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ZukirennZukirenn1 year agoLoot
Heya everyone, this is my first time doing a loot article so hopefully its enjoyable! Most of these two months has been figure pre-orders, but I also had two conventions back to back that I have a few items from!
Lets get started!

First up we have the AmiAmi preorder box! Due to some interesting set backs with my May order, my June order came first! So let's look at this one first...

Here it is all spread out on my kitchen counter because it has too big to frame on my floor lol.

Scale Figures
only two for this month, but both are super good boys!

My most anticipated figure in this order, ITEM #600566 !

There seems to be some discourse on his prototype vs final product pictures but I still think he is beautiful! My first 1/6th figure and I couldn't be happier with him honestly. He is huge and hard to display but Chris Redfield defiantly needs a figure that is larger than life to capture his true essence lol (He's so good I couldn't get his box to fit in my lightbox) Everything about him from his base to his hair is truly amazing in my opinion!

Next up.... ITEM #91359

I was so happy when the announced the Yu Yu Hakusho re-releases I just had to get them! Yu Yu Hakusho was the show of my childhood and I've admired this figure series for years but never really thought to invest much in it. when I saw they did a re-release I wanted to get all of the main 4, but it ended up being too much on one order so I had to pass for just Yusuke this time.

This is about the usual amount of Nendo's I get in one order. I am a huge sucker for these little dudes even I don't know the character all that well~

First up, ITEM #636995 and ITEM #636994 !

I was just starting to get into Overwatch when these guys were announced so I mad a quick decision to get them both. In hindsight I wish I would have just gotten Hanzo since I'm just not a big Genji fan, but I do enjoy how they look together!


The adorable Miku is up next! ITEM #613791 !

Miku nendoriods are my weakness OTL
But I just love her! Her face and outfit have subtle changes but she still remains as cute as ever! I'm a big fan of how her hair looks in this version too, since her normal pigtails kinda look ugly to me.

Next up we have one of my all time favorite sword boys, ITEM #604399

Higekiri is such a beautiful boy! His subtle black and white design is just really appealing to me, and I knew I had to have this nendo even if I have hardly any space left for touken stuff OTL. In fact I accidentatlly ordered two because I just wanted to make 100% sure I had ordered him lol, I was luckily able to sell the other one very quickly. I am also very excited about his scale figure coming out soon!

Last we have... ITEM #604398

Who is still in her box because I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell her or keep her...
I love her design but I honestly am just not sure I enjoy it enough to keep her, but I'm still on the fence about what to do with her.

Almost done, except we have a few Persona goodies from this months order as well!

ITEM #654403, ITEM #654402, ITEM #654399, item/654398!

The iconic duo's of Persona 4 and 5! I was so glad they deicded to make a Crow one instead of one of the other boys, honestly Joker and Crow are pretty iconic in my mind. I love this style even though they don't stand up on their own very well (hence why joker is laying down) and I don't ever display them holding something like they are supposed to be displayed.

And lastly, the Persona 5 CharaToria set!

I missed out on the Persona 4 set of these, so I decided not to miss my chance this time! I'm also super happy to purchase anything that adds crow as a member of the team (because, ya know, he was)


I had a convention I went to in June, Colossalcon! and here are some goodies I picked up while I was there...
more persona stuff, can you believe it?

I also bought a few Idolish7 goods off of someone on facebook in June!

And with that, the month is over! Lets step backward a little bit now!


May was one of my most expensive orders from AmiAmi yet! Lets take a look at this bad boy~

Scale Figures
A few more from this month!

First off the amazing ITEM #549714 !

It's been awhile since I have been able to get a new Blazblue figure! And while I'm not the biggest fan of Mai, she does have a very interesting pose that just screams fighting game to me! I will hopefully do a review on her soon because I actually have a lot to say about her that I don't want to condense into this!

Then, ITEM #91355

The only other Yu Yu Hakusho re-release figure I decided I wanted enough to spend the money on! I love Kurama to death! I also am in love with his figure, but I guess my only problem would be that it doesn't look really that much like Kurama, still looks good though!

Lastly, ITEM #542905 and ITEM #542904


With this the set is finally complete! These guys getting delayed for so long was what actually made my order not get sent out until July (I don't know why AmiAmi didn't break it up this time?). But I'll say they were both worth the wait! I decided to display them separately because I just love how cute they both are for their own reasons!

They saved the best for last, that is for sure!

Just one this time! Pretty rare of me to buy them at all but
I couldn't pass this one up~

The handsome ITEM #459860 !

I'm usually not the biggest fan of the figma line (too small for me, I feel like I'm going to break them touching one) but I couldn't pass up on a new Kaiba figure after all these years! He will forever have a very special place in my heart that can only be filled with every figure of him ever made ♥♥

More to come!

The long awaited ITEM #287703 !

I honestly waited what felt like forever for this little guy to come out! My Yasusada was getting so lonely! I did consider buying him pre-owned a couple of times before the re-release but he was so expensive I could never bring myself to really do it. It was also very refreshing to see the larger nendo box slipped into this order with how small they make them now!

ITEM #603991 is next!

I have to come clean, I know next to nothing about Fate. I watched Fate/Stay Night so long ago I can't remember anymore, but this little guy is seriously the cutest nendo I have ever seen in my life. I couldn't pass him up at all! And usually I have some regret when I buy a nendo from something I don't know a lot about, but his cuteness completely squashed any regret I might have had!

ITEM #549395

Again, I don't know a ton about Detective Conan, but I've always liked the art style of it. Tooru is (for now) my favorite character from the little bit I have seen of it as well!

Last up! ITEM #549376

She is also still in her box, but not because I want to sell her but because I don't have anywhere to put her right now! I will be moving soon so I decided to just keep her in her box and sealed for right now so I don't have to locate all her parts and put her back in there again in a month!


The very last thing is item/463240!

I actually originally bought him from someone here on MFC to tear him apart and make a custom out of him. But I decided he is too cute for that! While I am a big fan of Bungou Stray Dogs Chuuya never had much love in my heart. I did pre-order the Atsushi nendo though and I would like to have all of them at some point so I just kept him for now! Still hunting for that very pesky Dazai nendoroid tho!

Thank you for reading everyone! Have a great rest of your day~
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Oh man, please do a review on Mai like you said. Def want to see more shots of her
1 year ago
The figure landscape needs more males in bunny hoodies. They're so damn cute.
1 year ago
Such an awesome haul. You have a very good selection of Nendoroids and scale figures here. I didn't even know about that Chris Redfield figure. :o
1 year ago
Len and Rin look so cute. Decided to go cheap with airmail for Len so still waiting for him :( and I preordered Rin from TOM so it'll be a while before I have them as a set.

I love Higekiri and Hizamaru. I have their scales preordered, but not the nendos--yet. Trying to resist, but they're super adorable.
1 year ago
Awesome haul! I love all of the nendoroids, they're so addicting and cute lol. Hope you find Dazai for a good price soon!
1 year ago
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