Thoughts on Phat's Frederica Miyamoto.Thoughts on Phat's Frederica Miyamoto.Review

KapengBarakoKapengBarako2 years ago
Before I start, I am fairly new to collecting figurines and this is one of my first scales so take everything I say with a grain of salt. Also, this is highly subjective, so my opinion will differ from yours. Also objectively speaking, I'm not a good writer nor 'am good at reviewing so prepare yourself. :)

This figurine kept me waiting for 2 weeks or so and I say the wait was worth it.


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I'd prefer something more simple but it does compliment the figurine and does a decent amount to preview the character which is great.

I do wish the colors would reflect more of the figurine's colors but it's an attractive palette.

I also think they should have put the card art which the pose and figurine is originally based on.

All in all I'd give it an 8. It's also pretty standard and hence easy to unbox.


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It looks great, it's finely detailed, including the frills of her clothes, her body itself. (Including the soft and plump parts [plus for that])

The way the finer parts of body is shown is great, from the subtle yet alluring colllar bones and shooulder blades all the way down to her heel.

Best part of the sculpt is probably the hair though, it's very detailed with the hair strands, the bangs and the braidings.

The cupcake also looks delicious. My only gripe, and I'm nitpicking, is the corset like thing of her attire, I do wish the frills there were more protruded as they're flat, also her face is a bit too thin for my liking.

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Overall, it's pretty good, but there are some places where it could be ever slightly better.

First of all the light pink is a bit dull, especially along the skirt though this is subjective, I'd prefer if it was a bit more vibrant.

I also think the back and top parts of her hair could use a bit more shading. The body on the other hand is where it performs best, being pale yet realistic wiith the small tinges of red, her face also has a slight blush which is fantastic.

I also appreciate the gloss of her shoes and the cupcake (make it seem even more delicious). All in all, very high quality stuff.


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This is probably my only serious gripe with this figurine. The stand took some interesting directions.

First, let's start with the most glaring part of the stand i.e the cloth.

I don't know what they used to make the cloth but it has a peculiar smell (not a strong one unless you actually sniff it close) and is quite glossy.

It also has an interesting texture that gives it some dark spots depending on the angle light hits on it.

It's a unique idea and does make the figurine stand out a bit but I'm not a fan of it.

I don't think an actual tablee would use such a fabric, it's a bit difficult to put on well and the color kind of dominates over the colors of the figurines which I think is not a good thing in my book.

Now outside the cloth, we get a table, I think it's pretty nicely sculpted, easy to put together and the gloss and coloring is good though would be a bit better if it was a bit more matte.

The mount to put Frederica on the table is really weird though. It's a bit annoying to put on due to the cloth, the cloth makes it harder to mount her on the table and it might get shreked in the process of mounting as well.

The stand excluding the table cloth looks good...but as a holder for the character...I think it's very bad.

First of all it's difficult to put on as the cloth covers the area you should put your figurine on.

Lastly and most importantly, the mount does not attach the figurine to the cloth instead it conforms to it so it is prone to falling..and it falls very easily.

My figurine has fallen numerous tiimes due to indirect actions that there has been significant damage to her ribbon and minor damage to her hair.

Thankfully the angle that the figurine is posed in makes this unoticable.

If you're ever thinking of purchasing this figurine, I recommend that you get a display case.

I've been so fed up with my figurine falling at the most sudden and randomn of times that I've decided to put it back in the package until I get a display case for her.

Overall Thoughts

It's a great figurine with unique problems.

I'd say it's a must-buy for anyone who is searching for a Frederica figurine .

If you can adjust to the stand, I'd say this is a figurine that you will like and will satisfy your desires, it's very attractive.

Here's a picture of me having some fun with her. (Sorry Haruna)

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moonstarfc2 years ago#31984009Does the box really say "1/8 scare figure"? Reminds me of ITEM #297454.

Yep it does.
2 years ago
Does the box really say "1/8 scare figure"? Reminds me of ITEM #297454.
2 years ago
Necroid_Neko2 years ago#31968289With regards to the cloth, it's crushed velvet, which is a horrible fabric; catches the light in weird ways and feels horrid when you rub it the wrong way. *shudder*

It's a flaw I'll have to live it. Hopefully revisions of this (if there will be any) improve on the cloth.
2 years ago
With regards to the cloth, it's crushed velvet, which is a horrible fabric; catches the light in weird ways and feels horrid when you rub it the wrong way. *shudder*
2 years ago