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ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider2 years ago
Howdy doo, everyone! I just got back from a conference trip to New York City. Kirby and Mimikyu decided to tag along on this trip and they wanted to share with you the many adventures they had in the Time Square and Rockefeller Center area.

Last week, I went to several seminars on photography and writing held at the Marriott. My favorite was a session on the world of video game journalism with Kotaku's editor in chief, Stephen Totilo.


When the seminars for the day were done, we spent our time exploring the city. Our first stop was the M&M'S World store which was just a short walk from the hotel. It is amazing how much merchandise there is for such small chocolate candies.



We even came across some rare and expensive collectibles including an elaborate leather jacket and some porcelain figurines.




Kirby was tempted to inhale tons of candy, but he was very well behaved and saved his appetite for something even more delicious. After we were done browsing in the M&M's store, we went to Olive Garden and enjoyed a delicious plate of Chicken & Shrimp Carbonera.


You can't go to New York City without taking in the culture of a Broadway musical. We saw two plays: "The Book of Mormon" and Jimmy Buffett's "Escape to Margaritaville."


We got some souvenirs from these performances. At the end of Escape to Margaritaville, the whole room was raining with beach balls. It is too bad my father wasn't able to join us. He is a huge Jimmy Buffett fan.


I also bought a Fuck Frog plush at the end of The Book of Mormon. Although I think this may have been a mistake. When we got back to the hotel, the frog immediately tried to convert Kirby and change his life.


During this trip, my diet mainly consisted of cheeseburgers. I consider myself something of a burger aficionado.


I find that the taste of a restaurant's cheeseburger gives you a pretty accurate impression of how good the rest of the food on their menu is.


Of all the burgers I ate there, my favorite is Hard Rock Cafe's Original Legendary Burger topped with an onion ring.


Speaking of the restaurants, there are several over-the-top themed restaurants with not only good food, but a highly entertaining atmosphere. The Hard Rock Café is also a museum of classic Rock n' Roll memorabilia. You can see authentic instruments, outfits and other items displayed all throughout the building. While we were eating the burger, they were playing my theme song, AC/DC's "Problem Child."




Another interesting restaurant we ate at was Planet Hollywood. The whole facility is a museum of props and costumes from 90s and early 2000s films. They even had the costumes from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie and a prototype head from the 1998 Godzilla movie.



All of the amazing sites and things to do got Kirby super excited; perhaps a bit too excited. He decided to check out the night life and do some partying. He tried booze for the first time and went a bit overboard. My poor little buddy had a bad tummy ache the next morning.


But all he needed was a good night's sleep and he was back to his happy self in no time. There is nothing a good nap in some freshly cleaned sheets can't fix. ❤


This is actually the third time I have been to New York City. One place I always make sure to stop by is the Nintendo World Store.


I love seeing all the new custom statues at this site. They have added several new displays since the last time I was here.







Of all the displays here, my favorite is this mega-sized Smash Bros Mario Amiibo. Now this would make a killer display for one's living room.


Now that I think about it, I wonder what happens to these custom statues when they need to be removed and make room for new ones. I hope this stuff goes to auctions or something. I would absolutely consider bidding for one of these.

Along with these custom statues, there are other things on display. There are retail figures like those from First 4 Figures, a huge screen on the wall to play Super Mario Odyssey and a museum of Nintendo consoles.




One particularly interesting display here is this damaged Game Boy. This Game Boy was severely deformed and damaged after being exposed to a bomb blast during the Gulf War. But even after being subjected to all that, it still works.


Then of course there is the loads of merchandise you can buy here. It is always a major test of will power not to blow all my money here.





We would have loved to stay longer, but I would say we managed to do a lot during our short week in the big city. There was still so much adventuring we wanted to do. We wanted to go to the statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, but there were some transportation problems at the time which stopped us. It also stopped us from going to a restaurant called Jekyll and Hyde Club. It is a horror/comedy themed restaurant filled with a ton of over the top animatronics. Missing that really bummed Mimikyu out. She was so hyped about seeing all the spooky stuff there. (╥Д╥)

Kirby and Mimikyu had a wonderful time. Next time I go to New York City, I'll be sure they can tag along and see all the wonders we couldn't see this time. Thank you so much for letting them share their adventure with you. Now they can resume with their normal routine getting into mischief at home and photobombing all of my blog pictures. :D
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Oy! I think I will pass on this. This sundae would have to be my only purchase for at least 2 months. Plus the idea of actually eating 24k gold makes me feel like an asshole. XD
AnimeCowgirl332 years ago#31517518Here is a link to an article that talks about it: www.cnbc.com/20...
2 years ago
Here is a link to an article that talks about it: www.cnbc.com/20...

ChocolateSpider2 years ago#31514680$1,000 ice cream you say? I have never heard of this. I must know more about this expensive treat! >:D
2 years ago
$1,000 ice cream you say? I have never heard of this. I must know more about this expensive treat! >:D

AnimeCowgirl332 years ago#31513535Awesome blog! I enjoyed reading your adventures in New York City with Kirby and Mimikyu! I hope to go there one day and try the $1,000 ice cream : )
2 years ago
Awesome blog! I enjoyed reading your adventures in New York City with Kirby and Mimikyu! I hope to go there one day and try the $1,000 ice cream : )
2 years ago
ChocolateSpider2 years ago#31510275I was surprised by how big they were too. That is the main reason I didn't buy one there. It would have been a pain to get it home through the air port and carrying it on the plane. >.>

They're still on the Pokemon Center site if you still want to get one. :D
2 years ago
The book of Mormon is easily one of the best Broadway musicals of our generation. Once you see a play with a whole song dedicated to the Ugandan translation of "Fuck You, God," you instantly know you are bearing witness to something legendary. X'D

revarrie2 years ago#31506756Ahh, I LOVE the Book of Mormon. Nice fuck-frog you've got there!
2 years ago
Thank you, MalGal. I am glad this gave you the smile you needed. :D

MalGal2 years ago#31505003So glad I took a quick study break to read this. It made my day!
2 years ago
I was surprised by how big they were too. That is the main reason I didn't buy one there. It would have been a pain to get it home through the air port and carrying it on the plane. >.>

BVibes2 years ago#31504600This was a really fun read, That Planet Hollywood looked really cool. I hadn't seen pics of the Nintendo store before but it looks amazing.
Funny enough I actually just bought one of those sleeping Eevee plushies (I got Vaporeon). I wasn't prepared for how huge it was going to be!
Looking forward to Kirby and Mimikyu's future adventures!
2 years ago
I know, right? You have no idea how bad I want a Master sword display like this in my house. :D

Rajke2 years ago#31504558Really cool trip. Big fan of the music made by Van Halen. Especially that guitar is something unique and desirable. A bigger than life size master sword is also something you don't see every day. Looks well made and it's shrine makes it's looks even better.
2 years ago
I'have little experience with the Kirby franchise, but I know this is easily one of the top 5 best Nendoroids ever. It is so photogenic and easily compatible with just about any idea for a picture you can come up with. Buy this Nendoroid and be happy like the rest of us. :D

LoveChopper2 years ago#31504535even though i know nothing of Kirby, still feel tempted to buy him due to your nice photos ^^v
2 years ago