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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - SQ (Banpresto)Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - SQ (Banpresto)

LizeLize1 year agoReview

Hello everyone~ This is my first review for MFC and I have to say I'm quite excited. Today I'll be doing a review of a prize figure and it's of a character that's very sweet and kind. Since this is my first review I really hope you guys will like it.

My sister and I also created a video review for this figure. I'll provide the link at the end of this blog. Even though we made a video for this figure I also wanted to create a blog post in case there are users here that don't like watching Youtube videos. In the blog I'll also get a chance to highlight other stuff that I wasn't able to do or forgot to do in the video. Here we go~


This is my first prize figure and I bought her at Mandarake pre-owned. I waited approximately a month and a half for her to arrive since I made use of the SAL shipping method so I was extremely excited when I was notified that she had finally arrived. The reason why I decided to get this figure is because I really like Mami and the price was great. For a prize figure she was also not half bad. Of course, she's not perfect, but that's to be expected. Let's get on with the review.


I want to start with the box first since that's the first part of the figure unboxing process that you see. This is the front of the box. Not really anything special. They give you a full body shot of the figure so you know what to expect when buying her. Also, if you look closely you'll see Banpresto's name in the top right corner and CraneKing's name in the top left corner. This is just to show some kind of authenticity and give the necessary credit.


Next we've got the side of the box. As you can see I left the price tag on. Now you can see how much this baby cost me :P Here they just show you the back of the figure and if you look closely near the top you'll be able to see small dots in the form of a circle. A user on an app informed me that the disk can be pushed out to enable the claw of the machine crane to grab the box easier. At first I thought this was a window to see the figure, but the crane thing makes far more sense.


Here is the back of the box. I like this side of the box the most. I have to admit I nearly jumped up and down when I saw it. The reason being because all the characters look so cool together. I doubt I'll get the others in this line, but I definitely want the scale versions of them. I already ordered Madoka, but that's a review for a different day.

At the bottom you'll see a yellow silhouette is being highlighted. It's just to show you which of the girls you'll be getting in the box. And if you also look near the top to the left you'll see that Sayaka is saying something, but it's in Kanji so I can't read it at all, but I really wish I could. Someone please teach me!


And finally the top of the box. It's rather plain. The only thing that's standing out is the letters "SQ". This is just to remind us that this version of Mami is from the SQ line. There are two other companies' names too: Aniplex and Jamma. I have no idea why their names are featured on this box, but I'm guessing they're also involved in the SQ line in some way.

The box is rather simple, but I didn't expect much. I mean it's a prize figure after all. I'm pretty sure you guys noticed that my box is a bit messed up, but that's because it's pre-owned as I stated before and that's also why I got this figure for such a good price: Because of the damage. Mandarake also warned me that the box will be severely damaged so I actually think it looks very good. I expected worse.

One thing that I think is awesome is that my box looks a bit different than others. The biggest difference is the back of the box. On other boxes they don't show the other characters in the SQ line. Another big difference is the base of the figure, but I'll get to that next.

Take note that prize figures scarcely comes with windows. So if you want to display a figure in its box, I don't think a prize figure, like this one, will be the right bet for you.


In my opinion the base is quite nice. Very plain, but still nice. Most prize figures only have a plain white or black base, but at least Mami's base has a beautiful yellow flower pattern. The base is very light and is made of normal plastic so it does look and feel a bit cheap, but to be honest I don't want a base to be too heavy. That would just make it far more difficult to move a figure around.

The base is in the form of a hexagon. If you've seen other reviews of this figure you may have seen the base in the form of a circle instead. I think this prize figure is a re-release so they may have decided to change it up a bit and transformed the base from a circle to a hexagon shape. I really appreciate small gestures like that :)

The newest scale figures have metal pegs. As you can see, Mami's base has plastic pegs. I don't think any prize figures have metal pegs, but it would be nice if they decide in the future to give prize figures metal pegs too. It's just more sturdy. Every time I move Mami I nearly have a heart attack cause she's a bit wobbly on her stand and can easily fall off.


I know it's a bit weird to show the bottom of a base, but I wanted to show this so I can point out the biggest negative thing about this base: That square in the middle. Basically the problem is that that square gets pushed down easily every time you put Mami on her base. When it gets pushed down the pegs on the top of the base also gets pushed down causing Mami to not be on the base securely. I don't understand why they didn't just make the pegs part of the base, but looks like they wanted to make it a bit more complicated than it has to be. It's not really that big of an issue since Mami's not a toy that you play with, but it's still something worth noting.


I took a pic of Mami's gun separately so it's easier to see the different details on it. There are a few teeny weeny paint mistakes on it, but you won't be able to see that. The gun is also very light which is a good thing. Trust me, you don't want an accessory to be too heavy. It will cause more problems, namely making your figure a leaner.


Finally we make it to the star of the show: The figure herself. I took pictures of all four sides of the figure so you can see how she looks from all different angles. We'll take a look at the front of the figure first. As you can see she looks almost exactly like the image on the front of the box so I was relieved that I didn't accidentally get a figure with a manufacturing mishap. From afar she looks exactly like she should.

I just love the pose of the figure. It really portrays Mami's confidence during a fight and without the gun it wouldn't have been the same. From this angle my favourite part is her face and stockings. The lines on her stockings are extremely thin and one would expect them to make a mistake there, but it looks perfect. If you look closer you'll also see that the stockings are a bit transparent since you can see her legs showing through them a bit. For a prize figure that is excellent detail.

For some reason she's a bit dirty and she was like that when I opened her. I don't know if you guys can see it, but there are some dirt on her breasts and on her white clothes. I think it's because she was pre-owned but she could also have left the factory like this so we'll never know.

Unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes on the rim of her skirt. The black line at the bottom of the skirt blends in a bit with the yellow here and there so they struggled to prevent paint transfers. In the next few angles you'll be able to see some of those mistakes a bit more clearly. But these are mistakes that are very common for prize figures so I wasn't too surprised. It's still something worth noting though.


Here's a close-up of her pretty face. There are no mistakes on her face or hair. They managed to capture the shape of Mami's face perfectly and I love that they added a bit of a blush on her cheeks.

Her ringlets are also bouncy giving it a bit more of a realistic touch. A positive thing about it too is that it won't be able to break easily since it's a bit bendable.



There's not much to say about her sides. Again, if you look closely you'll be able to see paint transfers on both sides of the skirt. On the second image the feathers on her hat looks amazing. I love how they managed to sculpt so many strands and it's done beautifully. Her soul gem also looks like a real gem which is nice. Even with some big flaws they tried to put a bit more effort into their work, almost to try and compensate for mistakes that were made elsewhere.


Her back is one of my most favourite angles. I think one of the reasons is because of the white ribbon that looks as if it's fluttering in an unseen wind. I have to warn you guys that the ribbon is quite thin though so be careful where you place your hands and fingers when handling the figure. I always have to be extra careful to make sure I don't accidentally break a piece of the ribbon off.

For a bit of extra detail they also carved in a line down her back, highlighting her spine. They also carved in some lines on the back of her hair just to show some extra strands.


I wanted to show a close-up of her feet to show you guys that her backfoot isn't on the stand completely. I saw a Youtube video where someone else also had a similar problem. For some reason Mami's backfoot can't fit into the peg all the way. I think the sculptor misjudged the length of her back leg a bit. Not a major problem, but still something that annoys me a bit.


I would definitely recommend this figure if you're a Madoka Magica or a Mami Tomoe fan. And also, since it's much cheaper than a scale figure it's great for people on a tight budget. If you're not on a budget, rather get the 1/8 scale version from Good Smile Company. You'll be much more impressed.

Thanks for reading guys~

If you want to watch our Youtube video that showcases this figure you can find it down below. Also, check out our Youtube channel: Figure That

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murdoch (1 year ago) #30905823Great review you guys! Subscribed :) I'm excited to see a new figure review channel!

Thank you very much~
1 year ago
Great review you guys! Subscribed :) I'm excited to see a new figure review channel!
1 year ago
sophieB (1 year ago) #30897820honestly I think this is one of the best prize figures, she looks really good!

Yep, she truly is a steal.
1 year ago
honestly I think this is one of the best prize figures, she looks really good!
1 year ago
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