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Ignis or Nimbus? =3Ignis or Nimbus? =3

PedropinillaPedropinilla6 years agoMisc
Hi there! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Well, OrchidSeed has made very nice figures from quite some time and by the end of this year 2012, we'll have two more of them and I'm talking about the marvellous "Ignis of the Endless Winter" and the fantastic "Nimbus of the Eternal Night", both similar but with different painting \( ̄O ̄).

While Ignis has red hair and her clothes are pure white the Nimbus is a blonde with black clothes (don't forget that the first one has standar release and the second is a limited edition in colaboration with HobbyJapan) and like many of us, I don't have the money to buy the two of them so I made my mind and paid for just one and that's the dark one that for my taste is a perfect gal ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ.

Your opinion is important so, what about you?... which one do you like the most? Ignis or Nimbus, you can only choose one of them, not both (* ̄O ̄)ノ.

-Ignis of the Endless Winter (*≧▽≦)







-Nimbus of the Eternal Night O(≧▽≦)O







Don't be lazy and vote! ...just kiddin', thanks for reading this and see you soon. (o´ω`o)ノ
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Which one is your favorite? ^^

  • 64%Ignis
  • 36%Nimbus
  • 162 votesVotes are public


Ignis for me. They still have both in stock certain places and the price difference wasn't that much. For anything cast-off, I usually pick the white(ish) figures, even if the outfit is a bit more bland. If you look in the gallery for nimbus, you can see a lot of nasty black smudging/streaks on her thighs, where the black dress must have rubbed against her either while wearing or during removal. That kind of issue seems to be much less with white/gray clothes.
Plus, the white dress will cast and receive a lot of nice soft shadows when on display.
3 years ago
Nimbus of the Eternal Night all the way! while I tend to like redheads over blonds, I'm not a fan of so much white on the outfit looks too wedding-ish which for some reason is not appealing to me, the black outift on the other hand love it, love the red roses, black stockings and I'm a sucker for red eyes, was an obvious decision for me, now if there was a redhead in black dress version, that would be a tough call.

I just noticed these figures recently and managed to order Nimbus with the extra picture thing for a not too bad price was so lucky can't wait!
5 years ago
For some reason a redhead is hard to resist. ;^)
Black stockings look fantastic on her, but that sheer white dress and white body are unresistable.
6 years ago
PewPewK 「ホロは俺の嫁です。
If money were no issue, I'd get both and figure out the best combination of the two. I definitely like Ignis' head more, but I'm a fan of black stockings so I'd perhaps swap the heads. Would consider swapping the swords as well for a bit more pop on the white one (the red bouquet with the white dress would be slick as hell).

Overall though, if I had to pick a single one, I prefer Ignis. I don't like the black dress as much and dislike the blonde hair quite a bit.
6 years ago
For some reason, the white one looks like her quality is better >.>
6 years ago
Reinier (6 years ago) #1441051Why not get both? light vs darkness :) both of the color schemes are great.I'd love to have them both but it's a matter of money so in the end I bought Nimbus that it's on her way from Japan to my hands on this very moment... can't wait to have those legs! xD Thanks for your comment ^^
6 years ago
Why not get both? light vs darkness :) both of the color schemes are great.
6 years ago
Please delete this post.
6 years ago
Personally I like both. I've been a long time Ignis fan and even bought the original Ignis the White and Nimbus the Black released back in 2008. But for the figures I like the ovall color scheme of Nimbus a bit better than Ignis. If you take a look at the original art of Nishii of Ignis the White she looks absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it looks plain because white is often referred as a "plain" color.

SelvariaHime (6 years ago) #1099343White is too plain. I prefer the red bouquet of roses and the black stockings. Beyond awesome
On the other hand, red hair on ignis looks gorgeous!
I will put the red hair ignis on nimbus body. mmmmmmm

I don't it would be a good idea to remove the hair of either figures. They are likely glued to the head piece and the hair strands are very prone to breaking if you forcefully take it off. Not to mention damaging that very expensive (and exclusive) figure would be unbearable. Replacing Nimbus hair with red one looks kinda ugly IMO since it doesn't contrast well with her black dress. The bouquet katanas however look like they are interchangeable.
6 years ago
White is too plain. I prefer the red bouquet of roses and the black stockings. Beyond awesome
On the other hand, red hair on ignis looks gorgeous!
I will put the red hair ignis on nimbus body. mmmmmmm
6 years ago
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