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Hospital Adventure + AX Report

MoroMoro5 years agoDiary

I haven't posted an entry in a long time, but boy is it an exciting story as to why!

When I got back from Anime Expo I was pretty beat and spent some time getting photos taken of my new acquisitions (and listing the ones intended for resale.)
I started to develop a sore throat and body aches, and then a horrid cough over the next couple days, along with a fever of about 102. My cough and feelings of weakness got so bad that I had to stay in bed all day and have things like food, medicine and water brought to me because I wasn't in condition to get them for myself. I felt awful and didn't get much sleep. It did seem to just be a nasty flu, though, and there was a peak and then a gradual improvement after about 4 days.

Then, suddenly, the improvement stopped, and I started to get worse. Much worse.

The throat pain had mostly stopped, to be replaced with an even worse racking cough which brought up nasty gunk, awful deep muscular pain all over my back, and a feeling of weakness with accompanying dizziness, worse than before; the fever of 101/102 had also returned. The decision was made to take me to urgent care, where they declared my oxygen levels dangerously low. They stuck oxygen tubes in my nose and gave me the "turbo-injection" of antibiotics in my hip, and also gave me two doses of vapor medicine through a nebulizer. The vapor didn't help much as my ability to breathe deeply was greatly impaired and every time I tried, I would start coughing again. They took an x-ray of my chest, which I didn't get to see, and told me I had pneumonia in both lungs.
Then they sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics, a strong cough syrup and an albuterol inhaler with instructions to come back the following morning.

That night was utterly miserable. I could no longer breathe without coughing every few minutes and had to be propped up; laying flat meant I couldn't breath at ALL. I couldn't work up the will to eat anything (even soft noodles felt like so much work that I barely choked down a few bites) and my mate made a smoothie for me so I had something to cushion my stomach for the medication. I was delirious with fever and even though the medicine made me drowsy I couldn't really sleep. My kitten Piku turned a year old that day, and I remember apologizing to her for being sick on her birthday.

The next morning around 9:30 or so I was taken back to urgent care. When they took my vitals they told me my oxygen levels were even lower than before, dangerously low, and they stuck the oxygen back in my nose and told me that I would need to be taken to the hospital. They had to put an IV in my arm (which the nurse was a total failure at putting in, and they had to bring a different nurse to get one successfully threaded...I had a nasty bruise on my hand and left arm for days.) They took me to the hospital in an ambulance (no flashy lights or siren though.) For a while I had to be kept on 24/7 saline IV because I was dehydrated, and they gave me daily doses of heavy IV antibiotics.
They took a new x-ray of my chest at the hospital, and this one I DID get to see...I'm not a doctor, but I don't need to be to see the issue. A normal chest x-ray shows a lot of black space around the heart; this is the lungs. My x-ray had the bottom 3/4ths of the lungs almost a SOLID white from all the fluid filling them. No wonder I was having trouble breathing.

I was well enough to go home after three days, but I still feel tired easily; the doctor told me I should expcet to have lingering symptoms (mostly exhaustion and coughing up phlegm) for six weeks. So with all this going on I didn't have the energy or the inclination to write a proper post.

As before, Anime Expo's exhibit hall/dealer's room was HUGE. I spoke to a lot of vendors, although I didn't buy as much stuff as last year. Without further ado, let's move on to the haul!

There weren't a lot of doujinshi that I was interested in this time, at least not like last year where I bought 5 of them. There were fewer doujin vendors, and the ones that were there had way more Hetalia doujin than anything else, which wasn't of use to me. I did pick up an excellent Fate/Zero doujin with Kirei and Gilgamesh > w<

On to the figures! Pictures for this round are credited to Kuroi of KG Photography [ www.kgphoto.kur... ].
I picked up GSC 1/8 Racing Miku 2010 basically on a whim, since she was reasonably priced. She's cute and I do like her (the outfit makes me think "high-end pit crew" rather than just racetrack mascot) but she is for sale if anyone is interested in her.
I'll get some pics up in a bit.

I also grabbed the Wave 1/10 Evangelion Asuka Apron version, as I didn't really have a proper Asuka figure (just a little gashopon and an old prize figure.) She's very cute, and one of the few Asuka figures with a properly annoyed tsundere face.

The best and most exciting find of the con, however, was the Gift 1/8 Fate/Stay night Saber Alter. I spotted her at a random booth and asked how much, figuring it'd be the usual $130+ that this rare release goes for. They told me she was $40. FORTY. I bought her on the spot without a second thought. She's absolutely gorgeous and it's so wonderful to have one of my holy grails.

I'll make posts again as soon as I'm more thoroughly recovered. It's good to be back, though :)
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Wish you fast recovery
5 years ago
get well soon
5 years ago
It's good to be alive huh?
5 years ago
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
I remember my baby brother having pneumonia and needing the saline IVs for days. He also developed difficulty breathing early on and was highly dehydrated, and, I remember my parents coming home that night and telling me they [the doctors] admitted him to the ER - with blood on my mom's sleeves (it turned out that my brother was in pain because of the IV and he was afraid so they had to put it in again while he moved him arm everywhere). The worst part was that he couldn't come home and so we had to spend the Christmas of '09 in his hospital room, me and my little sister could open only one present during the visit, and he came home two days later fully recovered. We finally were able to truly celebrate Christmas, then.

But, I hope you're feeling better and get well soon :)
5 years ago
itsame00 (5 years ago) #1079158Anyway, I've always wanted to know how it felt to have those tube thingies inside of you? How was it?

Vaguely painful but I was accustomed to it before too long. The only good place they found for a vein was the inside of my right elbow which made my right arm vaguely useless. The threading process hurt quite a bit but I think the nurses at urgent care didn't have to actually start IVs very often so they weren't too good with it.
5 years ago
DarkAscendant (5 years ago) #1079105get well soon .. :)
don`t get carried away writing a post ... you still need a proper break time ...
This, being ill sucks, its so horrible and all you want is to be able to be awake and healthy. Sending good vibes for speedy recovery.
5 years ago
I hope you feel better. Sucks that you had pneumonia but at least on the bright side you didn't experience the worst during AX. Either way it still sucks you got pneumonia, the coughing part is the worst but the meds should help you. What amazes me is that they sent you home after your first visit to urgent care.

Its just crazy that you mostly got this from AX. I know it wasn't that hot this year but still crazy.
5 years ago
Good luck on getting back to full health! Quite a story there.
5 years ago
Hope you get well soon! All I kept thinking while reading was that you're lucky that that didn't happen during Anime Expo 'cause it would have sucked to be that sick when you're trying to have fun at a con.
5 years ago
The bruise thing..wow..that happened to me. Did you get any rest at the hospital ? Those damn IV pumps are never properly calibrated.

Hope your health gets back to optimal, recovery bites.
5 years ago
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