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【Kotobukiya】Tamamo no Mae 1/7 (Lancer)【Kotobukiya】Tamamo no Mae 1/7 (Lancer)

xteabunnyxteabunny10 months agoReview

From the popular mobile game Fate Grand Order comes Tamamo Lancer class version! Though she seems to be the usual Tamamo, she has completely exhausted her magic energy and turned into a beast of summer.♡♡ Huh? It's still spring you say? No matter!! Onto the Review!

Tamamo Shark

"Rather than cuteness, I tried to emphasize elegance. What do you think? Did you fall in love all over again?"

Honestly, dropped some $$$ to roll her, but in terms of actual servant usefulness she's my best lancer imo. Her ball-busting buster np is like the main reason I wanted her tho lol. Plus her crit star gen isn't too bad either!

Onto the Video! (`・ω・´)

Extra Shots

▲ An impressive body figure, enough to put an hourglass to shame.

▲ Matching Starfish wedges to match with her theme!

I love it when they sculpt nails && give 'em a little gloss coat!

"Ah... Summer will be over...Thank you for playing along with my selfishness, Master..."


Since it's spring now I like the cool weather, it feels refreshing for once! However, getting up early seems to have become more difficult...
But anyways, yes! Trying my best not to slack off && get used to recording instead of blogging with a bunch'a photos. I feel a bit embarrassed and need to work on a consistent audio volume/quality, but I will continue to do my best! I still prefer nice standstill shots though hm....

Interested in getting her?
⇒ Fate/Grand Order - Tamamo no Mae - 1/7 - Lancer (Kotobukiya)

Mmm, and I guess that's all for now really. I hope you enjoyed this article♬

Bye byyeee!


See you next time! ♡♡♡
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purinbun (9 months ago) #31729035Aww amazing review! I absolutely adore her and forever hope there’ be a Nendo version as well~~! (*´∀`*)

Thank you! I'll my best next time as well. && I wouldn't doubt a figure, seeing as how swimusuit saber is a figma! Then again, she is saber so I mean she gets a lot of figs.(●゚ν゚)
9 months ago
Jam3410 (10 months ago) #31558151Nice review keep it up :D

Thank you! I'm still trying to get used to making video reviews. (*´∇`*)
9 months ago
Aww amazing review! I absolutely adore her and forever hope there’ be a Nendo version as well~~! (*´∀`*)
9 months ago
Jam3410 Uncrowned King
Nice review keep it up :D
10 months ago
Fallency (10 months ago) #31517677So cute, nice review !

Thank you!!♡♡
10 months ago
So cute, nice review !
10 months ago
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