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Taito Miku 10th Anniversary Prize figure reviewTaito Miku 10th Anniversary Prize figure review

Hello again, and welcome to yet another prize figure review. This figure is yet another Taito figure, but it seems Taito takes care in their quality for their Mikus, unlike their Fate ones (I still think that Mordred one looks like trash. But Astolfo is pretty good D:).

I ordered the 10th anniversary Miku figure on a whim early this year or late last, from Tokyo Otaku Mode (I had points with them), and am I glad I did. For a prize figure, she looks amazing.

Here is her box:
It's nothing special, but it's nice for a prize box. It seems care went into designing it, even if it is just basic.

Now, here's Miku herself.

She's so pretty! I love the gradient on her skirt, the detail on it, and the gradient on her hair. The stars are a nice touch. However, and I've revised this since it was pointed out to me, the backs are really sloppy. This does disappoint me, and detracts from the figure. Figures are 3D, not 2D, so the shoddy filing job in back is very much visible. :/. And is very disappointing.
I do love the paint job on her socks though, and the detail of the gold trim and buttons is also great. :D.
Her base, while basic, is also good. I think it fits the figure well, and am impressed it isn't totally blank. I haven't really seen prize figures with bases that have anything on them, so it was a nice surprise.

And here are some more views!
I love the little star that's right near her tie. It's a nice touch. :D. and here's her other side:

Take a look at the little gold dots. Not one drop of paint out of the lines, and they're perfectly symmetrical. I love the scalloped edges on her skirt and sailor collar, they're cute. :D. I also like how her top is slightly longer in back. :). The folds look good.

And here's a close up of the detail on the back:

Down to two images left! Here's a detail shot of her front. You can see the buttons here, as well as the chain.

And finally, here's one of my favorite details:
Her nails are painted! I haven't really seen nails on a prize figure, so this was awesome! I think they were slightly out of the lines, though. I apologize for the quality, it looks bad on my laptop, but good on my phone. The microphone also looks good.

As you can tell, I don't really have many complaints about this figure, and like it a lot. The only complaint are the two accessories I haven't addressed yet, the microphone stand and stars.
The stars are fine, and add a nice touch. The complaint is a packaging problem, because they are packed with the microphone in a way it's hard to find the microphone in the package. This is such a minor issue I won't take off points for it, but it was annoying. I thought I had received a mic-less Miku, or that I'd lost it. D:.

The stand also is a subject of minor complaint. It doesn't really fit the hole, and will wiggle around. It won't damage anything or break, but I wish it snapped into the hole. D:.

Overall, here's my score:
Sculpt: 7.0/10, The figure itself looks great. The stars, though, not so much. The back of the stars looks like the sculptors forgot to smooth them out, and this does detract from the score. It isn't visible in front, but this isn't a drawing, it's 3D. It's definitely visible.

Pose: 8/10, nothing special. But it works, and Taito did a good job posing her. She's at least lively looking. I've seen prize figures that are just the character standing and looking pretty.(coughanAnastasiaprizefigureIowncough)

Paint: 8/10
I LOVE the gradients, and love the detail, but there are minor spots where it isn't in the lines.

Enjoyability: 10/10, I'm glad I added her to my collection, she looks amazing.

Base: 7/10, it's just there. But it at least has some effort. I don't like the hole not actually fitting the mic stand, though.

Box: 7/10, it's there, it does its job.

Overall: 8.0, maybe really an 8.5. I really like this figure, but it has that microphone not fitting into the hole issue, and the badly done stars.

If you can still get this, and like Miku, I do recommend this figure. I don't normally gush this much over prize figures, but this one looks great, minus the stars. For retail price, she is worth the $15, as she looks much better than most prize figures do. However, any more than retail, skip her, unless you get lucky and see one at con or in person with filed stars. Maybe I got unlucky.
If you find her, pick the pearl one up. I wish I knew it existed, because I can only imagine how pretty she looks with pearl paint. I have a pearl paint Asuna, and the pearl paint is so pretty. This Miku would look stunning with it.
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Very nice review! The quality of this figure seems to vary. Someone on here got one with very badly painted gold details and the stars speak for themselves, lol. Definitely a YMMV prize figure.
8 months ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
pyungsy (8 months ago) #36079879it's a shame about how sloppily done the stars are on these, but she's a really lovely figure besides that!

Yes, totally agree! I wish the stars weren't sloppy, I really wanted this to be the first 8/10 prize figure I've rated. Or 9. It was up to that at one point, because the flaws appeared minor at a glance. I hope it's just my Miku, and everyone else didn't get one with sloppy stars.
8 months ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Spanxi (8 months ago) #36099150oh! the same thing for me with the Mic! though I had! I opened her quick in my car, went inside, set her up and thought I'd left her mic in my car! I can't remember how i find it, but I was almost on my hands and knees in the parking lot trying to find it.

I'm glad it wasn't just me. I thought mine fell into the chair cushion, and then it may as well be lost. D:. I really hope they pack accessories better for future Mikus. I ordered a few more (a Halloween one, and crystal.. something. IDK. It's another prize figure, though), due to how good this one looked at a glance. They don't need to keep making us panic, lol.
8 months ago
oh! the same thing for me with the Mic! though I had! I opened her quick in my car, went inside, set her up and thought I'd left her mic in my car! I can't remember how i find it, but I was almost on my hands and knees in the parking lot trying to find it.
8 months ago
it's a shame about how sloppily done the stars are on these, but she's a really lovely figure besides that!
8 months ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
DYRL (8 months ago) #36041257The stars look like they took a beating

This was right after she was taken out of the box, so it would be lazy sanding more than anything. It might be my camera though, I'll take another look at them. If they are that bad in back, I have to change my score, probably down to a 7 or 7.5. I hate sloppy paint/work. :/. I would still recommend her, but not as much.
8 months ago
The stars look like they took a beating
8 months ago