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Happy B-day Mari!Happy B-day Mari!

Hentai_SonHentai_Son10 days agoMisc
https://i3.silhcdn.com/3/i/shapes/lg/9/4/d50849.jpg https://i.schoolido.lu/cards/transparent/1457idolizedTransparent.png

This is pretty photo heavy! I'm so sorry...

Its June 13th which means its Maris Bday! I thought this would be a good opportunity to post my small shrine of her and my smallish collection of items! She is my favorite Love Live girl (including out of Muse) and I think she is just such a special gal!
One of my favorite things about her is how much she cares full heartedly about her friends and it kills me to see how strong and independent she is in season 2!

This is my small figure collection of her! I have more than this (just a few small additions; but I didn't have time to get a more recent photo;; I wish to collect all the figures of her at least? I have most I think but I am greedy and want all of them honestly...


My favorite figure is ITEM #542372 ! I paid a lot for it I will be honest and I wasn't super jazz with the price for the size but I love it all the same! I read that a lot of people didn't like this set because of how awkward a lot of them looked but the Mari is very very cute and I'm very excited for her birthday figure to come out! (Which was supposed to be 5/2018 but oh well... ITEM #551720 )


I started this collection a year-ish ago? Most of the charms and pieces are from Amiami or various conventions. I really like all the little Sega charms even though they are a little harder to come by and a bit more expensive? I love Ita bags a lot because they keep my stuff clean and I don't worry about loosing anything? I also want to do better pics of this bag (and my Ruby one tbh...) so stay tuned for that lol...


I was lucky enough to be and to work last Anime Exo and attend the Kawaii Live concert with Aquors live! I am even MORE lucky to be able to go to their full feature concert this year! I was and to pick up a light stick and everything! It was really magical to be able to go and see Aina preform live! They were all very talented and sweet; I'm super excited to be able to go again this year and I really hope that Saint Snow will make a appearance but I wont give my hopes up ;v;


Lastly is a pic of me and my best friend BUTTONBRAINS at a convention a year ago as our best ladies! We worked a Local Artist Ally at a convention and I thought the Picture was cute! The other is the friendship tattoo me and my friend group all got of our main girls symbol (mine was pretty explanatory) but anyways! We got them on 6/8 which was best friends day and I'm really glad its super cute and subtle (its on me foot)!

Anyways that's all! I hope you have a good day and Happy B-day to my gurl!

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I love your collection!!!! Mari is also one of my best girls. That wave figure is really pretty but for that size, outfit, and price...;0; I'm waiting to see her BD art figure!
7 days ago
tachola loves you!!
this is so cute!! your dedication and passion is wonderful♥♥
9 days ago
Waaaah! she's really cute and I love your shrine, friend~! It's great to have a character you want to collect every little item of. I used to not even collect character goods. ^^;
I never got into Love Live (probably best for my wallet), but I also still don't have a girl that calls out to me in particular.
9 days ago
Your shrine and bag are so lovely! I love how balanced that shrine is, you really put thought into the layout, it's probably one of the best looking detolf shelves I've ever seen :D
9 days ago
Such a dedication deserves to be praised, because Mari's worth it, she's awesome.
10 days ago
Nice Mari collection! This is such a sweet birthday message!
10 days ago
Great post! Mari is my one and only Aqours girl, and my second-favorite (though basically tied for first) next to Kotori! Happy birthday to the queen! ❤
10 days ago
What a lovely and amazing collection.
10 days ago
Hooray! Happy birthday to Mari! May she and all her fans have a shiny-tastic birthday! :D
10 days ago
Hentai_Son (10 days ago) #35695717Thank you! That's really sweet ;A; <3 I'm so excited for the live! I also love Ruby, she's my 2nd favorite!

Aah, you're welcome!! You have such good taste. Ruby is my best girl and Mari is also one of my faves!! Maybe we'll see each other at the live!
10 days ago
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