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JingobeanJingobean2 years ago
Hello everyone! It's been a couple months since I did a Loot post,and I realized I've got a good amount of stuff to share by now.I'm also realizing how little space I have in my shelves these days (ᗒᗨᗕ;;)

December AmiAmi Pkg #1




First up is Satoshi / Ash Ketchum & Pikachu Nendoroid ❤



I really love the special box design they did for him,the Pokeball window on the front is an especially cute touch.


Here he is unboxed! I think they did an exceptional job on him,I'm really impressed.I honestly can't think of a single thing I wish they had done differently,or wish they'd included but didn't,which is super rare.You can even rotate Pikachu's little arms,which is an great little detail.


And of course I could not resist the matching Pikachu Face Case! Initially I had only ordered one,but the temptation was too great,and I had to add a second.


Every time I look at them it reminds me of the giant Pikachu mascots they have in Japan ~

They always make me cackle with glee ƪ(^▽^)ʃ


Yuri on Ice Garland Collection


This is a ten piece box set of blind boxed garland pieces with adorable artwork of the YOI characters.I tried reeeally hard not to order this,I really did.I hummed & Hawed over it for literally months,before admitting defeat.


I'm happy I did though! This is really precious,I love the art style.


And here they are all clipped together :3 I have it hanging on one of my figure shelves now.


My Little Fairy ~ Chocolate Falls


The My Little Fairy series by Rement are basically Polly Pocket clones,but the "Polly"s are fairies,and they all have a sort of fantasy theme to them!


This one is called "Chocolate Falls",and comes with a little fairy girl,a swan,bunny,and a row boat!


Here's a close up of the top section.It has a little hidden part behind bush that has a little birds nest,and it has glitter imbedded in the plastic.


The bottom.The little bridge actually folds up like a drawbridge so the little boat can pass through xD


My Little Fairy ~ Ice Cream Kingdom

Did I mention they each come with a little "key"? There's a little keyhole on the side you use to open it,it makes me think of a little treasure chest! They can be opened without the key,but it's still an adorable detail.


Without the pieces added.


You can see this one has little "secret" compartments too! One has a little treasure chest behind it,and the other has stairs going up to the throne (*°ω°*)


I think one of my favorite details about this is the fishies! There is a little fishing hole in the lake that you can see a fish in,but you can also see fishies under the "frozen" parts of the lake too.The lighting makes them hard to see in this picture,but if you look closely you can see little blue specks xD


These are the pieces it comes with,a fairy girl,a polar bear,skiis,and a snowman.I might be overthinking it,but doesn't it look like the snowman is meant to be made of ice cream? Like "Ice Cream Kingdom"? xD



All the pieces put in! I just adore these My Little Fairy sets,they are so well made and have so much detail put into them.

December AmiAmi #2


Funny story.All of my Christmas presents were in my AmiAmi pkgs,and all of them showed up on December 27th & 28th xD My poor mum was so upset I wasn't going to be able to "open" them on Christmas day,even though I had ordered them for myself and just had her pay for them haha. Honestly it works for me,opening gifts in front of an audience makes me really anxious.Is anyone else like that?



Kirbyyyy~! I was so jazzed when I saw they were rereleasing the Kirby Nendoroid,and decided to grab the Ice Kirby too.

I also ordered a second normal Kirby for my mum to give my sister,but had the one sent separately EMS so it would be here in time :3 My sister & I grew up with Super Nintendo,and the Kirby game was one of our favorites.I have very fond memories of spending hooooours playing it with her,and even though she doesn't collect Nendoroids I knew she'd love it! Our brother also loves Kirby too,and I think he was a bit bummed he didn't get one too xD;;


I think it's so clever that they attached Kirby's arms & legs with magnets,instead of the usual pegs.It gives you so many more options for posing!


Does anyone else hear the "Vwuuuuuurp" sound effect in their mind when they look at this? lmao


Love Live Sunshine Chobirume Petit 3rd Years set

This is a set of prize figures I preordered on AmiAmi.They were bundled in sets of (2nd Years,1st Years,then 3rd Years),are about the size of a Nendoroid,and are all dressed in a fairytale character theme.


Here they are unboxed! I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these figures,I have all 9 now,and they are all fantastic.The detail in them is awesome,and they have a good weight to them and don't feel cheap,and of all 9 only Kanan has the tiiniest paint flaw.

They also each come with a base (except Mari who is seated),which I didn't include.


First up is Dia.I don't know who / what she is meant to be dressed as,but she's gorgeous.



Mari the genie! I have to say I don't really understand the way they painted her winking o_O lol I know it's not a paint flaw,because it's pictured that way on the box too.



Kanan the mermaid! She has the tiniest flaw,one of the stars on her crown has a small spot of gold missing on it,but it's hardly noticeable.


December AmiAmi #3


Sayaka Miki Maiko Ver.,Cocoa & Chino Nendoroids,and Korilakkuma Kitty memo pads and sticker sheets.


Chino from "Is the Order a Rabbit" Nendoroid.I was so excited when it was announced GSC was not only re-releasing Chino,but also making a Nendoroid of Cocoa! I hadn't been collecting when Chino was first relreased,and her after-market price was too much for me.



Cocoa from "Is the Order A Rabbit" Nendoroid.


From their accessories,to their face plates,both Chino & Cocoa are great examples of Nendoroids that are actually very true to the characters / series they're of,imo.


Sayaka Miki Maiko Ver.

Tbh this is one I could have done without,and I realize looking back I ordered her for completionists sake,rather than liking the Nendoroid itself very much.It's not to say I don't like her,but I feel like they really didn't put much thought or effort into her.I'll enjoy her now that I have her,but I've decided not to order the last Maiko version of the Madoka Nendoroids (๑˃ᆺ˂๑)


I do love the fishy pattern,though!

Now,on to January~~


Dun dun dunnn (°᷄д°᷅ ꐦ )

My Jan & Feb AmiAmi pkgs were caught by Customs,unfortunately! I really shouldn't complain too much though,since I have had pretty good luck the past couple months with my pkgs slipping through with no customs.

January AmiAmi


Here's the AmiAmi postcard for January ❤


Urrrrgh,this box was so much bigger than it needed to be ( ̄ロ ̄lll) Every now and then AmiAmi's packers arrange things really inefficiently,and end up costing me so much more in shipping than was necessary.



First up is 2 Love Live Sunshine prize figures,Kanan & Yoshiko in their "Happy Party Train" outfits.


I was so surprised by how big the boxes for these were! I was expecting them to be the same size as all the other Love Live prize figures I've gotten in the past,but look at the size difference!


Here's Kanan! I quite like the design on the base for these :3


I had preordered these figures without seeing a prototype of any sort,and had been reeeally anxious about it lol.But I think they turned out great!


I especially like the detail of making the underskirt translucent,it adds a nifty dimension to it.


Another dynamic pose from Yoshiko lol.I kind of wish they'd made her base bigger to make up for outstretched leg,as it hangs over the edge and looks a bit awkward.


Cherry Blossom Rilakkuma sticker sheets.I already have these decorating my planner book xD


Jibril & Yuri Plisetsky Nendoroids~!


Here's Jibril unboxed,and keeping Shiro company on my shelf :3


And here is Yurio unboxed! With all the Yuri on Ice Nendoroids coming out I'll going to need a full shelf for them all to themselves soon xD lol

February AmiAmi


AmiAmi's postcard for February.



Rem & Umaru ❤


GSC's Rem 1/7 scale figure was originally meant to release in December,but was delayed for a month.She turned out so beautifully! I love how flowy her skirt looks.


And these are the Umaru Face Swap set.It comes with 6 face plates to use with the Umaru Nendoroid,but I bought it to use with my Nendoroid Face Cases.


I think they look perfect in them!

Goodsmile Shop


I just picked up the Magical Mirai Miku from the post office yesterday! This is something I'd debated about getting quite a bit,and I'm happy I ended up deciding to get her.



I really like the design of her box,it's so colorful & fun! The holographic effect on it is really eye-catching too.


Her face plates are just the cutest,aren't they?


The detailing on her wittle booties is so adorable!


I just think she's precious (♡∀♡) My only complaint is about her hat,mine came with a slightly too short strap,which makes it difficult to attach,and makes the bow look off centered.But oh well.


Lastly I have a set of Sailor Moon art postcards from the artist PinkPink714 on Instagram. I've followed her & been a fan for a long time,so when I saw she was selling sets of Sailor Moon postcards I jumped at them!


The Human Luna one is my favorite (*´♡`*)



The set was only for 5 postcards,but she kindly included these 3 extra ones! I'm absolutely in love with the artwork,and can't wait to get these displayed in my room ❤❤❤

* * * * *

And that's all,folks~! :P
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Your haul posts are great to read! :D it's the kind that makes me feel excited when I keep reading and seeing the items even though it's your haul haha. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to more!
2 years ago
Jingobean2 years ago#31386741I know how it is,there's never enough money to go all the places you want / need it to,eh? >w< I'm having an especially tight month,myself!
Have you seen that they're making Nendoroids for the other Is the Order a Rabbit girls? I'm so excited for them!! Especially Chiya,she's my favorite ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
Chiya ~ ITEM #675906 Syaro ~ ITEM #675904 Rize ~ ITEM #675905

haha actually that is one of the reasons I am still not buying yet. Personally prefer Cocoa but knowing myself, I will probably get the whole gang >.<"
2 years ago
Jingobean2 years ago#31386609
Yay,thanks so much! I love decorating my pictures,it's such fun lol.I use the app Line Camera to decorate / edit if you were wondering!
Ooh,Happy Birthday~! °˖✧◝(⌒д⌒)◜✧˖° I just had mine too,actually haha.Yuri will be an awesome birthday gift,has he turned up yet,or are you still waiting for him? :3

Thank you! I actually received him on Monday, he's so cute! I also took some Line camera photos of him and the rest of my haul and posted them the other day, before I packed it all back up to move. (And happy late birthday to you!)
2 years ago
LoveChopper2 years ago#31386730will likely get them when i have the spare cash ^^

I know how it is,there's never enough money to go all the places you want / need it to,eh? >w< I'm having an especially tight month,myself!

Have you seen that they're making Nendoroids for the other Is the Order a Rabbit girls? I'm so excited for them!! Especially Chiya,she's my favorite ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
Chiya ~ ITEM #675906 Syaro ~ ITEM #675904 Rize ~ ITEM #675905
2 years ago
Jingobean2 years ago#31386612
Thank you~! (。^‿^。) They are wonderful Nendoroids,I highly recommend them! I've been really happy with them ❤❤

will likely get them when i have the spare cash ^^
2 years ago
Jol2 years ago#31352262Those face cases are so cute.

Aren't they just?? I'd missed the first several releases of the first face cases,and the after-market prices were wild so I've been really disappointed about it.I'm so happy now that theyve been releasing new designs & will be rereleasing some of the old ones!

LoveChopper2 years ago#31352206nice haul ^^v Chino & Cocoa so tempting, has been debating with myself for so long...

Thank you~! (。^‿^。) They are wonderful Nendoroids,I highly recommend them! I've been really happy with them ❤❤

BlazeDazzleDusk2 years ago#31352172Great loot! I love the Sayaka Maiko Nendoroid.

Thanks! Her design really is very pretty,I just wish they'd done more with the face plates / accessories >w<
2 years ago
DearDemons2 years ago#31357976So cute! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪thank you so much for sharing!

Oh,thank so much! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! ( ・ ᗜ ・ ) ❤

damedanbo2 years ago#31352615Your blog is so fun, I love the pictures with the little frames/stickers on them! I'm receiving my Yuri Plisetsky nendoroid in a couple days for my birthday, so it was exciting to see him here!

Yay,thanks so much! I love decorating my pictures,it's such fun lol.I use the app Line Camera to decorate / edit if you were wondering!

Ooh,Happy Birthday~! °˖✧◝(⌒д⌒)◜✧˖° I just had mine too,actually haha.Yuri will be an awesome birthday gift,has he turned up yet,or are you still waiting for him? :3

sophieB2 years ago#31352270✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*Great haul! every thing is so cute!!*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿

Thank you,dear!! I'm like a magpie with anything cutesy lol.
2 years ago
So cute! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪thank you so much for sharing!
2 years ago
Your blog is so fun, I love the pictures with the little frames/stickers on them! I'm receiving my Yuri Plisetsky nendoroid in a couple days for my birthday, so it was exciting to see him here!
2 years ago
✿✼:*゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・*Great haul! every thing is so cute!!*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿
2 years ago
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