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Chances of buying goods that have passed their preorder dates?Chances of buying goods that have passed their preorder dates?

GradianGradian1 year agoAsk MFC
What are the chances of preordered goods being available for purchase on sites like amiami etc after they're released? Especially of goods that may or may not get re-releases. I've been to a store in Japan before where they had this set for sale that were over a year passed its preorder release(before a re-release was announced months later) so I'm wondering if online stores would have something like this. I'd prefer collecting goods when they're brand new before resorting to pre-owned ones.
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It is the great gamble of figure collecting. It all depends on if the stores have a few extra, and how much demand there is for the item. Will it be available? Does the manufacturer do reprints/ additional production runs? Will the overpriced figure go to the bargain bin? Will it be totally sold out, but years later after the hype is gone, be sold secondhand almost everywhere for cheap?

Nobody knows...
1 year ago
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Definitely depends on the store and demand of the figure, but consider looking at additional ones like Tokyo Otaku Mode, which often stocks figures that have long been released. You can also find released figures often on Amazon (though some of the more obscure ones might not really pop up). I've heard of people getting bootlegs through Amazon, but I frequently use it for figure buying and have never gotten a bootleg.

I don't know that many sources for figures, honestly, but I almost always buy after pre-order. Hope this helps!
1 year ago
In the days right after their release, a number of figures can usually be found in stores.
This is most likely due to some clients that canceled their pre-order at the last moment and the shop ends up with a few figures to sell after the release.
Be careful though, if the figure is popular, these can either sell very fast or jump in price...
1 year ago
Mmm maybe you can check some local web stores? The ones I’ve used usually get their figures delivered to their warehouse a month or two after their release in japan and with a bit of luck these stores will have some extra stock.
1 year ago
You're more likely to find stuff like that on second hand stores like Mandarake or finding them in Yahoo Auctions Japan. AmiAmi rarely seems to put up old stock. You might be able to find them new if you don't mind overpaying somewhere like eBay.
1 year ago
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