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♥♥Fresh Start Pt. 1 (short)♥♥♥♥Fresh Start Pt. 1 (short)♥♥

CuteLoserCuteLoser3 months agoDiary
♥♥Hello! It's CuteLoser here and i'm back from a short hiatus!♥♥

During my break I've been going over my figure collection and finally decided to part ways with some more of my figures. I sold the first figure I ever got to a lovely buyer and of course I was a little sad. Here's the figure that started my collection:[url=]ITEM #314693[/url]
But I knew my collection had to be restarted in order to make things balance again.After selling even more figures I started to see my collection decrease a bit and it made me a little happy more than sad actually. The thought of buying new figures to replace the old ones made me excited for future purchases!

I wonder how other collectors deal with the idea of selling some figures from their prized collection? How do they know it's time to get rid of some? What goes through their head while selling some figures that hold some special memories or some that are just to hard to part with?

I'll update more on my collection but i'm excited to once again share my journey on my figure collecting with all of you guys!

♥♥Much love,
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I love selling old figs. there are some I'd never sell but I love having a new space and hunting for a new fig to replace it ♡
3 months ago
I can't imagine to part from any figure of my collection. Most of them are gifts and it would be stupid to give them away. Honestly I sometimes think about to sell the one I bought myself, but it's hard to give them away. I share with every of them a special memory (;´・`)>
3 months ago
nothing more fun than letting go of figs that dont fit in with your collection anymore to find new ones you know youll keep forever <3
3 months ago
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