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Another Birthday! Shining Loot and more Droids.Another Birthday! Shining Loot and more Droids.

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari2 months agoLoot
Well Today is my 34th Birthday and so far it's been a decent day now that I'm back home after going out for Lunch and did a little shopping while I was out today.

I don't feel old at all, only thing that would be worth celebrating is that my health is decent and don't have any major problems at this age so that's a good thing to be Happy about.

This feels like another typical day and at least getting out again Monday to do some more Shopping at the Hobby Shop so a few more things will be added to the collection and still waiting for a couple more things to arrive.

Didn't plan on getting anything big today but since it was my Birthday decided to Rescue BB-8 from Target's toy aisle since he was the only one they had there and he's been there the last few months every time I went there were always a few then it got down to that lone BB-8 sitting on the shelf between the Star Wars vehicles so had to pick up the droid.

It's one of those 1/1 Scale Droids that's an Interactive Droid and the only thing it's missing is a X-Wing to plug into.


Wanted this since it was announced and was hoping to get it on clearance but opted for getting it in store instead of dealing with finding it on Amazon so now I have a large droid that I need to find display space for.

Ended up picking up another BB-8 that was on clearance a Playset BB-8 that opens up into a neat looking playset and has 2 figures with it. Didn't really need this one but decided to get it anyway because I like the concept of this toy and it reminds me of some of those old 90's Star Wars Micromachine playset toys that looked like characters that opened up into neat little playsets.


Got more Shining Series figures for the collection and that's been filling up the display case this week!

ITEM #61403 and ITEM #153426 came in today, I really like Neris she is super cute and her accessories are neat!

Ended up getting Kirika in the other day ITEM #331577 and she's an instant favorite so tempted to pick up her Swimsuit Version figure first thing next month.


Got a lot of Shining wind and Shining Hearts figures in this week and I'm pleased with all of them and they look great on display in the display case.

ITEM #831 ITEM #27703 ITEM #153427 and ITEM #153429 came in a few days ago and I like the Clalaclan and Blanc the most.

Misty and Neris are super cute so I'm glad to have these in the collection again since my focus has been restoring the Shining series collection to it's former size before the collection purges started.

This week has been filled with getting more figures into the collection.

ITEM #126 ITEM #88164 and ITEM #128854 arrived at the start of the week. Lorna is a great looking figure and my favorite out of the 3 that came in first.


Currently the room is still full, but it doesn't bother me anymore since it's easier to deal with by packing a few things away since I have the storage space for random figures and items that will be packed away over the next month or two.


The Shining collection has taken up almost an entire display case at this point and once a bulk of the figures on my wishlist are added to the collection the rest of that display case will fill up with Shining figures since I'm now shifting figures between the two display cases here.


Feels great to be content with the collection and this month's additions.

Also this past week got two major pieces for the Star Trek collection: Deep Space Nine and the Phoenix from Star Trek First Contact this gets the Trek collection to almost 99% Restoration back to it's former size before the old collection was traded off.
Ended up with an extra NX-01 Enterprise but it works out since it's the first release version that Art Asylum put out years ago.


So right now waiting for ITEM #81 ITEM #78669 and ITEM #676203 to arrive along with some more Vintage Gi Joe figures for the collection and those will complete some of the Vehicles here so all things considered September has been a great month.


Getting a lot of these figures in cheap lots to complete vehicles here and this has me tempted to get more Vintage figures so hopefully I'll come back from the Hobby Shop on Monday with more Action Figures and new Comics plus waiting for the Star Trek Official Collection XL Size Special Edition Defiant to warp in on Monday too so another Starship to find space for here.


That's it for this loot post.
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Happy Birthday to you! :) I really like those Shining Resonance Figures,although I dont like the Game
2 months ago
HBD! and congrats on your collection, is huge!
2 months ago
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Happy birthday! That's quite a haul, I really like the Shining figures and I'm glad you got that Kirika, her outfit is really striking! Love the colors too. I hope you get to enjoy your collecting more these days and that things remain fun and manageable for you. And cheers to good health c:
2 months ago
Heavenly_Otaku (2 months ago) #40680626Hey man, Congrats on making it to the 34th birthday in good health. Your room sure is full, but clean and organized, I think those shining beauties need more space to glow. Like a separate room just for figures. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your room.

The current objective/goal for collecting from this point on is to keep things clean and organized that way things can be appreciated more.

I'm just glad to reach 34, way things were for me growing up there was a possibility I wouldn't have lived past 12 due to a genetic defect causing a life threatening issue that lead to having surgery that took care of it[A C1/C2 Spinebone Fusion] that's the top two bones in your neck so things could be a LOT worse for me at this age if that wasn't dealt with so being in good health is one of those important things to me so glad to be 34 even though this age doesn't feel special it's just one of those things to be glad about.
2 months ago
Hey man, Congrats on making it to the 34th birthday in good health. Your room sure is full, but clean and organized, I think those shining beauties need more space to glow. Like a separate room just for figures. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your room.
2 months ago
Skellington (2 months ago) #40660739Happy birthday! :) nice loot post as usual :) , are you going for the gi joe bishoujo figures from koto as I think they'll fit in very well in your collection (only saw the drafts for them a couple of days ago)?

Not sure about those I'll wait till they come out to decide if it's worth getting them.
2 months ago
Happy birthday! :) nice loot post as usual :) , are you going for the gi joe bishoujo figures from koto as I think they'll fit in very well in your collection (only saw the drafts for them a couple of days ago)?
2 months ago
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Happy birthday!!
2 months ago
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