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Is there a Toy Collector App?Is there a Toy Collector App?

AnneMarieHRoAnneMarieHRo2 months agoMisc
Hi you all!

I’ve been wondering for a while now but... is there an app to keep track of your toys?

It doesn’t matter if it’s updates by fans or by the creators, but I wanna know if such thing exists.
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I use snupps, it's another one of those upload your own picture add your own information type things, you can sort into categories called shelves and you can add the release dates of items, what you paid for them, etc
2 months ago
Thank you both :D I’ll try those apps!
2 months ago
I use Memento. It isn't geared toward toys specifically but it allows you to keep track of various kinds of items. Although you have to input the information/photos yourself as it doesn't draw from a database. I use it for my doujinshi, artbooks, and figures. c: I also used it to keep track of purchases I made on my trip to Japan. ^^

It also syncs to a cloud (limited unless you pay for monthly service) and you can download and update on your computer. :D
2 months ago
You can try amino. There is a figure collecting one as well as one for just toys.
2 months ago
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