Does Damaged/Imperfect Figures Drive You Crazy?Does Damaged/Imperfect Figures Drive You Crazy?Ask MFC

CollectorCrazyCollectorCrazy2 years ago
Awhile back I asked if I should sell my collection off.
I decided to take everybody's advice and not do it.
I'm glad I didn't, because a part of me is beginning to want to collect again.

That being said, a few of my figure's are either damaged, missing the box/parts, or bootlegs. Fortunately I didn't pay much, and knew they were bootlegs going in. I was just starting when I got the bootlegs, and didn't care.
I'm OCD, and just having them ruins the hobby for me.
It gives me anxiety.

I've decided that if I am going to get back into it, I'm going to be much more patient and picky. I'm gonna do it right.
So until I either replace them, or get rid of them, I can't enjoy the hobby.

Is anyone else like this?

Also, on a side note. Since I want to get back into collecting, what's a good place to buy figures? I got banned from AmiAmi back in October (They wouldn't take my pre-paid card).
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When I received a damaged figure from official stores, it actually ruined my mood of the day.
2 years ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yup always. I often sell em and somehow still get my money back as price went up or theyre more rare or inexperienced collector i guess?

Cause i cant unsee. Only my louises i kept as i tried 4 times by now to keep my polystone figs awhole then tried fixing em. Looks decent now unless youre super close :)
But yeah still bugs me but theyre super rare >.<

With 1 fig im still unsure if she has a broken wand or not but it appears so and back then i didnt know as i was new to the hobby and was just excited

I get extremely upset if I caused the damage myself and cant repair it...

I even rebought a cd cause a bonus preorder sticker wasnt inside :p (amiami said they didnt have em no more) sold the other cd and im all happy

Now my ex husband got my paperdolls from modelkits of arpeggio and im sulking over em.. :/ they were mine and now it will always feel incomplete so i hope he sends them to me

And where to buy figs rlly depends... lower value needed or best customer service or price wise?
I shop at jungle-scs , biginjap and mandarake a lot (plus sometimes hlj , hobbysearch plamoya, cdjapan and amiami)
2 years ago
I feel like an outlier in situations like this, because I don't mind imperfections at all. In fact, I kinda like them in a way... so long as they don't get in the way of my enjoyment of the figure, anyway. It makes them all unique to me. For example, my Yamatonokami ITEM #322190 has the end of one of his little hair spikes chipped off. I presume he arrived like this, because I didn't even notice it until I looked over the pics I took of him after I unboxed him... over a month after the fact. Not such a big deal if it took me that long to even notice, right? I kinda like it, though. He's not just a Yamatonokami, he's MY Yamatonokami because he's the only one with that exact hair chip.

Kinda relevant note, maybe: I collect CDs/vinyls/tapes (mostly industrial music in my case, but I collect everything I listen to), and the older an album gets, the harder it becomes to find truly new copies or unplayed ones (in the case of vinyls/tapes), unless, of course, you have a lot of money to throw at someone. Of course, I like to go for new copies when I can, but some albums are so old/rare that you pretty much can't find new copies anymore. I actually prefer the older played copies to new ones in a lot of cases... they have some history to them, they've been well-loved and will continue to be (my collection is a one-way street, I never sell any of my music stuff... it's my only collection I've never sold anything from). Imperfections and wear gives them character. I view my figures the same way. :D
2 years ago
I actually buy damaged figures, to repair them. I am also not super picky
2 years ago
It bugs me a lot to have damaged figures, if they fall or break, I pack them up. I don't want to look at it and feel sad each time I go through my shelves...
2 years ago
I seem to be an outlier in this case; I don't mind terribly if there are imperfections/damages as long as they aren't major, especially if I buy them that way and don't cause the damage myself, lol. I've gotten a handful of figures for much less for a simple chip in the paint or damage that otherwise doesn't take away from the figure.

You could always sell the bootlegs for super cheap on eBay just to get rid of them.
2 years ago
Unless I can make a perfectly seemless repair, obviously broken stuff drives me nuts and I end up having to buy a new one eventually.

Minor imperfections of paint and paint wear don't bother me so much since it's inevitable, unless it's on a critical part. Paint issues I cause myself through use (i.e. wear on handles of items that go in hands) don't bother me for that reason. I don't think I've ever sold or replaced a figure purely for paint issues.
2 years ago
Same here, damages on figures drive me crazy... but I learned to at least accept minor imperfections. Thing is, the longer you look at your figures, the more imperfections/damages you'll find and it keeps you from enjoying your collection.

If the flaws bug you too much though, it might be better to sell some of the "damaged" ones. Many people don't mind minor flaws on figures and are happy to buy them for a reasonable price.

A good place to buy figures besides AmiAmi is Solaris Japan - They sell new and pre-owned figures. I ordered quite a lot of figures from them and never had any issues.
I heard Mandarake ist supposed to be very good too, but I never purchased anything from them yet.
2 years ago
Very small manufacturing damages\defects\imperfections does not drive me crazy, because its understandable for a mass produced factory product.

Just quoting the Disclaimer from Amiami and Hobbysearch below:

There may be some inconsistencies between the prototypes and the ones actually marketed for mass-production. Additionally, some products have sections that need hand painting at the factory, which may also cause individual differences. These are not considered manufacturer's defects. Occasionally you may notice small imperfections in paint or parts on your item. These are naturally occurring inconsistencies caused by the mass-production process and are not considered defects.

Please take note that for any of the following cases, these will not be regarded as defective, so please be careful.
- If the item box is sealed with double layer of tape.
- If the manufacturer does not recognize the issue itself as a defect (e.g. if the quality is within the expected level of differences for mass-produced goods etc.)
- Any problems that does not affect the item itself, such as scratches, dents, or friction marks etc. on the outer box or package.Note: The product color or impression may differ to the actual product depending on your display screen settings/quality.
Note: Please understand that images on the product page maybe sample images of a prototype model, so there may be differences to the final product.
2 years ago
Well it's very annoying especially if you pay close to or more than $100 on a figure mint in box only to see imperfections up-close.
2 years ago
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