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Aniplex+ Promotion (Taking Customer Merchandise Suggestions)Aniplex+ Promotion (Taking Customer Merchandise Suggestions)



It's Aniplex+ 5th anniversary so from now until August 31, Aniplex+ will be taking customer suggestions for future merchandise.

All you have to do to send a request is add this tag to your Twitter Post,


Here is a link to the Promotion page! www.aniplexplus...

On a side note, I'm requesting for a Fate/Stay Night Heaven's feel 1/7 Sakura Matou PVC by Aniplex+, as she still does not have a good 1/7 PVC... and if you agree and would like to see that happen as well please like my post here: twitter.com/Fat...

And also feel free to post here about what you guy are requesting, and what you think about this news! (;
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I ask for a Ozymandias/ Ramesses II (Fate) firgure in least in 1/8 Scale and in his last ascension ^^
8 months ago
JulioKugo (8 months ago) #34545371I would love a Sakura nendoroid. Also your inbox is full so I am unable to message you!Sorry Just fixed that! And yes it's about time she get's one of those as well! to bad it's not GSC doing this. XD
8 months ago
I would love a Sakura nendoroid. Also your inbox is full so I am unable to message you!
8 months ago
I have no Twitter and I do not intend to make one
8 months ago
Yor0zuya (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━
I asked for the obvious more fate series male figures
8 months ago
more d.gray-man figures!
8 months ago
Thats really cool! I would love to get a Sakura, Rider and Illyasviel 1/7 lol!
8 months ago
Squidssiah Messiah of Squids
That is really neat of them to do! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

I have my own suggestions View spoilerHide spoiler
A Simon Scale (Gurren Lagann)
Ryuko Scale in uniform Senketsu or her motorcycle outfit (KLK)
Satsuki Scale in uniform Junketsu or her design from the epilogue (KLK)
A Mako Scale (KLK)
A Ragyo Scale (KLK)
that I hope will at least be considered.

Though even if they aren’t, which I’m sure is the case, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do take from other fans’ suggestions.
8 months ago

I'm requesting Araragi Koyomi!!!!! :D

...and I could go for two-fer, so something like this:


or for sure a solo of him, something like this:


or this with his Kizu clothes on where he had the peace sign necklace:

8 months ago
That's a cool initiative of Aniplex+! I also agree that Sakura deserves more love from the figure companies! I'll definitely buy one if they make a nice 1/7 scale Sakura, based on the new movies. But I'd love to see a new Rider figure too!
8 months ago
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