best or favorite Hatsune miku figures of all timebest or favorite Hatsune miku figures of all timeMisc

pietosispietosis1 year ago
Post your favorite or figures of miku that are the best to you .Even if own the figure or not.
Am in a very miku mood so post away

My favorite and I also think they are the best. are
ITEM #321897

ITEM #143923

ITEM #549644

ITEM #423596
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For me it's ITEM #256472 ! Her dynamic pose is gorgeous, and I've always been a fan of how detailed her sculpt is, especially her back and legs.
1 year ago
My favorite is ITEM #144312

Also love ITEM #380217 and upcoming ITEM #604596 ^^
1 year ago
Out of the ones we own, ITEM #380217, ITEM #321897 and ITEM #272977
1 year ago
I don't own any Miku figures, but I've always rather liked this one ITEM #256472
I have been watching ITEM #637417 which I'm thinking about getting depending on how she turns out. It seems like she could be very pretty.
1 year ago
I just have two but ITEM #289034
1 year ago
For Miku Nendoroids I absolutely love this one ITEM #211405
1 year ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
The fun thing with Miku is that she comes in a lot of variations so she could match a lot of preferences. My preference goes to racing Miku's:
ITEM #331502
ITEM #198415
ITEM #98976

This one melts my heart, she is just that beautifull.
ITEM #282533

I have high hopes for this one that isn't released yet:
ITEM #676007
1 year ago
All these miku figures they are so lovey. I guess I forgot to add. Personally am conflicted with this one. It so amazing detailed all around and I love the theme but she has too many colors going on with her. am over whelmed. She is still a best miku figure over all but I do not think she is for me.

She like a unicorn that Halloween themed

ITEM #549488
1 year ago
Me likey ITEM #12053 old but good.
1 year ago
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