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  • 4pt
    Love the fact that MFC now stands for My Friends Science.
    9 months ago
    ...off topic, but what course are you taking?

    (i want to make sure I'll never have to cross paths with this bullshit in my lifetime)
    9 months ago
    My answer is “I haven’t got a clue either” but...after a bit of digging I’d say I would try figuring it out via Coulomb’s constant. I don’t know for sure if the angles are a red herring but I am suspicious. This probably is no help but I thought I’d give it a stab.
    9 months ago
    Sorry, i don't notice that the problem don't include the mass. For calculate the mass, you must protect the force electric and gravitational. Like the system is in equilibrium, the forces are equal and you can calculate the mass.
    9 months ago
    pon (9 months ago) #30899971There are 3 forces acting on the top charge. F_electric, F_gravitational, F_tension.Espi (9 months ago) #30900000There are three forces, electricity, tension and gravitation.
    I believe he's going to need some more trigonometry to determine the gravitational force, as the mass of the charge wasn't disclosed in the problem.
    9 months ago
    Hello again maths >.>
    9 months ago
    darkfader lolicon
    inb4, a question about strange attractors.
    9 months ago
    WanderingWastrel (9 months ago) #30899968Well, he is trying to figure out the answer.

    Omg, best joke ever. You made my day xD
    9 months ago
    The answer is 42......
    9 months ago
    There are three forces, electricity, tension and gravitation.
    To solve this problem, you choose the coordinate system with x in the direction of Tension and then you must select the forces in the x direction. You just have to multiply by the cosine and the sine of the angles.

    T = P * cos (24º) + Fe * cos (12º)
    9 months ago
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