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Review of Saber Lily by LicorneReview of Saber Lily by Licorne

PanchitoMattePanchitoMatte10 months agoReview


Hey MFC :)

I'm here, today, with a somewhat lengthy review of Altria Pendragon [Lily] (also known as Saber Lily) by the new figure company, Licorne. Despite the ¥12,800 price tag, and the inherent risk of being the very first figure produced by Licorne, an incredible promotion at Tokyo Otaku Mode brought my indecisiveness to an end. Apparently, this figure's release has gone either unnoticed or underappreciated, because she's still widely available at popular online stores, like AmiAmi and TOM. Sad!

I should have done a review sooner — I've technically had her in my possession since the 29th of December, 2017 — but life and work had taken priority. It wasn't until yesterday morning that I decided that was the day I was finally going to begin writing this review. Instead of taking pictures indoors, Lily and I withstood the frigid 20°F (-6°C) wind for a glimpse of Winter's daylight...

Click for hintHint'Right click' + 'Open image in new tab' for high resolution.


The Box:

The box's design is appropriately modest, yet elegant. I especially like the inclusion of a smaller window behind the figure. Light more easily flows into the enclosure, if you chose not to unbox the figure.




The Figure:

Lily is gorgeous.


Her sculpt appears incredibly natural. They pretty much copied her Stage 3 artwork, but the scultper, Chikai — Fun fact: She also sculpted the popular Miyazono Kaori by Good Smile Company — did an impeccable job at turning a 2D image into a 3D statue. Lily is so lifelike. My only complaint is the very obvious tilt of her ankle. Many new figures based on artwork of characters not standing straight feature this tilted stance and although I'm not the biggest fan, I will live with it. 9/10


The base is printed with this light blue marble finish accompanied by a gold ornament border. Thankfully, it doesn't include the character's name and/or the series. I find that tacky. Also, check out those shiny high-heels! :D


You may notice that I changed the hand part. Out of the box, she comes with an outstrechted hand. However, you may chose to swap this for a handpiece that wields the Caliburn. Without the sword, she's just a pretty girl. With: she's unmistakably Saber Lily!


The complex sculpt of the hair really impressed me. Licorne — more specifically, Chikai
— impressed me by their attention to detail in Lily's hair. The black hair bow makes for a playful, youthful appearance, but it's the intricacy that is Lily's hair sculpt that has a lasting effect.


I especially love the sculpting of her arms, shoulders, and upper back. Too adorable! And very true to life. But the best part is the softness of her skin's paint. I'm amazed at how realistic it is. Of the many forms of Altria Pendragon, Lily is the most feminine, and she's well represented here.



The Caliburn's sculpt and paint is both accurate and excellent. The edges are sharp and the text along the blade is actually engraved (not just paint). The sword itself is better than anything I've ever seen. In my opinion, displaying her without the Caliburn is a disservice to the figure.



The Bum (NSFW):

Finally, Licorne had a wonderful opportunity to elaborate on Saber Lily's undergarments, given that official artwork of hers rarely shows this point of view. Instead of sculpting a lace band around the top of her stockings, they opted for a painted variation. It's pretty, nevertheless. However, there appears to be a garter belt, but it isn't visible due to the bulkiness of the bottom two layers of her dress. Lastly, she's adorned with a somewhat revealing set of black panties.

Just a cute butttold yahttps://image.ibb.co/m68a46/14_edited.jpg

Cute butt, though.


Lily keeps it classy yet practical. 10/10
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Thanks for the review! I'm glad to see this new company seems to be doing good work so far because I'm really looking forward to ITEM #604548.
10 months ago
Thank you for reviewing this! I was curious to see how she turned out since it is a new company. I really wanted her, but she seemed too simple (but at least they gave you 2 displaying options.) and small to justify that price tag.
10 months ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Glad to see a review of this figure, and even more glad to see it turned out well! 12k is a little steep for me, but I'd definitely pick her up if the price ever dropped.
10 months ago
Josine (10 months ago) #30898043I own this figure too and she's very nice indeed, I really like what they did for her base it's very elegant. Only downside is this figure is a tad on the small side, ideally she should be about 1 cm bigger if I look at my other 1/7 Sabers.I know how you feel. :/ Alter's Mysterious Heroine X is similarly a disappointment in that regard
10 months ago
I own this figure too and she's very nice indeed, I really like what they did for her base it's very elegant. Only downside is this figure is a tad on the small side, ideally she should be about 1 cm bigger if I look at my other 1/7 Sabers.
10 months ago
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