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Mae33Mae335 months agoAsk MFC
I see a lot of people that also have this hobby of collecting figures usually have a dedicated shelf or collection to a certain series they love like fate or madoka and I was wondering how you guys of the community decide this? Is it just something that just kind of happens? I can't decide myself on a series that I would love to completely devote everything to because I love a lot of different stuff.. so I was wondering how I should make this decision.

I Was also very curious on what others thought about this kind of thing when collecting, I most certainly want to have a dedicated shelf of some sort at some point in my collection!

If anyone's interested let me know what your dedicated shelf in progress is!
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You are seriously overthinking this. While there is no right or wrong way to collect, I think you'll find that you'll naturally start getting more figures relating to whatever it is you like. Then you want to display them together. Next thing you know, boom, there's your shrine.
5 months ago
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I think everybodys collection is unique and none is like the other! Thats what makes this hobby so interesting to me :)
Even though the Bakemonogatari-franchise isnt my favourite anime/nov/movie series out there, the figure line by gsc is. Thats why i have most figures who are out and hunted the ones i was missing :)

They all stand next to each other and look amazing as a group :) but it all comes down to personal preferences!

i think there are some figures out there meant to be displayed together hehe
5 months ago
Murialita hit it on the head. I'm still very new to figure collecting so I've been buying a figure from each series I've grown up loving. My goal starting out was to get 1 figure of each series...but I've already broke that rule.

I started with with Hanairogoromo Miku ITEM #380217. My wife bought the 2016 racing Miku ITEM #321897. Now I have 2017 racing Miku ITEM #549644 on order and this Halloween one ITEM #676314 on order too. So I'll be setting up a Miku shelf on my detolf.
I never intended this, it just sort of happened because I like the character and the designs of those figures.

My next dedicated shelf is going to be for the Saekano girls once alter releases their versions. I just can't pick one girl from this series so I'm going to get all 3.

Happy collecting and don't worry about trying to start a shrine. It'll happen when that time comes.

5 months ago
Not everybody has a section of their collection that's dedicated to a certain series/character, so you shouldn't worry if yours doesn't have one. I find it's something that just comes naturally. Every time I tried to consciously start a dedicated collection among my figures and goods, I ended up getting tired of it and getting rid of most of it later on; the two that DID survive (one being a specific line of figures, the other a collection focused on a single character) just... happened on their own. Now that I don't focus on figures quite as much in favour of my music collection and gear, they're pretty much the only part of my figures and goods collection that I still add to. For now, I'd say just focus on having a collection that you're happy with.
5 months ago
Panda_Chan Impey's Princess
I'm focusing on 3 different series now:
• Code:Realize,
• Boku no Hero Academia,
• Persona 5.
Well, I think its hit or miss - I used to collect Love Live, Free and Kuroshitsuji but I ended up hating LL (because of community + stupid game) and Free & Kuroshitsuji weren't entertaining enough.
I spent like 200+ hours on playing Persona 5 and I love the series in all my heart - thats why I started to collect as many P5 goods as I can :) same to BNHA and Code Realize - I spent an awesome time playing/watching those series, I love the characters and I choose to have a shrine from these series - I just wanted to have as many goods as I can and after few months Ichad shrines from these series :3
Of course I have figures from many different series that I love but its 1-3 figures and little merch.
5 months ago
As collecting begins to take a backseat in my life, I find myself focusing on Kyousougiga, Cirno and Whisper of the Heart (and miniatures I guess, but those are things I've been gathering as long as I can remember & generally less related to anime merch). These are all things that are somehow important to me personally or that I really identify with, or simply make me super happy (miniatures), which I guess is what kinda makes a shrine worthwhile.
Even so, my only real dedicated shelf is for Kyousougiga, since the Whisper of the Heart section kind of turned into cats general. And Cirno is relegated to a corner because I only have the nendos, Atai Cirno, a hand-made plush from a friend, and keychains/mouse pads/clear files that I don't really display. Once I actually get my hands on a larger figure I'll definitely see about creating more shelf space for that particular character.

I think, at some point, you just happen to find anime that really, really hits you more than anything else. And maybe you happen to want a bunch of merch/figures from it as a nice reminder without needing to rewatch, haha. I would worry about what some people already said regarding hype-buying. I've made that kind of purchase myself and while I rarely regretted it as I was starting out, nowadays I see it as money that's better spent elsewhere.

At the same time, this is definitely something not everyone would or should be doing! Not should as in, "this is super bad for you!11" but sometimes zeroing in on one thing too much can keep you away from other fun series/figures/different kinds of merch.
5 months ago
i tend to sort together things i care about a LOT while things i care for but dont feel too terribly strongly about dont really have a specified order. i have a shrine for my husbando and dedicated shelves for my favorite characters and series. i dont really buy a lot thats not related to my husbando or diehard favs, so me doing things is kind of natural
5 months ago
For me is not something that just happen, every dedicated shelf is very important to me.
I make it for that series that obsess me are very dear to me.
For me is easy to understand when something need his own shelf, is when I just need more and more stuffs from that serie or character that make me fall in love. I actually have 3 important shelf: Kuroshitsuji, Haikyuu and I have an Hero Academia one work in progress. And probably will have a Banana Fish one in the future if enough stuffs will be released, since I loved it dearly for years (still love it) and finally some merchs are coming.
And when I look ad these shelf I'm just so proud and everytime feel so good.
This is what a dedicated shelf must be, imho, something that collect stuffs important for you. :3
5 months ago
I usually buy figures and merch of the series and or specific characters from a series that I've watched. Other than that, I guess certain characteristics too (like nekos)...

My dedicated shelves would be shelves on my detolfs of Airi (Queen's Blade), one of nekos (starting on second), and an entire detolf of Strike Witches/militaria (work in progress) =3
5 months ago
Great question

Dedicating a shelf or section of a wall to a dedicated series takes a lot of love. I say love because if it is a simple fad that you are going through then you will ultimately dislike that section after a while and want to dismantle it. There are some collectors here that have insane amount of certain characters. If anyone says Louise Francois de LA Valliere. ask anyone in the community and most will say Chloe-tsundere Our raining queen on the popularity chart. She Loves everything Louise. There are many others out there that have such a fascination with certain characters. Another very popular character is Saber and when I see a saber figurine I think of Rejean235. He loves that character and has a lot I mean a lot of Sabers in his collection.

Now I do not know what brought on the fascination for these two and those characters per say so I wont go any further with this part of my response. I will however comment of my own collection. The first theme that I heavily collected was Maido-san's. I sill do but I try and find them at a bargain. Now every Maido-san gets to be part of my collection either. Only certain ones that I deem worthy of them being displayed. I found myself collecting them only because of the fact that I wish I had real Maido-sans that would do all the work but I end up working hard to make cash to buy the Maido-sans LOL.

I also have a pretty extensive To Love Ru collection and I guess that the reason I have so many is because they make so many beautiful figurines from that series. Every Wonfest you can be sure to have a half a dozen or more To Love Ru figurines on promotion. You just need to chose the series you want to collect and start to PO them.

And finally the tragedy that is 1/4 scale Of I have had to resuscitate my poor wallet oh so many times. And now that we have the To Love Ru Bunnies it's a double wammy for my collection.

= )

5 months ago
I actually just realized I never answered the question. When I bought my first Beargguy (the original), I just thought it was the cutest Gundam I'd ever seen and never expected to own more than the one. Then a few months ago I noticed I had somehow accumulated a lot of Beargguy, so I made the conscious decision to complete the collection.

I don't feel the need to complete EVERY collection; I think it's okay to just own one figure from a set, though I think if I'm going to have more than one, I should consider completing it. I don't think you should worry too much about having complete sets; for a lot of us it just happened naturally. If you're dead set, consider picking a small set from a series you like a lot, completing that, and see how you feel. You could also just keep collecting in your normal patterns and see if anything surfaces naturally, the way Beargguy did for me. This is probably a safest way to do it since you won't have to feel like your passing things up just to complete a set. Even now I don't spend all of my collecting budget on Beargguy. I just pick up one or two kits per month so I still have money to buy other figures, games, or manga.
5 months ago
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