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End of 2017 Loot (November and December) + Two Holy GrailsEnd of 2017 Loot (November and December) + Two Holy Grails

SeranisSeranis1 year agoLoot
Hello everybody and welcome to my last loot post for 2017.

I'm (again) a little late with this post, because i got a lot of "stress" at home and at work. I want to change my career-path and it turns out its a very difficult thing to do, who would've thought :'D

But thats not something to talk about in this post. So moving on:

For starters, i want to apologize for some of the pictures in this post. The light in my room is awful and the lightbox i ordered for photographing my figures is yet to arrive.

Without further ado let's start with the actual loot post. I bought some nice things (some people might say too many) the last two months and also i got two of my holy grails for a good price, so i'm all in all very happy with my purchases.

November was a relatively packed month and i got a lot of purchases that were not on my current "buy now"- list, but i've found so much stuff for a good price, so i bought more than i intended.

First of are two nendoroids i bought of a nice mfc user, who sold them together for a good price, so i couldn't resist.
They're both so cute and i hope Good Smile will make more of the Harvest Moon Nendoroids in the next couple of months (or years).




My amiami order for november was relatively small, compared to the months to come.

Since some stuff, like the Rei Flare figure and the Saya Miki figure from GSC, were delayed, i just got three cute additions to my nendoroid collection.

I just started watching Fate a couple of weeks ago (as you will see in my other purchases, it took over my life and a great part of my collection money) and i'm so in love with everything Jeanne. I like the character in generel (the real one and the Fate one), so i just had to get her cute alter form. Thank god her normal version gets a rerelease in june <3

Mami is my favorite character in the Madoka series, so i of course bought this awesome nendoroid. She's just as beautiful as her scale self and has so many cute poses. As all of the Maiko Madoka Nendoroids, she comes with a few accessoires, but i think she's still worth her price.

I was so thrilled that so many Disney characters got announced for a nendoroid version, but the one i was most excited about is this one. Since i've been 4, Belle was my favorite Disney princess. She's such a lovely girl and they capture her essence very nice in her nendoroid form.

I saw these nendoroid petite figures in the pre owned section of amiami and my finger clicked the purchase button so quick, that i almost didn't realised buying them.
They were all in like new condition and still in their plastic thingies. I have some ideas as to how i will place them in my collection, but i just don't have the space right now. But in the future they will stand with my other vocaloid figures in a detolf hopefully.

Here is a picture of them all unpacked as they stand in my collection at the time.

The next two figures i bought are the Swmimsuit Rin&Len from freeing. They're 1/12 scales, so not to big, but theyare sculpted really nice and i like their facial expressions very much.

Next on the list are these two horror beauties. They were an impulse buy, but i don't regret getting them at all.
They both look really great and i would buy them again any time.

Here are some more photos:

(In the last picture it looks like they're fighting over who may marry Saber. I would bet on Bishoujo Jason!)

Next up is the Ryoko Matoi Nendoroid. I bought her new from nin-nin at a very good price. Her blushing face makes me smile every time and she's my favourite kill la kill character, so i'm very glad GSC rereleased her nendoroid.

Since i already got the other two, i had to buy Kyriuun, too. Again, i really like her on the show and the nendoroid came out really nice and true to the character.

Last but not least, i finally finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and i'm so in love with all the characters. But one of my favorite characters has to be Roy Mustang. He's such a nice (hot) guy and the kotobukiya figure turned out so great (they sometimes have problems with the face).

Moving on to december. The first figure i got was a present from my boyfriend. He knows about my recently upcoming Fate obession, so he got me this cute Saber. I actually still need to watch Fate/Zero, but i already really like Saber.


Another gift i got from my parents is this Saber figma. She was on sale for 50€, which is a good price for a figma.

This Shinobu figure is one out of the two holy grails i bought. I started with the Monogatari Series a few months back, but i wasn't obsessed with it. In November i read Kizumonogatari and watched some episodes of Bakemonogatari, which convinved me, that I NEED this figure of Shinobu.
On most german websites she was sold for over 190€, which i thought was a little too much. But then i saw her pop up in the sale section on mfc and i managed to get her for 75€, which is an awesome price i think.

Next up is my amiami order for december or at least a part of it.
I was so excited that GSC made a rerelease of the Kirby Nendoroid and they even announced a new one, which i ordered from another shop.
The Sayaka Miki Nendoroid turned out pretty nice, too. Lot of people were really unpleased with her face, but i quite like it. She doesn't have many accessoires, but the one she comes with are adorable and make her look even cuter.
I am a huge fan of Splatoon since the first game came out, i even bought a WiiU just for this game. So i was pretty excited to see these cute figures of the Squid Kids.

In my opinion the Kirby Nendoroid is one of the most awesome nendoroids i've ever seen. He's so well made and the fact, that his parts are metallic instead of having to deal with joints is just amazing.

I didn't have the time to unpack all of these little fellows. So i only took another picuter of the box. Let me know if you want some photos of all Squid Kids later.

I bought the next two figures from a friend for a good price. Since i'm really into the monogatari seris right now i couldn't resist buying them off of him.

For christmas my parents got me this beautiful Saber figure in her 10th Anniversary dress. She is so amazing and well made. She actually is one of my nicest looking figures and i just love everything about her. Especially the face is just breathtaking.

Last but not least my other holy grail. I literally screamed with joy when i saw that she gets a rerelease in December 2017. I ordered her without thinking and she actually got released in december. I was a little on edge about buying her at that point, because i wasn't sure about her face. There was something about it that just didn't fit the overall figure.
But now that i got her, i just love her. The face is so much nicer then on all her photos and her pose is just out of this world horrifying, but of course in a good way.

That's it for this loot post. I hope you liked it (and again sorry for the pictures) and have an awesome start into 2018 (its already the 15th january, but it's still the beginning of the year :D).

P.S.: Did any of you managed to get a holy grail in 2017? :3
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I managed to snag the Kotobukiya Kaneki Ken with his bonus head for 122. Getting grails is always so satisfying
1 year ago
Reianna_Trancy (1 year ago) #30897226Nice loot! Happy that you got a couple grails :) I ended up getting my first grail a little before christmas which was deep sea girl miku! Wish I could tag the item, but I haven't figured out how yet :P

Thank you! The deep sea Miku is one of the most beautiful Miku figures out there! Im so glad you managed to get her.
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of wedding figures but that Saber is beautiful!
1 year ago
Nice loot! Happy that you got a couple grails :) I ended up getting my first grail a little before christmas which was deep sea girl miku! Wish I could tag the item, but I haven't figured out how yet :P
1 year ago
snakebret01 (1 year ago) #30897150I only just started getting into figure collecting at the beginning of 2017 so I don’t have any figures I’ve been super duper excited enough to call a grail besides the new Holo figure which I learned just started shipping so that will be my grail of 2018 (was supposed to be 2017). :3

Nice :) my best friend is a huge Holo fan and she ordered the wedding figure too. Shes also very excited.

I‘m very glad for you. The first Grail is always something special.
1 year ago
I only just started getting into figure collecting at the beginning of 2017 so I don’t have any figures I’ve been super duper excited enough to call a grail besides the new Holo figure which I learned just started shipping so that will be my grail of 2018 (was supposed to be 2017). :3
1 year ago
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