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Hello my friends and fellow figure collectors! Today I am here with my very first figure review:

Jibril 1/7 scale by Phat CompanyITEM #396852
Character: Jibril
Series: No Game No Life
Company: Phat Company
Scale: 1/7
Release Date: 08/27/2017
Price: $161.73

It was figure love at first sight when I saw Jibril's colored prototype revealed at Summer WonFest 2016! I pre-ordered her for retail price at $161.73 on AmiAmi and I've had this beauty boxed and stored in my closet for nearly a year before I was finally able to unbox and display her (school and work had certainly been keeping me busy!) - and as a lover of matching sets, I was more than thrilled to display her alongside ITEM #236199 <3 Without further ado, let's take a look at No Game No Life's biggest bookworm and strongest Flügel!


The box is rather large and features various shots of Jibril and the different poses you can put her in along with window cutouts to view the figure from the front, sides, and the top. It is packaged with two blister packages - one which holds Jibril and her various figure accessories and the other which holds her base.


Side (R)


Side (L)



Blister Packaging


Her base is very large and in charge - it's like the size of a personal pan pizza! It sports a checkerboard pattern and does not have any pegs, so you are free to display her with or without it as she sits up just fine without it. However, I find it is much too large to display with her in my current display case and as such I have opted to display her without it in order to conserve space.



Jibril comes with a host of accessories, expressions, and poses to display her with - making her like multiple figures in one! She comes with a chibi of Shiro, two halos - one black, one white, two faceplates - one with a darker expression which reflects Jibril sadistic personality during the Great War, one with a more relaxed expression which reflects Jibril's bookworm personality at present, two halos - one black, one white, two hands - one holding a skull, one holding a book, and multiple books (16 total) which you can stack on top of one another.


Chibi Shiro

Halos (Black & White)

Faceplates (Great War & Present)

Hands (Skull & Book)

Books (x16)


Jibril's overall sculpt and design was based on an official illustration featuring both her light and dark side, as shown below:


I think that Phat Company did a fantastic job translating the drawing into 3D figure form! They preserved the use of many vibrant colors and details, such as the colorful gradient and strands of Jibril's hair, tattoos, and the translucent bits of her skirt wrap, ears, and wings. I find her sitting pose to be rather charming and that the addition of the stacks of books and chibi Shiro add a nice extra touch of dimension to the overall figure. Even though she is sitting, her figure is still sculpted with a lot of movement - especially from the various flyaway strands and locks of hair spilling around her, her slightly tilted neck, and even the added detail of creases from her arm pressing up against her chest. The shading is beautifully done, and I have yet to notice any outstanding flaws or paint defects.


Scale Comparison

Jibril is classified as 1/7 scale, which I find holds to be true in comparing her with my other 1/7 scales. I opted to compare her to Shiro 1/7 scale by Phat Company ITEM #236199 from the same line and Nendoroid Jibril by Good Smile Company ITEM #591628.

Shiro 1/7 scale by Phat Company

Nendoroid Jibril by Good Smile Company


- Unique pose
- Beautiful colors + shading
- Multiple accessories
- Many display options

- Oversized + impractical base
- Visible seam lines (front hair piece + hand)
- Price

Phat Company's 1/7 scale Jibril has easily become one of my favorite figures in my collection! I think that they did a wonderful job in keeping the figure true to her character and capturing both sides of her personality - both the sweet and the sadistic. I had such a fun time setting up and displaying her with all of her various parts, and I always catch myself glancing at her when I walk by my display case. She is a must-have for any No Game No Life and Jibril fan, and I certainly believe she was worth every cent of the $160+ I paid for her. For those of you hoping to pick her up in the aftermarket, I hope that you can snag her for a decent price because she is truly worth it!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to check out my (first!) figure review! Comments, tips, and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated - I hope you all enjoyed it, and let me know what you think of this figure as well! Have a wonderful rest of your day, and happy collecting ~
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Thank you for reviewing her, I've been planning on getting her but that base is a bit large. I guess I'll wait until the price is just right.
1 year ago
Really great review, love the lightning in the pictures!^^
1 year ago
Great review! Nice to see another
Jibril (ITEM #396852) x Shiro (ITEM #236199) fan :)

The base is redonkulously large though, so I stacked Jibril and Shiro together on Jibril's base (and similarly Jibril and other Shiro (ITEM #218050) at the office)
1 year ago
I really like how the figure looks. I know nothing of the series (sorry) and I'm not a big fan of non-posable figures. I tend to prefer Figma and sometimes Nendoroids, unless it's one of my favorite characters (which most are too expensive now).

As for tips, I can't really offer any since I'm not so great with reviews. ^_^;;
1 year ago
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victorviper1 year ago#38611516What a neat figure. I never finished watching the No Game No Life anime, but I get the feeling that if I did, this figure would be a must-own item.
All the different display options is a nice feature, too.

Several of my weaknesses for figures are sitting poses and various interchangeable parts and accessories - both of which she has! I am a toy photographer, so the extra accessories are always handy for me to use as props for photos, and her sitting pose makes it easier for me to photograph her without a base getting in the way.

I hope that by the time you finish No Game No Life (if you decide to) that her aftermarket price goes down so you can get her if you feel inclined to without breaking the bank :)
1 year ago
What a neat figure. I never finished watching the No Game No Life anime, but I get the feeling that if I did, this figure would be a must-own item.

All the different display options is a nice feature, too.
1 year ago
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
victheduck1 year ago#38597049Great photos and lighting! Looking forward to your future review blogs :)
Thank you so much, that makes me so happy to hear! ;v; I'm glad you're looking forward to them!
1 year ago
Great photos and lighting! Looking forward to your future review blogs :)
1 year ago
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