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Seventh Loot of 2018Seventh Loot of 2018

Blueleader72Blueleader724 months agoLoot
Seventh Loot of 2018

After the summer the Loot of August and September arrived.

Again it’s not big but nice :).


This Summer Non Non Biyori Vacation was aired there is a lot new stuff available.

Non Non Biyori Vacation – Miyauchi Renge Big Plush Figure (Fukuya)
Not listed on MFC


I love Renge so this Plush Figure is a must have ^^

Non Non Biyori Vacation – Miyauchi Renge Acrylic Stand (Kadokawa)
Not listed on MFC


This Acrylic Stand has 3 Bases included.

Non Non Biyori Vacation – Miyauchi Renge Keychain (Kadokawa)
Not listed on MFC


Do I have to explain? ^^

Non Non Biyori Vacation – Clear Files (Kadokawa)
ITEM #739520
ITEM #739521


This really looks great backlighted.
I think … But no space to make a lighted Wall :(

Non Non Biyori Vacation – Clear Poster (Kadokawa)
Not listed on MFC


Great to put on a Window but I’m afraid the sunlight could damage it.

Non Non Biyori Repeat – Animation Keyframe (Kadokawa)
Not listed on MFC


A Keyframe from my favorite Anime :)

This Summer also Hataraku Saibou – Cells at Workwas aired and a lot of People cut, stung and scratched them self to see the Platelets.
I preferred to order them :D

Hataraku Saibou - Platelet - Diecut Cushion (M's)
ITEM #764804


I want this bigger! ^^

Hataraku Saibou - Platelet - Keychain (No Brand China Goods)
Not listed on MFC


Hataraku Saibou - Platelet – Acrylic Stand (No Brand China Goods)
Not listed on MFC


Most Brand-Goods are Made in China so why not buy No Brand Goods? Especially when they are the only one in this style I found.

In my opinion Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? ( Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?) is an underrated Movie.

Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? Alarm Clock (FuRyu)
Not listed on MFC


They only ring. No Voice or talking.
I know, it’s unusual for me :D

Lucky☆Star is an Anime you have to watch if you are a real Otaku :)

Lucky☆Star – Kagami Hiiragi limited special Ema Strap (Washinomiya-Shrine)
Not listed on MFC


It was sold at about 32 stores around the Shrine, each 1000 pieces from 10 o'clock on November 22, 2009. ※ Each customer was be limited to 2 each. Each store handled 100 types.
It’s my sixth Strap and I don’t know how many different exist because there are different colors of the strap for each Character but I don’t know which Characters where sold.

Washinomiya-Shrine is seen in the Lucky☆Star Opening and in the Anime where the Hiiragi Sisters are working as Miko.
Interesting fact: In the first 2 Years after airing of Lucky☆Star the Visitors to New Year (hatsumōde) where rising to 300.000 in 2007, 170.000 more than 2006. In 2008 they rising again to 420.000.
I guess there is no other Shrine which is a “Have to visit” for an real Otaku. ^^
Here is the Link to the Shrines Website

Lucky☆Star - Official Fan Book - Formula of Konata (Kadokawa)
ITEM #44103


This Fanbook is really good and on 144 Pages there is a lot of Information. But all in Japanese. ^^

That’s the End of this loot.
Thank you for reading and see you at the next loot :)
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Solarstormflare (4 months ago) #41361521Oooo anime clocks! I have a BRS one that isnt on the database, and yours are cool too :)

I've collected different Anime Clocks. Wall-Clocks, Pocket-Watches, Alarm-Clocks and my Favorite - Voice Alarm-Clocks.
Maybe I like them because as Child I collected old Alarm-Clocks too. ^^

Do you have a Picture or a Link from your Clock?
4 months ago
Oooo anime clocks! I have a BRS one that isnt on the database, and yours are cool too :)
4 months ago