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Airbrush Tutorial - Bishie Sparkle Display Base

LolimaiLolimai1 month agoDiary
Hello everyone!

Been forever since I shared my recent works let along work in progress stuff! =O I wanted to get into base design tutorials making and figure this commission set would be perfect to start.

I was commissioned to paint a Volks Charagumen Pair of Lina Inverse and Amelia Tesla. I was requested to paint the pair to represent the color scheme from their promo photos as well as create two custom painted bases from the anime scene where they sing to become stronger -snorts- =P

If you don't have an airbrush, don't fret! You can do a similar method by using sponge techniques to blend the base colors, let it dry, then use your tape and circle stencils while using canned spray paints =D

Enjoy the video and hope the link is allowed since I can't upload videos DX <3

Youtube Video Below

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Rajke Ca fanatic
This looks so awesome. This looks so proffesional.
Thanks for sharing your video.
1 month ago
Hey it's no prob! I;d love to do more videos on making cool display bases (given doing a figure from start to finish is not within my time frame and work schedule DX) That's the one thing I could record from start to finish =D

Yeah thinning stuff is a biznitch...especially acrylics cause every brand varies and the pigments too...I just always loved Americana since I was younger so I am used to the brand.

The drop rate is the only way I can tell I got the consistency right, haha! Paint moved too quick, too much water is added, moves too slow and not milk consistency, it's too thick.

Yellows and reds can be tedious especially but it takes a few tries to get it right =) I hope it helps your friend out!

ponnie (1 month ago) #30898344-snip- <3
1 month ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I already loved it all over on facebook but damn this is the best WIP I've seen in a while.

I find it particularly useful that you show how thin the paint should be, it's really hard to explain the proper consistency and ratios to someone who never did this without video. All those blind recipes one can google never really work well or work only for one brand/purpose but once you see it with your own eyes you can eyeball ratios easily. Already sent that as a reference to a friend who's doing their first kit!

And I'm very much looking forward to more base wip's :3
1 month ago
Amazing! You make it look like so simple.
1 month ago
omg! i saw this on facebook and i legit thought it was a decal base!! sooo cool that you actually painted it! i will definitely be using this tutorial!
1 month ago
It looks amazing! Wow
1 month ago
I watched the whole thing and was captivated the entire time! I love your technique! It turned out beautiful!
1 month ago
Thank you! =D

kyoshinhei (1 month ago) #30897465Nice technique, thanks for sharing!
1 month ago
Nice technique, thanks for sharing!
1 month ago
Aww thank you <3 <3 <3 No problem at all! I try to be very broken down with tutorials so I hope it wasn't too boring, haha!

Yes! You can use it on anything like display backings, cloth designs, etc!

Definitely share if you do! I would love to see <3

Heavenly_Otaku (1 month ago) #30897444One word, Perfect. Thank you for sharing this, will come in as a Handy reference. Also, a good setup you have there too.
1 month ago
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