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Figures with Design Flaws, opinions?Figures with Design Flaws, opinions?

Hi again everyone.

Since I came across one recently, this came to my mind: What's your opinion on figures with design flaws? I don't mean minor flaws due to manufacturing. I mean the ones with irreconcilable errors and flaws baked to its design.

It could be part of the figure can't support it's own weight (or its big weapons and accessory) over prolonged periods...
or part of figure deteriorate at a significantly faster rate than its rest (and causes unwanted interactions)...
or its center-of-gravity leaning too forward that it requires a special peg to prevent it from tipping over (even though its pose is supposed to be natually stable)..
or fine illustration eventually translated into a misery...
... Or whatever you might came across (Please write 'em!)

It's okay to be subjective, we all have different standards after all.

Do you own such figures? What's your opinion on them? Do you regret buying them? Would you buy one dispite knowing that it might have such flaws?

Comments would be much appreciated. Let us all see how much oversight these companies can give to some of their figures.
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EsvaldForceswoop (1 year ago) #31120569
ITEM #5205 - She started leaning for no reason whatsoever. I glued her to the base, problem solved.

Many figures manufactured before 2007 are made entirely of PVC, which causes them to lean over time. Unsurprisingly, you can see in that listing that the figure is 100% PVC. Modern figures typically have legs (or other support structures) made of ABS to prevent this from happening, especially if they're 1/8th scale or larger.
11 months ago
EXkurogane (1 year ago) #311200833. Max Factory's 1/ 8 Hatsune Miku Append ITEM #61389
Base is too light in comparison to the weight of the figure. The figure itself is quite light, but a lot of the weight is on her twintail - upper part of the figure. In comparison the base is small in diameter (saves space, supposed to be a good thing) and way too light. Featherweight. The figure is comparable to a tall and thin wine glass. It's very easy to knock her over if you have a crowded shelf or desk. Not as bad as the two i mentioned above, but the flaw in terms of weight distribution is there.

Yeah, and that's why it's so easy to break pegs on the clear part of the base. I've broken one of them and kinda ruined the whole point which joints the figure and the base together while trying to fix it orz
ITEM #166616
Both bow and arrow are a pain to put together in the correct position so her fingertips meet the end of the arrow. The bow just won't stay in her hand. When you think that you're done with the bow, here comes attaching the arrow which needs application of some force because of stiff peg hole, then the bow just slips out of her hands, and this can keep going forever. I refrain from touching this abomination of a bow.
ITEM #117907
She is too heavy for the standart small figma base and keeps toppling over until you move her on the ex:stage one.
1 year ago
As much as I would love to own a figure of Lancer, I just can't bring myself to buy ITEM #128857... He's notorious for leaning issues and I've also heard that his spear is quite fragile. Also that base is ugly af and boring pose
1 year ago
ITEM #258 is really bad, even for a figma. One of her fringe parts just falls out, the holes in her feet are too small for the wing pegs, the hole in her back is too small for the stand peg (good thing is she balances really well, so I just have her standing in my detolf on her own), her waist cape makes paint transfer, one of her twin tails comes off...
1 year ago
ITEM #117920 comes to my mind. Thinking back I'm amazed how this didn't discourage me from starting collecting the figma line, because this is the one I've had the most problems with, and this was the first figma I've ever bought.
Starting off, we have the swords. They are extremly fragile, I read up on them, so I was really, REALLY careful with them, guess what? They broke. Not even once. I'm at the point where the swords are permanently in the hands, and only change the hands whenever I want a new pose for him. It sucks not being able to display him with sheated swords.
Then one day in reposing his arm just broke off. Like my brother was meddling with his arms (he loves posing them) and he suddenly had found himself with the arm in his hand and Kirito in his other hand. Great.
Then the stand broke into his back. I was trying to remove it, when it cracked. At least he has two holes in the back, one for the sheater and one for the stand, so I can work with that. Plus at least he can stand on his own if a non-extreme pose is displayed.
ITEM #5205 - She started leaning for no reason whatsoever. I glued her to the base, problem solved.
ITEM #6100 - This is a mess. No wonder she was free after a local anime-related event. She just falls apart like 98% of the time I touch her. And I'm not even familiar with the character or the series to begin with. But I thought, hey free stuff is always nice isn't it?
Well, it seems no, not really. I might give her away if I run out of space/lose my patience as far as she's concerned.
1 year ago
Reading comments so far, the amount and length of comments was beyond my expectation. I'm impressed if not shocked. Poor weight distribution and supporting base design seems to be a very common issue.

Anyway. I'll share mine:

Skytube Premium (Alphamax) 1/6 Ping-Yi ITEM #593456:
Her center of gravity is too forward that she naturally falls forward. Alphamax 'solved' this by using a special peg you could attach on her base to hold her right heel, therefore suspends her from falling. But this still makes her left leg afloat several millimeters high. Also it means she's FOREVER bound to her base, and this is the first time I've seen a base constantly hurting the figure itself. The base was designed to be uneven, and was painted poorly. One week on display and the base already left a minor pit and paint transfer on her knee. I now use the soft base from ITEM #223182 put between her and her base as cushion, while displaying them together. Funny this is from a new product line called 'Skytube Premium' Just how premium is this?

Skytube (Alphamax) 1/6 Watase Nozomi Black ver. ITEM #283099:
I made a blog post about this. Her original was with white fishnet stockings, and she is a event limited one featuring black fishnets. Guess it was event limited so Alphamax didn't put much foresight and effort in making the stockings and didn't color lock it's paint. Her legs are already permanently stained when I got her, right leg already stained blue. I've been told that I need to completely repaint her legs, but since I can't do anything without destroying the stockings since they're secured onto her legs, I can only helplessly watch her legs turning more blue day by day. View spoilerHide spoilerOf course I can order an unauthorized recast from the-site-that-shall-not-be-named but it's against my ethics

Skytube (Alphamax) 1/6 Tougetsu Matsuri ver.2 ITEM #457123:
Her garterbelts was a major issue with tons of people complaining. They either are in wrong length or just can't attach. Another one where the base is hurting the figure - her chair leaves scuff on her legs and hands. Why didn't Alphamax use some cushion?
1 year ago
EXkurogane (1 year ago) #31120083
2. Kotobukiya 1/8 Dark Angel Olivia ITEM #166816
Very back- and top-heavy, supported by one single slim leg where her foot is glued into the base with no metal rod support of any kind. The figure wobbles on the slightest touch that you don't know when the leg will snap off one day. Mine totally came off from her base and all the glue residue i see with only a plastic block connecting her to the base surprised me. The screw u see under the base is a lie. There's no metal support of any kind for this figure despite the weight. I trashed and criticised kotobukiya so badly back then when i found out they cut corners to save manufacturing costs in an expensive and high end figure. Until today you don't see me collecting kotobukiya stuff much.

I got the exact same problem. My solution? I bought a high quality recast that is still holding fine, no sign of leaning after 3 years of displaying her. Kotobukiya's figures are, for a fact, hit or miss. While I do LOVE their character selection and the pose they usually come up with, they WILL try to cut down quality to save production cost whenever they can. It is best to buy relatively simple looking figure from them. When they get too elaborated in details, this is where they start cutting and disappointment starts flowing.
1 year ago
ITEM #396938 is a dream come true and one of the figures that got me into this hobby before it was even released. The actual figure, however, was rather disappointing, and I feel like the promo pics aren't accurate. The position of the characters doesn't really give you a good angle to see both Mimi and Lillymon's faces (it's overall a very awkward angle and you have to place the figure at a very specific height to get much out of it), and the sunflower is a disaster. Both of Lillymon's arms/hands are a mismatch; mine are weirdly in front/behind the stem so that it does not look like Lillymon is supporting the flower at all, just waving them awkwardly in the air. The single detachable leaf falls off very easily. I have very mixed feelings about this figure as its massive flaws make me bitter every time I look at it (and it was quite costly too, due to Megahouse's usual overpricing), but at the same time it's a weird favourite... more so due to the concept and the subjects than the actual quality. I feel like it wasn't worth the price at all, but I can't bring myself to part with it.

ITEM #97990 was my first Nendo and her arms consist of 3-4 parts that don't go well with one another so that something falls off all the time. Worse, all the different arm parts look very similar to each other, with very subtle differences in length and angle. It was a headache to figure out which part goes with which pose, and I would have appreciated some instruction sheet to come with this. I would really like to put her into a staff pose now but I don't want to touch her again; I avoid dealing with this Nendo as much as possible. It soured me on Nendos as a whole for a while, too, but fortunately the ones I bought after this weren't anywhere as frustrating. =/ If possible, I think I'd like to replace her with her Nendo Petit (ITEM #78835), but that one's only sold as a set and I'm not interested in the other two characters.
1 year ago
One figure, which I sold because she couldn't stand was this one ITEM #147115

Hmm we have two NGE figures which lean a bit ITEM #3504 and ITEM #5550
maybe I should start doing sth against that xD

and also I always have problemes to make her stand again when she falls XD ITEM #158179
because the small stand which should support her doesn't really fit to her shoe and the ground >.<
1 year ago
All mine Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts, more specifically their stands. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but these “claws” are so easy to loose, figures always fall because if I change poses a lot, this stand can’t support a fugure :S
1 year ago
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