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Feeling frustrated...Feeling frustrated...

The past few months have been really bad on me. It's just the stress of everything. Not having enough spare money, final exams coming up soon, lack of sleep, all that. I just need to rant a little, because on top of all that is this whole figure collecting thing, the icing on the cake I guess. I hope you understand.
I just feel really bad that no matter how much I love figures or how much I wish or look at the things I'd like, I can never have enough money to get them. I know I sound whiny,and I'm sorry if I really do sound that way, but figures are one of the only hobbies I have and actually enjoy, and it's just so frustrating to always look at these beautiful things but never being able to afford them. I can't get a job, because I'm a full time student with college hours from 8am to 7pm, so getting one would come at the cost of my own health and time to study, too.
I know a lot of you have really impressive collections, and I really admire it. I'm not jealous or envious of people who can afford monthly hauls or tons of stuff, but when I struggle with getting enough money for just one nendoroid, I feel kind of bad for myself. I know it's unhealthy to think this way or to compare myself with others, but I'm still upset and I'm not sure how to deal with it.
It hurts that so much of the stuff I wish to have, mainly the nendoroids and figmas from Persona 5, were released either this year or are going to be next year. When I saw ITEM #675865 Futaba going up for preorder it was just a punch in the gut for me, because there was no way I'll be able to have enough money in time. I was hoping that she'd be up in December at least... It doesn't help that I'm in a country where the exchange rate really sucks and everything imported ends up being really expensive.

Sometimes I wish the people around me would understand my hobby, too. To most people, I'm just wasting money on expensive toys. I see them as works of art and reminders of the things that make me happy. I feel very lonely in this regard.
Thanks for listening to me rant. I wrote this hoping that some of you would just get it, I guess. It's like I'm always looking in through a window but never being able to get inside. Should I just leave this hobby? Maybe I'm thinking things too seriously... Please tell me your own experiences and how you dealt with it.
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I don't know about others, but I actually think that not being able to afford every figure I want is what's beautiful about this hobby. It's a new hobby to me and I find it to be a good encouragement to work hard so that I can afford a scale or 2 every month.

I'm also a student like you and work part time. Mostly fridays and weekends. It's hard and exhausting, but the thought of getting that scale I want is what drives me. And I also save some money aside this way.

In my opinion, if I could afford every figure I want right now, it would kill the hobby for me because I'd have everything immediately without the need to work for it.

If you really like the hobby, if it makes you happy, I say be patient until you can comfortably afford what you want and work hard for it. It feels amazing (at least for me) to look at my scales and say "I busted my ass for a few days for
each of these, but it was worth it".

And lastly, don't fear missing out on certain figures or nendos. Make it your goal to one day save up for the ones you really want and you'll get them. And it will probably feel amazing to finally get it.

That's it from me! If this helps you even a bit I'll be glad.
7 months ago
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I understand well where you are coming from. After studying, I only got a part-time job so there was never really a lot of money I had for spare things. In my whole tiny collection, I only have one figure I ordered new and due to unexpected financial issues, I had to cancel two pre-orders I was super excited for right now. Otherwise, the rest of my collection are second-hand figures which I got over the years with much patience. Waiting that a figure you really want and is actually a licensed one takes a lot of time and also to get it to the right price. But I promise you that it's worth the wait. Even it is saving up for several months, it is just really great the moment you are able to hold it in your hands. And personally, I really appreciate every figure even more because it took me so much effort to get them. So I am sure that if you start saving a little whenever you can and even if it takes some time, it will be a good feeling once you are able to get one. Some collections grow really slow but it isn't bad. Use the time maybe to really decide for yourself what figures it is you would like to get, look at the different styles. I used those times I had no money to learn more about how to recognize bootlegs and where to find figures second-hand for good prices. I wish you best luck with it.
5 months ago
I graduated college last year. Up until that point i was just making my list of the figures i wanted to get. I'd try to buy one every once in a while. I'd spend hours just looking through for every anime series i'd watched and finding my favorites from that series, mark em down and move on. My bookmark folder for that had about 500 links in it(this was before i knew about mfc). I was lucky to get a job at my university to make a little money but most of that went into food and other necessities. After i graduated and got a job is when the real fun began. I could finally get the things i'd been staring at for months/years. Honestly, that made it all the more satisfying when i could finally make that list of bookmarks get smaller instead of bigger. It was more a life accomplishment than anything. The worst part about college for me was what was to come after it. I'd say i was a pretty sheltered kid. Same kids from pre-school to senior year of high school. No aspirations, no dreams just gliding through life. There were a bunch of days in college where i was thinking maybe if i just walk in front of that car it will be a lot easier. I can't do anything special. What company would hire me? What do i have that any other graduate doesn't? Maybe i won't wake up tomorrow and then i won't have to worry about it. But no i did wake up tomorrow. I did graduate. I did get hired. I make enough to live and enjoy my hobbies. I made it here. I look back on those days of me sitting in front of my computer awestruck at the cool figures i could never afford and think of how happy i am that i didn't give up. As to whether you should drop it. That is up to you. Be practical. I do not know the economic climate of your country nor do i know what you are at university for. If there is a feasible way for you to make enough in the future to get the things you want now then hold out as long as you can. That was part of my motivation. When i get a job i can finally get these. I won't be the one looking through the glass anymore. If you have the self-control to look but not touch then you should be fine, as long as life doesn't throw you any curve balls.
7 months ago
Student life for me was choosing between buying cheap groceries and being able to afford video games or buying food that could include more interesting fresh fruit and vegetables. I still today feel bad looking at a palette of grapes at 3.50 GBP. Many of your fellow collectors will have known what it was like being skint and having to second guess purchases. Eventually you will be making your own money and can do whatever you want. **** anyone who would judge you for indulging in your hobbies, why even care about the opinions of a judgmental person? Such people do not really make for great friendship material.

A bit of patience and soon your world will be a very different place.
7 months ago
Toy stores are going the way of video stores, and hopefully book stores won't be next. Try to think of this hobby as a benefit to society from that angle. Why does a primary school kid need a drone instead of Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z?
7 months ago
JukkaraOfficial (7 months ago) #37261951For those curious about my college hours, I'd say my schedule is pretty normal in my country. Not only do the classes start at 8, but I have to get up at 5:30 am to take the train there. It's not a full day of class and there are two hour breaks in between on some days, but it always ends in the evening, and it's usually only around 8pm when I get back home. I hope you get it.
Also, no I'm not in high school. It's a little hard to explain, but for those familiar to the British system, it's like A Levels, a separate certificate you have to get.

It's called college in the UK too, don't worry :) I also understand where you're coming from with long hours. My mondays in college used to be a 9am-9pm deal, leaving the house at 6:30am and getting home at 10pm. (I had to use my lunchbreak to travel because the college was spread over two campuses that were a 30 minute bus journey apart)

Takes its toll and the frustration of not being as fortunate in money can really suck. But when you're older and working, play your cards right and you can buy a lot of what you want. Compromises have to be made, certainly, bills are a thing, but your not being able to buy things isn't forever :) Hope that helps a bit.
7 months ago
Coming from a Singaporean (Neighbouring countries so hello!) I can totally understand what you mean.
Classes from early in the morning -> night time (not including travel time) can really take a toll on yourself.
Being an (extreme) introvert and seeing how other people afford what they want does make me envious too.
I also have a lot of figures (in my wishlist) that I want to get.
Over time I have learnt to take things slowly since there will always be chances to get them, just a matter of when.
Good luck for your school btw~
7 months ago
Hmm, I'm not sure this will make you feel better or not.

Anime was just becoming (mildly) available in the USA when I was younger. I remember these great resin scales that were $150+ and that could have been $5,000 for how long it would have taken me to save up (that resin ended up being released more recently as Holy Bell ITEM #118010). I wanted those things so badly, but, I just couldn't afford them. I bought what I could, mostly keychains, gashapon, stickers, but PVC wasn't really a thing yet. As I got older, I could afford more, but merch wasn't imported yet or easy to find, I had to search myself and even then I couldn't afford much. I owned just a few manga and they were either monthly comics or a random volume, and I read them until they just about fell apart.

Fast forward to now. There is SO MUCH available. Anime is streaming, I don't need to spend $30 for 2 episodes on tape. Manga has 3-in-1 versions, I don't need to spend $16 for 1 graphic novel. There are figures galore to choose from, and some amazing ones as prize figures for pretty darn cheap. The world is my oyster.

I suppose what I'm saying is, appreciate what you have now, available and attainable to you. In the future you'll get awesome stuff, there will always be something new and amazing to buy. Figures are only getting better, and GSC isn't that bad about re-releasing stuff. Additionally, your interests change. That Holy Bell? I didn't buy that new version of it. Something I longed for when I was younger, I turned down when it was easily affordable and attainable.

I honestly only know one or two people in real life that buy every figure they want all the time. It doesn't make them happy, it just makes their house friggin' full.

Drop SUPER HEAVY hints you want that Futuba nendoroid for a present for something, and if you get her, enjoy the heck out of her.
7 months ago
Oh god that reminds me when I was still studying in college there was a term with a required class and the only free time slot was the last class that was from 6pm to 8pm and all my other classes for that term ended at 11am and it was too expensive to commute back home and back to campus again, so I spent the blank 6 hours bumming around the campus XD that was a really stressful time as you can't really unwind at the campus and you don't wanna spend too much money too at net cafes outside the campus :p

Campus Sched for the classes there start at 7am all the way to 9pm
7 months ago
For those curious about my college hours, I'd say my schedule is pretty normal in my country. Not only do the classes start at 8, but I have to get up at 5:30 am to take the train there. It's not a full day of class and there are two hour breaks in between on some days, but it always ends in the evening, and it's usually only around 8pm when I get back home. I hope you get it.
Also, no I'm not in high school. It's a little hard to explain, but for those familiar to the British system, it's like A Levels, a separate certificate you have to get.
7 months ago
Kamareki (7 months ago) #37258857I am still curious about that college "from 8AM to 7PM". There is no way in the world such a college can exist. I can understand if it's pre-university training courses, but that would mean you are still in high school and doing those courses. In any case, you won't be studying from morning to evening all your life - it's just one year. Enroll and when your time schedule gets better - find work and buy figures. As simple as that.
You can't have all you want, but you can work to get the best outcome in your situation. That's how it is and it has nothing to do with your country or exchange rate.

Looks like you haven't studied in Asia before or don't realize how much academics are ingrained into society. Long hours in Asian countries are very normal. Yes, it can seem crazy but typically they are countries that highly value academics and are largely stressed from a young age. The emphasis on academics can largely affect the people's futures with a simple test score. But not just in Asia, but universities around the world have classes starting from 8 all the way into the evening so it really is not that surprising. They do accommodate students who want to take night classes afterall.

Depending on the courses that OP is taking, you could have several 3 hour lectures in a day as well as multiple labs, tutorials, etc. Sometimes people can't afford to work without sacrificing something else. In OP's case, it's hobbies (figure collecting) and academics.

For OP, good luck! Other comments have mentioned some low cost hobbies that you can try in the meantime :) It might take a while for school, work and figure funds to lighten up but hang in there! There have been a few blogs recently about making your own figures, maybe try something like that!
7 months ago
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