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Removing scuffs from nendoroid faces :(Removing scuffs from nendoroid faces :(

So just the other day I am cleaning my shelf when my beloved Erika Hartman tips over and falls. She has black colored arms and body which leave small marks on her face. Bummers right, to remove all you need a few simple things.

A microfiber cloth to hold the head in place and not dirty/stain it with your hands/fingers. Even if you have clean hands it's better to be safe than sorry.

Secondly you need a cue tip to gently rub, applying a bit a pressure and it will remove the extra paint on your pretty's face. Some people use a cleaner solution but I never do as I fear I could further damage/remove paint. The downside sometimes when this happens is the area where scuffed on the figures lose a bit of the soft finish they have on thier faces when they are new and fresh out of the box. So anyways after removing the mark most likely the spot where it was will be a little "shiny/polished" but at least it will look clean again.

I hope this helps, I am in no way an expert. Just a collector like everyone else who has had to learn the hard way. Please comment below if you have better solutions or care suggestions for lovely nendoroid figures. :)
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Try magic erasers a lot of people say that they are great for paint transfers
9 months ago
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