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Kantai Kanmusu Clear CardsComments • Kantai Kanmusu Clear Cards

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    > has anyone else collected these and has successfully sold them or traded them?

    Never tried with Clear Cards, but once I sold their 2 arcade cards and it's not hard to sell them.

    > and has anyone bought them for reasonable prices? wanting to get the omnes ive missed too

    Usually I bought them from Surugaya or Mandarake. The keyword is 艦これ クリアカード (Kancolle Clear Card) + Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana of Kanmusu's name. I'm sure many of it is sold in Otamart/YAJ too, I just choose those two because it's easy to see them there, meanwhile in Marketplace, people tend to sell cards in bulk, hard to see, BUT fat chance you can get rarer card cheaper. Thing is, I dunno about reasonable prices... Seeing the trend in Suru, it seems that Abyssals and Kanmusu Taiha ver. fetch quite high price.
    3 months ago
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