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Magical girl Wands /items helpMagical girl Wands /items help

kuriko444kuriko4442 months agoAsk MFC
Hello friends,
I'm a collector that got started in collecting magical girl wands, transformation and such. I wanted to ask if any fellow magicaL girl collectors know of more sites to find items like this or tips to how you have found/purchased them .

Thanks :)
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Mewsie The magi-cooliest✧
Definitely copy/paste the Japanese title when searching on second-hand sites like Mandarake or Y!AJ. Sometimes they'll have the English titles, but it's never a guaranteed hit.

Find a proxy that you really trust! My go-to is White Rabbit Express; but if you use Otamart, you can automatically use FromJapan.

Be patient, especially if you're searching for older series! Save up the money for those reeeeally expensive grail items!

And just generally seconding what everyone else has said so far lol.
2 months ago
Since most magical girl items I know of have been released I'd suggest looking through Mandarake.

It's a bit of a trawl, but if you go on to an item's page, click on the link of the series name for the item and then copy the Japanese name for the series on the page that comes up you can paste it into Mandarake's search bar for more results :)

Make sure Mandarake's search is set to 'hide sold out' so you don't see something you really want only to find out they're not selling it anymore. Happy hunting!
2 months ago
Plamoya has some transformation devices, mainly Precure and Sailor Moon. And I recall stumbling upon some "weapons" like Sakura and the Sailor Senshi's scepters, and a few Precure ones.
2 months ago
You can find magical girl items and wands on eBay, Mandarake, Surugaya, Otamart, AmiAmi, HLJ, Yahoo Japan Auctions using a Proxy, Rakuten, Mercari and many more websites too. Try searching for the items you are looking for too in Japanese to get more results. :)
2 months ago
Figures, Goodies and Dakimakura shop.

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