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Nendoroid 1000Nendoroid 1000

NegaNega2 months agoAsk MFC
There are 2 things around the corner, WonFes and Nendoroid 1000

Who could it be?
Who do you want?

Astro Boy or Goku is my bet. For who I WANT? A nod to indie gaming would be splendid. Quote from Cave Story? Shantae? Hollow Knight? Shovel Knight?

Who else is excited for the possibility? I’d be SO mad if it’s Miku again but it’s almost inevitable at this rate.
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Wow! Already 1000. It honestly feels like it was just yesterday when GSC celebrated their 600th Nendoroid along with their poll. Wow time really does fly.
2 months ago
East wow
it's miku or saber but ideal/power move would be dio
2 months ago
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i'd say 1000 is going to be a character thats from a very OG anime. like an anime from 1990s-2005 ish period. and the character most likely has to be very popular/well known. the series of that character has not been released yet too. my guesses are anime like dragon ball, one piece, bleach, code geass, inuyasha, ghost in the shell, yugioh etcetc. even though ichigo from bleach ITEM #734014 was recently announced, i don't think he will be 1000, but i love to see him as 1000 since bleach is the main reason why i started watching anime, but hey i could be wrong.
other than than that, the miku saber can strike back again. i mean i love both saber and miku but please no gsc.

"plot twist" its going to be pico from boku no pico
29 days ago
Oh maybe they keep a little Violet Evergarden surprise for nendo 1000...?
2 months ago
Nendoroid Archetype: He & Nendoroid Archetype: She

I'd want to see that, not that I would buy though.
2 months ago
Maybe the GSC mascot? Maybe a new version of it?
2 months ago
Pinokkio Want to be free!
maggie (2 months ago) #37258433I feel like they should take a poll and no matter what, make that nendo happen. If they would use a poll we would probably mostly/only get mikus and sabers..haha. I hope it will be something original + special, as how i see it its a nendoroid of the millennium!
2 months ago
i bet it will be that new arale they showed a few days ago .-. after the original one being the #900. For me, a waist of number lol.
2 months ago
i love miku, but i agree, she shouldn't be #1000.
i would cry tears of joy if it'll be goku. i'm really hoping for it.

if it isn't goku, i'd really enjoy a new death note nendoroid....buuuuut that's very unlikely.
2 months ago
Emboar500 (2 months ago) #37266926
- Black Rock Shooter 10th anniversary version


migur (2 months ago) #37253792i vote for miku

Worry not, even if everyone here don't: you're not the only one on this war xD
2 months ago
BlueFlameParfait ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♪
I pretty much agree with everyone hoping for oldschool classics or something surprising.

EDIT: Excuse me, what I meant was: give me Vash the Stampede.
2 months ago
I'll be disappointed if it's Miku or Saber. Hopefully GSC aren't that unoriginal and cheap.

Personally I'd love Goku, Spike or Sailor Moon, but I'd be down for any oldschool Nendo to mark the occasion. I'd also love to see Death Note V2, but that seems unlikely to happen for #1000.
2 months ago
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