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NegaNega2 years ago
So WF2018S is coming along nicely. Nothing much that I’d buy instantly but something I’m quite confident about is Pop Up Parade, announced on Kahotan’s Twitter.


It looks like these are a new line of scales that are apparently 3800 yen a pop. First we’re getting Kazuna AI and Hatsune Miku. With P5, Fate and NGNL also getting treatment.

IMO this is brilliant. They’re possibly a much smaller size with a 35 USD price tag but this is a great combatant for the godawful prices we’re paying for scales these days.

I can’t wait to see these take off. <3 what are your thoughts?
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I like figures and more options....but (and please don't hate, just me on my soap box again)....half those figures in that lineup we already have a multitude of variations of, so for those specifically, I honestly wouldn't care if they NEVER made another single one of them EVER...of any size, shape, form or fashion...just tired of seeing new ones of them pop up as I pray to the figure gods for just ONE of some of my favorite characters.

I would like to see more variety in characters not slight variety in the SAME characters. So my main disinterest here is in their unsurprising lineup of characters for this unfortunately.

I personally like/prefer 1/8 scale too, just wish they would stop rising in price.... :D

Thanks for sharing though... Is always interesting to find out about new options and such coming out, so maybe they'll broaden their scope after this run of chars. :D
2 years ago
They could just add show variety to prize figures, for low budget fans like myself their quality-price ratio is great, the only problem is ( for me at least) that they don`t make a lot of them ( especially for bishounen fans, there`s a bunch of female prize figs, even ecchi ones dirt cheap), I`d flip my sh*t for Durarara, Bungou stray dogs and YOI prize figures X3
2 years ago
If you think you can win me over with cheap racing Mikus and Sabers then you're absolutely right

Where do I throw my money???
2 years ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
LovelyIdiot2 years ago#38034430So like prize figures but a bit better?
Sega has a line of prize figures that're around 1/7 in scale and pretty great quality and cheaper, so idk man, idk.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Well, this is promising, but they already had a FigFix line, that was introduced to us as a “cheap” line, and we all know what happened. RIP FigFix
2 years ago
Scales at such low price... Either very small or... poor in quality (GSC, that'd surprise me). Probably very small figs like unmovable figmas.
2 years ago
Seems to be an excellent line for newbie collectors, or for collectors who are trying to save on money. 1/10 Scale maybe? Wondering what the quality will be like though...
2 years ago
probably will be a slightly better quality than prize figure?
2 years ago
LovelyIdiot2 years ago#38034430So like prize figures but a bit better?hieigodsend2 years ago#38024574For me (please don't hate >.<), it's a waste of time, effort, and resources. There's already prize and "premium" figures for the cheaper side. Nen for chibi and figma for medium priced tier. They could have focused more on making scale figures more detailed, better paint/sculpt, and tighter QC to at the very least, make the high and rising price worth it for the buyers. There's also the option on making scales on unpopular / unloved characters.

Yep, I agree. If they had announced 1/8-1/7 in the 7000-8000Y price range, that would have been something else.

Akira2 years ago#38023183Looking at the price and all, I feel this has roots on both the figix line and S-style figures from Freeing.
S-Style figures back in the day were bording the 3000 yen pricetag, and were 1/12. So I suppose that's what they are aiming for with this line? I honestly can't see anything bigger than 1/12 going that price.
Well, I mean, maybe they are non-scale. Maybe they are basically prize figures... Without actually being prize figures.
This probably won't let me sleep lmao

1/12... we know what kind of "quality" we can expect from that size. At this point, prize figures are still a far better deal.
2 years ago
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