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Cecilia`s Dinner - small figure reviewCecilia`s Dinner - small figure review

QuickyQuicky1 year agoReview
Cecilia`s Dinner


My first original chinese figure that distributed by Good Smile Company.

Infos from Goodsmile

Product Name: Cecilia's Dinner
Series: Monster Gathering
Manufacturer: Coreplay
Category: 1/8th Scale
Price: ¥10,000 (Before Tax)
Release Date: 2017/12
Specifications: Painted 1/8th scale PVC complete product with stand included. Approximately 200mm in height.
Sculptor: WangYang
Released by: Coreplay
Distributed by: Good Smile Company


The box is kept comcat and is made of relatively thick cheap cardboard, but okay for me.

Included is a small A4 poster and a small booklet.

A panoramic view of the figure




The bend of your ankle does not look healthy.




The bend of your ankle does not look healthy.



The only big mistake that bothers me is a very large gap on the left arm. Not pretty.

How do you like her?
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Sirusdark (8 months ago) #33984882Over time I quickly learned MFC's database of figures was far from complete. I find it to make contributing feel a lot more rewarding. :D
Any reason this figure still isn't listed in the database??

This figure was listed in the database for a short time (that's how I found out about it and subsequently pre-ordered it). I believe it was removed because it wasn't a Japanese company nor was it based on a Japanese character. The fact that GSC distributes it might make it eligible to be back in the database - not sure if that piece of information was available the first time someone added it to the database. Sounds like a question for the mods...
8 months ago
Over time I quickly learned MFC's database of figures was far from complete. I find it to make contributing feel a lot more rewarding. :D

Any reason this figure still isn't listed in the database??
8 months ago
Thank you very much for this review! I really liked her design, so I am glad to have found this blog. :) Her face looks adorable, and for the rest of the details I think it's a bit varying (that gap on the left arm is unacceptable).
10 months ago
Thank you very much for the very useful review. I was on the fence for this figure but now I am glad I did not pre-order. Another thing that disturbs me is the sharp angle on her left leg.
10 months ago
Good Idea, bad execution
1 year ago
Lovely figure, really nice design and pose! Sadly they did ruin some details like her hands..
1 year ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
You all are talking about her leg but please look at sculpt of her hands... ._.
1 year ago
I own her too. This is one of those figures that you wanna love, but you’re just meh about it. Well, for me at least. She’s definitely not worth the price they’re asking for. The paintjob is a little sloppy and some details went missing in the final product. She’s like a 6/10 for me. :P
1 year ago
I love her overall design, but that leg really bothers me too.

My other main complaint is that she looks really... plasticky. The finish just doesn't seem right, especially on the tree. The tree could've done with more texture in the finishing imo, as it looks more like a theme park prop than a tree to me.

From the review & pictures, she's not something I'm clamouring to own, but if I saw her secondhand for a good price (or her market price drops), I'd consider picking her up, as I'm a sucker for winged demon types.
1 year ago
freezermilk Cute Girl Enthusiast
wow, she is such a nice design!! so cute and sexy. i think the pose is really good and accentuates her curves, and the little blood bag she's drinking from really makes it!! buuuut... 10,000 yen is a bit steep for something with so many noticeable flaws

also: if she's distributed by GSC, she can technically be added to the database, no?
1 year ago
Your Bridge to Deals in the Islands of the Rising Sun.

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