didn't know. I think the pieces holding are up are not exactly attractive, and the map aesthetic is cool, I guess, but... I just don't love it.




Maybe I just suck at reviews but I don't even have words.

Her face is so perfect, keeping to canon but still sculpted so well. I admit her expression isn't perfect but I'm still more than happy with it.


I love how detailed this figure is, she's one of my first scales and I'm so impressed. My mom actually pointed this out funnily enough, but her socks are even sculpted in. And the anchors are so cute?


I did have a problem though. I broke the piece for her hand. I was trying to get the handle through her hand but it snapped. I was being careful too! If more people had this Ooi, I'd ask if it was common but I'm one of 9 people with it registered as Owned on here.

But I'm not going to get too stressed about it, you can't really tell that much and it was my own fault.

Pantsu under the spoiler~

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/rix1515988928.jpeg

Boring but I guess that's in character. My phone's camera wouldn't focus on it, it just liked her breasts. Understandable.


The sculpting and shading in her hair are incredible too, and the ship parts look perfect.


That isn't the ideal place to put her, she deserves a riser, but for now it's good.

I do want to say that I think she's a bit small, especially compared to my also 1/8 Levi beside her or my 1/8 Madoka below her.

Now to conclude!

To end my first review, I love her a lot!!! (even if I broke that piece with what I thought was almost no force)

I had bought her with the promise to myself and my wallet that she would be my first and last Kancolle girl, but I might have to break it. I might need the matching Kai Ni Kitakami to go with her. They are my favorite yuri ship (literally, ship) after all.

And maybe the Nendoroids, those hand-holding parts are so cute... I can't resist...

Anyway, we'll see! I really liked making this review and I can't wait to make more. I had planned on making one for #ITEM 451590 but mine came with paint damage right on her bangs, and Otaku Mode can't seem to help me. Maybe when/if it gets resolved I'll still make one!

And if anyone has any advice for future reviews, I'd love to hear it~

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I really need to get her to go with my KTKM. I've been using her recently in-game and she's super bitchy (Telling me my strategy is terrible when she has to be docked, for example...Maya's worse, calls me an idiot non-stop. I-158 though makes my day)
1 year ago
enjoime_CB Crown Clown
Also one of my favorite "yuri ships" Loved the scene when she gets mad at the moon! XD Loved the movie by the way! Can't wait for a second season!
1 year ago
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