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Garage kit question (I melted the paint off of my kit...)Garage kit question (I melted the paint off of my kit...)

ghostorbghostorb2 months agoAsk MFC
Another blog, another silly question from yours truly! ^_^;

I've been working on my first garage kit (ITEM #13075) over the past few weeks, and I finally tried to seal the paint on it. However, the sealant/coating/whatever I used melted the acrylic paint right off as well as the primer beneath. _(:3」∠)_ Oops!

The sealant I used is this Krylon stuff, which I've seen recommended for kits.


I'd like to ask kit builders what sealant you guys use, and whether it's the quantity or the brand that causes the paint to melt off. In addition, are there any other precautions I should take?

View spoilerHide spoilerIf it helps, I used Tamiya hobby primer and Folk Art brand acrylic craft paints.

I'm really disappointed because I'd almost finished my kit but now I'm going to be priming and painting it again, haha... Oh well, at least I've learned something! Here's a photo of it I took a few days ago.

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Mr. Super clear (MSC) is an awesome spray to use!!! Thats' whats used on BJD's and Dollfies for their faceups.

I've used used MSC for my own faceups and minifigure painting. But as it's not something I can just pick up at my local craft or hobby store I use Testor's Dullcote. It works quite well and seals your work just as goood! :3
2 months ago
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
As mentioned by Leona it can be primer issue.

However it can also be you overspraying the sealant (I had this happen when I used can sealants). It's a more common issue because acrylic is a delicate paint. Actually, overspraying ANY sealant will result in such effect, regardless of type. I'd recommend doing a VERY light, misty, almost non-existent coat first, letting it dry and SEAL everything underneath, then adding some more for full matte or gloss effect. Better make a quick test on primed and painted spoons, for example. Plastic spoons are cheap and disposable so if you're unsure how your paints work together better do a test before doing it on a kit.

Don't be too frustrated by what happened, failure is also a valuable experience which makes you level up in this hobby!

As for best sealant, I highly recommend Mr Super Clear. It's a bit on the expensive side but it's total, PVC-like smoothness is unsurpassed.

P.S. This paint melting issue as well as roughness of some can sealants is what made me switch completely to sealing by airbrush because this gives more control of everythin. But that's a rather grand upgrade to a workshop.
2 months ago
I also just screwed up with my sealant caking and eating through paint, and had to strip a piece and start over, so I feel your pain. I've found that Krylon likes absurdly thin coats.
2 months ago
Avoid using any Mr Hobby or Tamiya primers when you seal with Krylon. They don't like each other and you'll get that chemical response when using them together.

The folkart paint is water based so that can be sealed with any brand of sealer, so the paint is not the problem.

If you want to use krylon sealers, I would recommend using Krylon primers, there are super cheap and have more product than the hobby brands and works the same, albeit the gray color is a bit more dark but I most of the times use the white one. Also, krylon primers work very well with any sealer, even hobby brand sealers, never had a problem with them.

Also, Tamiya paints don't get along with any of the lacquer sealers from Mr hobby or testors, it will have the same issue because tamiya is solvent base and lacquers will eat that up.

If you want to seal your current project, I would recommend water based sealers so that it won't react with the tamiya primer, go with Future shine which is a floor product or use galleria matt or gloss varnish that you can buy at any art supply store.
2 months ago
When you sprayed on the topcoat, was it in quick thin pass? And letting the initial layer cure prior to additional layer?

Usually a thick application will eat through your base colors and primer.

On another note, what type of paint was your topcoat? Laquer/enamel/urathane? As these are stronger than acrylic and can eat through it.

Had a similar experience during my early scale modeling days with a plane kit.
2 months ago
Oh, it happened for me once when I used this gloss sealant. I used it several times before and it was ok, but when I sprayed too much and put the bottle too close to the detail the paint “melted”. I didn’t enjoy using this sealant back then, but found no other gloss sealant (mr. super clear is the best matt sealant btw).
2 months ago
materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator
The Krylon stuff is pretty rough for kits and I've heard them melting the paint as well. I've used Rustoleum which I haven't had issues with, but for best results I'd recommend the Tamiya branded clear coat sprays which are sold at most hobby stores (commonly used for model kits like Gunpla).
2 months ago
Oh my goodness, Henrietta!!!!! <3333 So awesome to randomly see some Gunslinger Girl love!! (Best anime, imo!) From what I can see it looks amazing so far!! I can't wait to see it when it's done! Good luck fixing it!! ^_^
2 months ago
I am using "army painter - anti shine varnish" on my vallejo paints. But I used it on tamiya ps sprays before without Problems.
2 months ago
DocMonkey (2 months ago) #40683572"Acrylic" doesn't mean it's 100% safe for acrylic paint. It's only the polymer used for this paint is made from acrylic monomers.
The solvent used to dissolve the resin is crucial.
If you spray multiple thin misty coats, most of the solvent will evaporate before it hits the surface and hasn't a chance to dissolve your paintwork.
Mr. Topcoat spray from GSI is a more mild topcoat but quite expensive...
Maybe you prepare some "training pieces" like plastic spoons coated with your acrylpaint to test the spray can before you use it on your kit.
I hope you can safe some of your work and will go on with garage kits :)

Oh, I see what you mean! I shouldn't have made that assumption. I've seen this specific sealant recommended for kits but I believe it's probably more concentrated than I need. The Mr. topcoat spray looks promising, though!

Thank you for your help!
2 months ago
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