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RWBY Weiss Schnee: Di Molto BeneRWBY Weiss Schnee: Di Molto Bene

Howdy doo, everybody! ChocolateSpider here with another figure review. The season 5 finale of RWBY aired a couple of days ago, so this is a perfect time for me to review the newest addition to my RWBY collection. Let's take a look at this elegant figure of Weiss Schnee by Di Molto Bene.


The box is very pretty and fits the cold, yet elegant nature of Weiss' character. You can expand the thumbnails below to see the box at all angles.

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1516581176.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1516581179.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1516581182.jpeg

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1516581186.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/thumbnails/ChocolateSpider1516584947.jpeg

The only assembly needed for this figure is to insert her rapier, Myrtenaster. Take her out of the box, slip the weapon in her hand and poof! Weiss is ready to bring some grace and beauty to your display. Weiss is posed atop a magical circle featuring her signature glyph created through her Semblance.


You may recall my earlier review of Di Molto Bene's Ruby Rose and how there were some issues I had with it. After examining this figure, almost all of the issues I had with Ruby don't seem to be present with Weiss. None of her body parts have any significant posing issues and unlike Ruby, Weiss comes with a stylized base instead of a boring mono-color disc.

Just like the Ruby figure, this one is based on the line of illustrations by Asako Nishida used for localization of the franchise in Japan. When holding the figure next to the illustration you will notice some distinct differences in the posing.


Myrtenaster is pointing at an angle rather than downwards and her hair loosely spirals to the ground instead of almost coiling around her legs. Weiss is also looking straight forward rather than looking at you with a side glance. This is not a problem or flaw by any means though.

Aside from her face in the illustration and the figure being a bit different from her appearance in the show, this figure is a very accurate representation of the character. Everything from her cold and somewhat stoic demeanor to her elegant and frilly dress has been faithfully crafted. A nice touch added to this figure which doesn't seem to be in the drawing is how her skirt is twirling around her waist.


I enjoy the shading work done in her outfit. It has a very smooth transition between white and a wintery faded blue. The hair on the other hand seems a tad clumpy in some areas. It is mostly noticeable around her face. Other than that, the hair is quite lovely. I'm pretty sure Weiss doesn't appreciate Nebby using her hair like a slide though.


I like the level of detail in Myrtenaster. It is painted with a glittery silver coating and has all the decorative details seen in the show. The gun-like revolver storing dust has several slots of different colors, so you can rotate the rapier in her hand if you prefer a certain color to be visible on display.


For me, what really brings this figure together is her base. It is a translucent icy blue and features her glyph. This base is different from most I have seen in the past because of its asymmetrical design. As you can see from the pictures, it is a circular structure with a moderate slope to support Weiss' leaning pose as she is gracefully dashing and twirling. It also helps to create the effect that the glyph she is standing on is floating in the air as shown in the drawing.


My favorite thing about this base is its translucent color. I like translucent bases in general because they present an opportunity to enhance the display of the figure with lights placed underneath. As you can see from this picture, lights work very well with Weiss. Having light shine up through the base only intensifies its icy presentation.


Here are my final thoughts on this figure. I would say this turned out notably better than Ruby did. This might actually be one of Di Molto Bene's best figures in terms of quality and representation of the character. The only problems I would say this figure has are these two things. Just the hair looking a bit clumpy in some areas and of course the price tag. The standard retail price of Weiss is ¥15,800.

It is a nice figure, but many would say this would be a bit over priced for the relatively above-average quality. This is a common thing with Di Molto Bene's products. Their products are good, but I feel like they would have to take their craftsmanship to Alter levels in order to fully justify the price. But being a huge RWBY fan, I pre-ordered this from BigInJapan and have no regrets. There is no doubt this will remain a favorite item in my RWBY collection for many years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it has helped you in your decision whether or not to add this figure to your collection. Now this this is done, it is time for me to get back to taking pictures for my January Loot post. This is ChocolateSpider signing out!
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Who is your favorite girl of Team RWBY

  • 17%Ruby Rose
  • 44%Weiss Schnee
  • 21%Blake Belladonna
  • 19%Yang Xiao Long
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I just received mine (ordered from Big in Japan too), she's looking good.
Since Weiss is my fav RWBY girl, even the price couldn't stop me to buy her.

After all, it's not like tons of manufacturers are interesed in this since it's not a Japanese animu.
It's also my first (and only?) figure from Di Molto Bene.
Nice review, it was an enjoyable reading!
The picture with lights under the base is damn good, and thanks for the tip about 5th season is over, I'll definitely watch it later this week!

I'll add another pic of the inside of the box, because it turned out to be surprisingly nice ^^
What did you think about it?
11 months ago
Totally! I've already pre-ordered Blake. Can't have one girl of team RWBY without the others. That would be like popcorn without butter.

mokachanakashiya (11 months ago) #30934221good review are you getting all rwby character's?
11 months ago
good review are you getting all rwby character's?
11 months ago
Great review! She looks so pretty! I think this is one of the few times I think the pose of the figure is superior to the pose in the illustration.
11 months ago
Hmmmm. I guess based n the figures I have in my collection, the overall quality would be just a bit better than A+ or Plum. I was thinking Kotobukiya at first, but their details are usually a bit more refined and have much better sculpts for the hair.

Akira (11 months ago) #30904985Ohh, I remember Di molto's Ruby! I'm glad to see their Weiss came out better, and for once, the actual figure ended up looking better than the illustration is based on lol Even fixing some issues here and there.
Nice review! Just wondering, but to what other company would you compare this Weiss in terms of overall quality? She gives me the impression of either a Koto (when they throw the ball) or an Aquamarine figure.
11 months ago
Ohh, I remember Di molto's Ruby! I'm glad to see their Weiss came out better, and for once, the actual figure ended up looking better than the illustration is based on lol Even fixing some issues here and there.

Nice review! Just wondering, but to what other company would you compare this Weiss in terms of overall quality? She gives me the impression of either a Koto (when they throw the ball) or an Aquamarine figure.
11 months ago
She's beautiful! Man, I wish I could buy these scales. They're just too expensive right now. :c
1 year ago
Nice review! The colours on this figures are really pretty ^^
I have only seen the first series of RWBY and Weiss was my favorite. It makes me want to catch up with the rest of the episodes
1 year ago
I plan to show the boxes at all angles in my future reviews. Since it is such an important part of the item's value and so many people have a focus on it when buying the figure, it only makes sense to showcase the box.

And I was hoping someone would notice Mimikyu's reflection. Muwahahaha! >:3

Rajke (1 year ago) #30903474Nice review. The way you made pictures of the box from different angles with a discription really adds something to your review. I hope you keep that in your reviews.
Good to see that Di Molte Bene improves a little bit in quality because they are making figures of interesting characters that not every company uses. The best thing i see on your picture (or don't see) is that there is no leftover plastic parts. Her sculpt looks indeed beautifull and i like it better than her original artwork where she is based on.
Transparant bases are indeed interesting. And this one looks very nice.
Looks like Mimikyu also got a reflection in the mirroring glass....... Fainted because of seeing a black reflection.
1 year ago
LEDs make everything better! :D

OujiRainu (1 year ago) #30903303Great review as always chocolate. Weiss is one of my favorite rwby girls and this figure did justice to her.The base is my favorite especially when put on the light.It look so kool!
1 year ago
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