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Hobby Budget: 1,000,000 Yen - Hypothetical PollHobby Budget: 1,000,000 Yen - Hypothetical Poll

OriginalRenOriginalRen4 months agoAsk MFC
Imagine that you win a cash prize of 500,000 USD in a contest, and after taxes have been taken out and all of your important debt is paid off (credit cards, student loans, house payments, etc.), you walk away with a net cash of 10,000 USD. For simplicity sake, we'll say you have 1,000,000 yen in hand.

Assuming that all purchases are sold at retail value and shipping, tax, and import fees are not a factor in your budget, how would you budget these funds and what would you buy when it comes to your hobby?

Keep in mind these items do not need to be otaku related. Furnishing and/or displays for any merchandise you own is also acceptable as well. For example, do you have a display idea in mind that involves complex electronics or otherwise?

I look forward to a list of responses!
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Only things that would be an immediate purchase would be smart doll summer and an asuna titania nendoroid and a no game no life scale figure. Would end up saving the rest for other stuff like clothes I want. I would buy more plants for my butterfly garden or buy a bed side table so my room can look as nice as my display case hehe. Even though there's a lot on my wish list I like to turn it down to what do I really really want. I guess that would be considered my holy grails which lucky for me are only out of reach because I don't have money. They are relatively available.
4 months ago
Since I only collect a few types of figures I would just continue spending how I do. Will likely use the money to travel for events in Japan like Wonfes or Comiket.

And then invest the remainder of the money while they aren't being used.
4 months ago
Pinokkio (4 months ago) #37330009This will be my purpose of life now! Shipping it will be a pain in the ass though (I hoop eventually it can fly).

Sad to say the budget would barely cover the costs of disassembling, shipping and assembling...
4 months ago
Sorry if you haven't yet paid your loans, I would walk away with the entire amount! ;-)

That said, I would keep exactly the same collecting pace, nothing more nothing less because things you buy easily are less satisfying. That said, I guess I would spend to build a sizeable building to house the collection, including custom-made shelves and cabinet and dedicated lighting. In short: a mini-museum. Great figures badly displayed aren't great isn't it! ;-)
4 months ago
Pinokkio Want to be free!
whobdaplaya (4 months ago) #37259197Not to turn this into Bogleheads, but LMAO @ XIV (and VIX)!
Doing "conventional" ETFs like VOO, VTI, VO and VB :)
I'd buy this. Would need a HUUUGE Detolf to display it though :P

This will be my purpose of life now! Shipping it will be a pain in the ass though (I hoop eventually it can fly).
4 months ago
A really nice walk in closet
4 months ago
I’d put it down on a really nice house.
More room to display figures, and I can use future money that would otherwise have gone to paying the rent/mortgage on fueling my obsession hobby.
4 months ago
I'd renovate my room & bathroom, & buy furniture. Whatever's left, I'll split, and deposit half into the bank. The rest I'll pay for downpayment/half of preorders, buy some pusheen merchandise, 1 figure from my wishlist, & cat vitamins & medicine.
4 months ago
I would use everything in figures,hookers and blackjack.... in fact, forget the figures.....

Nah... i would invest them and use the interest profit to savings and use a part of the saving in figures, unless i win 1,000,000USD, then i would expend 10,000USD in figures
4 months ago
actually, there's a real life version of a 20,000 USD story that i'm too familiar with.

15K in Final fantasy brave exivus
2K in Fate Grand Order
2K in Fire Emblem Heroes
1K in Star Ocean Anamnesis

then around 700 bucks in impulse buys on Tony Taka's swimsuit figures and 400 bucks on T2's hentai figures.
4 months ago
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